1. Thank you, Dr. Berry, for your excellent analysis of the difference between candidates, and why voting on June 4th is so important. I hope people care enough to listen to your warning, research on their own and spread the truth. Climate change is another hoax, similar to covid, to control and manipulate us. “When tyranny reigns, resistance is duty.”

  2. Ed, you know I greatly respect you and your work. But you’ve made a classic mistake here.

    Your assessments of sell-out power mongers Sheehy, Gianforte and Zinke are exactly right, and no freedom-loving conservative should even consider voting for any of them.

    But respectfully sir, we conservatives — out of disgust and desperation — often embrace alternatives who, in their own ways, are just as bad or worse. We fail to apply the same standards to all candidates. Then we make up stories about how “great” these alternatives are — descriptions of people who essentially don’t exist. Ridiculous stories, taken out of thin air — like your comments about Brad Johnson. (As a careful, precise, evidence-based and analytical scientist Ed, this is out of character for you.) Anyone who has ever worked with Johnson (I did for 6 years) recognizes immediately that he is the exact opposite of the things you (and others) wishfully say about him.

    I’ll vote for Mary Todd with no conflict of conscience, but Johnson, and the Smith-Pinocci team are totally unacceptable on both moral and philosophical grounds. We would rue the day if they were elected.

    In situations like this, the BEST vote is a NO vote in a particular race. Leaving it blank. NO votes noticeably stand out as a rejection of all candidates in those contests. They are a true and principled protest, that if large enough, sends shock waves into the general election. A write-in could accomplish the same thing, but a non-vote might even be better, because it communicates our disgust for the Republican Party’s inability to put on the ballot, honorable men and women, who will put prideful ambition aside, defend the Constitution and obey a sovereign God. Let’s be smart, and not reflexively substitute one evil for another.

    I’ll close by saying that I do understand people’s ballot security concerns about leaving races unmarked. Ideally, ballots should have a “none of the above” option for every race. If all candidate choices are simply unacceptable, i.e., if voting for any candidate in that race would constitute a personal endorsement of evil, then “none of the above” would fix that. A good bill for the next legislative session – but how many of our fine “conservative” Republican legislators do you suppose would support it?

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