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  1. Compact opponents should put up or shut up
    My barber told me people are freaking out about losing their home well water rights. CSKT Water Compact opponents are scaring people with lies.

    The CSKT Compact protects all current irrigation uses below 100 gallons per minute and protects all current non-irrigation uses on and off the Flathead Reservation.
    No Compact opponent has shown any proponent argument is wrong or shown any legal argument that would win a CSKT water rights lawsuit without the Compact.

    The Compact is a common-sense solution to tribal reserved water rights that will save Montana taxpayers millions of dollars in legal costs, and it protects Montana from water calls by Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

    Therefore, I invited Dr. Annie Bukacek, Dr. Al Olszewski, and AG Austin Knudsen (and anyone else) to present their arguments against the Compact. And I reserved Chapter 10 of my book, Montana’s Last Indian Water Compact, for them to show their case in print. Knudsen’s argument lost in Montana’s Supreme Court.

    You can read, print, download, and comment on the PREPRINT of my book, here:

    If they do not respond to this invitation, they will confirm they are masquerading false information about the Compact.

    Ed Berry, PhD, Bigfork

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