Climate Miracle

Truth is once again in season!


The newly acquired knowledge I have about a new book from Dr. Ed Berry is almost more than I can bear.

Truth is once again in season.

And now the world will gain, along with me, a reinforcement of values lost, of twisted information long disseminated by men and women of letters and scoundrels bent on changing our beautiful world to a place of haunted and broken values meant to deceive and corrupt the populace for reasons only they can conceive and believe.

Dr. Berry has brilliantly presented a rare and much needed look at climate change through a prism of honest evaluation, scientific precepts and factual data that finally, yes, finally portrays the truth about what is happening, or not, to our planet in the stars.

Gerald R. Molen

Academy Award winning Producer of Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Hook, Rain Man, Minority Report, and many others.

Don’t feel guilty. It’s not your fault.

Your CO2 emissions do not change the climate.

Climate change in a nutshell

The United Nations (UN) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) core theory of climate change is

Natural CO2 emissions stayed constant after 1750. So, human emissions caused ALL the CO2 increase since 1750.

All climate change claims assume this IPCC core theory is true. But it’s not true.

Climate Miracle shows you the simple proof that this UN core theory is false.

You will easily understand this proof. It proves IPCC’s peer-reviewed scientific papers and the scientists who claim IPCC’s core theory is true, are wrong.

In science, proof that a theory is false “outvotes” all claims that the theory is true.

The implications

Nature caused most of the CO2 increase since 1750. Human emissions have little effect on CO2.

There is no climate emergency, crisis, or disaster.

Climate treaties, laws, and taxes are a waste of money because we cannot control nature.

This UN scientific error is the greatest professional fraud in history.

Fraud: deceit or breach of confidence, perpetrated for dishonest advantage.

The Book

You do not need to be a scientist to understand Climate Miracle. I wrote Climate Miracle for you, so you can understand the proof why the UN IPCC is guilty of climate change fraud.

Climate Miracle is a short read of 70 pages that you will find educational, valuable, and enjoyable.

Kindle: $9.99

Paperback 6″x9″: $27.00

Climate Miracle shows you the truth that will make you free

Chapter One presents an imaginary debate between “Wisdom Will” and “Globalist Gore.” Globalist Gore makes nine climate challenges. Wisdom Will “trumps” Globalist Gore on every challenge. 

Chapter Two defines the UN IPCC core theory. When you know this IPCC core theory, you can attack and defeat every climate alarmist challenge.

Chapter Two shows you there are two kinds of climate scientists, “cause” scientists and “effects” scientists. The “effects” scientists are the alarmists. Only the “cause” scientists know the causes of climate change.

Chapter Three shows you a fundamental physics principle that you can use to defeat the alarmists. The UN IPCC climate theory violates this principle.

Chapter Three plots four sets of data that prove the IPCC core theory is wrong. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand these arguments.

Chapter Four shows why carbon dioxide flows through the atmosphere like water flows through a lake. You will understand why human carbon dioxide cannot “accumulate” in the atmosphere.

Chapter Four shows two plots of IPCC’s carbon cycle data that prove the UN IPCC core theory is wrong and a fraud.

Chapter Four shows how IPCC’s own data prove nature, not human emissions, controls atmospheric carbon dioxide. IPCC’s own data show IPCC lied about the true human effects on climate.

Chapter Five shows how one proof that a theory is wrong “outvotes” a trillion scientists who claim the theory is true.

Chapter Six shows the logical errors climate alarmists make. Know their logical errors and you will win your debate.

Chapter Seven shows how climate alarmism began and would not have survived but for the promotion and protection of the UN in its quest for world power.

Chapter Eight reviews the steps to prove, in court if you wish, the UN IPCC core climate theory is wrong and climate alarmism is pseudoscience.

History of this climate breakthrough

In 2008, Dr. Richard Courtney also realized we needed “rate constants” to calculate a carbon cycle model. He concluded:

“… the relatively large increase of COconcentration in the atmosphere in the twentieth century (some 30%) is likely to have been caused by the increased mean temperature that preceded it. The main cause may be desorption from the oceans.”

