Edwin X Berry, PhD, Theoretical Physics, CCM
Glacier National Park on your left. Swan Mountains on your right. 
Latitude 48.112     Long -114.168

Dr. Berry is your best choice expert to help you win your climate change lawsuits against the climate alarmists.

He stopped the Our Children’s Trust petition on climate change in Montana’s Supreme Court in 2011, making him one of the few scientists who has beat the alarmists.

He is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM) and an experienced expert witness with a 100% success rate.

His unique book, Climate Miracle, is about how to win a climate change debate or lawsuit.

His December 2021 peer-reviewed publication is a new checkmate basis to win climate change lawsuits because it shows how IPCC’s own data prove that nature, not human CO2, causes the increase in atmospheric CO2, which destroys the very foundation of climate alarmism.

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  • His first climate physics publication, in 1963, corrected a physics error in climate textbooks.
  • His PhD thesis showed how fast rain can form in convective clouds, which is critical to climate change theories.
  • His climate physics publications have received over 580 citations.
  • He is a graduate of Caltech, Dartmouth, and the University of Nevada.
  • He was the best student of Winterberg, who was the best student of Nobel Laureate physicist Werner Heisenberg.
  • He showed the FAA how to stop airline accidents caused by severe downdrafts.
  • He wrote and defended his software that convinced the jury that the defense was innocent in a high-profile murder trial. His software won the People’s Choice Award at a Microsoft Windows World Open contest.
  • He has debated opposing scientists on his website for many years, learning how to win climate-change debates.
  • He is a USA certified pilot with single engine land, glider, and instrument ratings.
  • His athletic performance made him a member of the elite Sigma Delta Psi athletic honorary.
  • He is a world champion centerboard sailor.
  • He placed in the top ten in USA age-group run-bike-run and senior track events.
  • He holds Concept2 rowing world records for the 80-89 age-group in 100m and 1min.

Most people see me as polite, friendly, honest, accurate, and competitive. Climate alarmists try to destroy me because my physics arguments prove their science is wrong.

From July 2020 through February 2022, climate alarmists in Montana’s Department of Revenue tried to destroy my climate business. It took nine months from my professional time to defeat their false claims. Since I stopped the first Our Children’s Trust petition in the Montana Supreme Court in 2011, this 2020 attack on me may have been an attempt to stop me from helping Montana defeat their second lawsuit, Held vs State of Montana, that began in 2020.

Sacramento, California, was a baseball town when I graduated from high school. Having played since the sixth grade, a pro team offered me a job. But I scored a perfect 800 in the SAT test and finished in half the allotted time, so I attended Caltech.

At Caltech, I was in the AF-ROTC pilot trainee program. But a week before graduation, Congress lowered the quota for pilots, so the Air Force gave me an honorable discharge. Nevertheless, I found the AF-ROTC classes very valuable.

After Caltech, I worked for a summer in an engineering job and spent the evenings studying Kenpo Karate under Ed Parker.

Dartmouth College offered me a teaching fellowship allowing me to earn my MA in physics. In addition to physics, I studied Markov Chains and Philosophy of Science.

The University of Nevada gave me a research fellowship to do my PhD thesis in atmospheric physics. My theoretical thesis showed how micron-sized cloud droplets can produce rain in 30 minutes by stochastic collision and coagulation. It turned out to be a breakthrough in cloud physics that put Nevada’s Desert Research Institute “on the map” as the then Director said. My thesis drew heavily from my Dartmouth studies in Markov Chains and the scientific method.

While a grad student, I worked out with the gymnastics team and became fairly good on the trampoline. I performed the athletic events to qualify for a Sigma Delta Psi National Athletic Honorary membership.

Over a Nevada dry lake one stormy day, I flew a sailplane, with no gyro, into a storm cloud with a strong updraft. I had to spin out of the storm to survive (with no gyro) and then, since a dust storm covered the dry lake, I had to make a zero-zero landing.

One Saturday, I was ridge-soaring east of Sparks, Nevada, when the wind suddenly quit. (I know, my booboo. That’s how I learn stuff the hard way.) One thing for sure, there are no go-arounds in a sailplane. I was going to land somewhere in about 5 minutes.

I scanned my options. There were no open fields, no school football fields, no place near the river without large boulders. There was an industrial park with power lines. I found only one possibility. One industrial parking lot was about 200 ft long parallel with the building and 100 ft wide with some vehicles parked, surrounded by a 6 ft high cyclone fence.

It looked like there was enough room to land IF I made a perfect landing. I had to come over that fence by no more than 4 ft and hit the pavement and brake to a stop before the next fence. I nailed the landing. No damage to the sailplane or to me. Today, when I think about that landing, it scares me. I don’t know how I did it. I wish we had GoPro cameras in those days.

But I found sailing more fun than soaring because I can do it with women, and I can crash without burning. With my wife, Valerie, as crew, we won national and world championships in a competitive centerboard sailing class.

Today, I live in Bigfork, Montana, where I continue to be active in my chosen field. My professional testimonies have stopped many Democrat-sponsored climate change bills.

My climate research culminated in my December 2021 peer-reviewed paper that proves the UN IPCC climate change claims are wrong. I can teach this physics to qualified high school students and I can use it to help good attorneys win legal cases against climate alarmists.

My goal is to help you understand the basic science that proves climate alarmists, and all their scientists, are wrong.

I am organizing climate warriors to help take climate change truth to the people and to win climate lawsuits. If you are on my email list, I will invite you to join me.

Valerie and Ed and their fast sailboat, with trapeze and spinnaker, getting ready to sail. Washoe Lake, Nevada.

Ed and Valerie in US7485 after start of one race in the US Nationals in Austin TX. The won the championship.

Ed flying the blue and white sailplane over a dry lake in Nevada.

Ed (in front) executed perfect 60-degree bank circles, rolls, and loops. Instructor (in back) let Ed land it.