“Assessment of this conclusion requires a quantitative model of the carbon cycle, but – as previously explained – such a model cannot be constructed because the rate constants are not known for mechanisms operating in the carbon cycle.”

In 2019, Dr. Ed Berry realized these necessary rate constants were embedded in IPCC’s data for its natural carbon cycle. Berry, then used his idea to develop a true carbon cycle model that the IPCC did not develop.

Berry published his carbon cycle model as Preprint #3 on his website. Many scientists have reviewed it and approved it. Climate Miracle includes the public version of his Preprint #3.

In 2019, after reviewing Berry’s Preprint #3, Dr. Courtney wrote that Berry’s physics carbon cycle model:

“… quantifies the anthropogenic and natural contributions to changes in atmospheric CO2 concentration without need for knowledge of rate constants for individual mechanisms. This is a breakthrough in understanding which [other authors] including myself all failed to make.”

The development of your arguments is nothing less than phenomenal.

This book is a beautiful summary of these developments and should be read by all to avoid the disastrous public policy mistakes that climate hysterics are making and want to force upon the public due to the flawed science that is being used by the IPCC.

Ed, I’ve followed your development of the physics you used to show the flawed assumptions made about atmospheric CO2 from the IPCC that attribute all of it to human emissions.

Congratulations on your efforts and hard work, Ed. I hope this book heads for a best seller category to properly educate the citizens of this country about climate and the true non problem human CO2
 emissions really are to it and richly rewards you for your efforts to publish sound science.
Chuck Wiese 
Professional Pilot

Enthusiastic Recommendations on Amazon

A Must Read

This is clearly the best book I have read on the science and politics of Climate Change. It addresses all of the Climate Change issues logically and with clear scientific reasoning.
It should be mandatory reading for every high school student, college student and adult not only in America but in the world. It is written with clarity and it is easy to read and understand. I highly recommend it.
Larry Bryan 5.0 out of 5 stars  

Climate Miracle destroys the climate emergency propaganda with real science

This book clearly and effectively points out some fundamental errors in the global warming core assumptions and exposes the hysteria of “fighting climate change” as unfounded cost and effort.
It deserves to be closely reviewed by all who would support the Green New Deal before going one inch further along that path. Read the book, study Dr. Ed’s scientific papers on the subject, prove him wrong if you can, but don’t waste time, money or effort on fixing the climate till you do.
David Albert: 5.0 out of 5 stars 

Easy Arguments again Climate Change

People are so passionate about Climate Change.

This book gives easy to understand reasons that I can use to present a scientific approach to the problem.

It is not consensus that makes science. One thing that does not support a theory can negate it.
Gail, 5.0 out of 5 stars 

Cause vs Effect – Climate Change a Hoax

This book has one of the clearest explanation of the scientific method I have ever read.

It then uses it to prove that man made CO2 doesn’t cause climate change and that in fact it’s insignificant. Instead the CO2 hoax is being used to create one world government.

Easy to read and understand the key climate theories and why they are hoax. Recommend everyone read this book.
Don L 5.0 out of 5 stars 

Science should be done correctly

Ed Berry has performed an extraordinary service to the climate community, science in general, America, and the world by identifying the underlying errors the IPCC has made in its fraudulent claim that human-caused climate change is an existential threat to life on this planet. Larry Vardiman, PhD, Atmospheric Science
Larry Vardiman 4.0 out of 5 stars 

This book is well written and easy to read

It should be compulsory reading in every school and university. It is time for us all to wake up and understand how serious this intentional deception really is.
Warren T. 5.0 out of 5 stars 

A must read

An excellent book telling the truth about climate change.
Michael John Eyr5.0 out of 5 stars 

Enthusiastic Recommendations included in Climate Miracle

Climate Miracle is an excellent, up-to-date overview of the current “climate change” controversy

It systematically exposes the fallacies behind the climate alarmists’ talking points, while revealing numerous fabricated assumptions driving the IPCC agenda to demonize CO2.

It clearly explains the false logic used to exaggerate the human versus natural CO2 concentrations. 

If you seek climate logic versus climate lunacy, Climate Miracle is an exceptional resource.
John D. Shewchuk, CCM
Eosonde Research Services, LLC.
Lt Col, USAF, Retired (Advanced Weather Officer)
Signatory to the CLINTEL’s World Climate Declaration


I have known Ed (Dr. Berry) for more than a decade and have found him to be one of the more informed individuals on climate cause and effect than anyone I have come in contact with. 

His straightforward, non-nonsense approach has always been a breath of fresh air in a world where political correctness permeates the very fabric of science instead of the logic and reasoning is deserves. 

Another well laid out publication that should be well received in the community of his peers. 
Glenn Wehe

Thank you, Dr. Berry, for writing this book on climate

It takes one of the monumental confusions of our day and puts in terms we can all understand. It gives us hope at a space in time when climate alarmists bring us none.
Susan Lake

Climate Miracle is essential reading

Dr. Berry is our climate expert.
Paul E Vallely, MG US Army (Ret) 
Chairman – Stand Up America US
Chairman – Legacy National Security Advisory Group
Founding Member – Citizens Commission on National Security
Web Site:

Your work is extremely important and enlightening

My Chemical engineering training helps me understand your material balances and I agree that your science is simple, profound and must be used to guide future policies responding to climate change.
I have studied climate data as a curious engineer and found that I disagree with two IPCC narratives.

IPCC’s narrative is “observed seasonal variations of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations are caused by vegetation seasonal growth and decay”. I believe that seasonal variations of carbon dioxide are better explained by “global/seasonal changes in absorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide by sea water.”

IPCC’s narrative is that “non-GHG factors from human activity on earth’s surface is so small that these effects can be ignored in climate models”. I and Chinese climate scientists see data and logic that indicates “non-GHG factors may be a very large part of any recent warming trends”.

Dr Berry’s conclusion that human carbon dioxide emissions is not an important driver of climate change is a game changer.

All these findings that invalidate IPCC’s narratives have something in common. They are ALL IGNORED (Not disputed!) by mainstream climate scientists. You would think that IF they were WRONG, climate scientists would simply point out the errors in science, data, and logic.

I believe that the US should create a climate change commission made up of thinking engineers and scientists that have NO self interest in the climate change business/politics to evaluate important theories/work such as Dr. Berry’s that challenges IPCC narratives to make sure that future policies are based on sound science.
Ed Sebesta

Climate Miracle is a popular treatise on the deceptive use of science

Ed Berry has performed an extraordinary service to the climate community, science in general, America, and the world by identifying the underlying errors the IPCC has made in its fraudulent claim that human-caused climate change is an existential threat to life on this planet.

Climate Miracle is a popular treatise on the deceptive use of science, so called, to bring about political change in a world fearful of an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide.

The title of his book highlights one critical error the climate alarmists themselves don’t realize – the presence of a supernatural agent required to separate natural carbon dioxide molecules from human-created molecules in the atmosphere needed in their theory.

Without this fictitious agent that Berry calls a demon, the IPCC calculations are just so much gibberish. James Clerk Maxwell in 1867 suggested a similar such demon to refute the idea in thermodynamics that a perpetual motion machine was possible.

With similar logic Berry refutes the IPCC prediction that catastrophic climate change is imminent if such a demon isn’t present.

Berry has done his homework using theoretical and data-based analyses to demonstrate the fallacies and the shear lack of proper scientific protocol used in their reports on global climate change to be published in peer-reviewed journals elsewhere.

This book is a well-written attempt to summarize the conclusions and consequences of misusing the scientific method for frightening the public into submission to an authoritarian political agenda.
Larry Vardiman, PhD
Colorado State University
Cloud Physicist

I thought I knew all the arguments

Al Gore’s inconvenient lies in 2006 were enough to convert me sufficiently to skepticism about the then emerging propaganda of man-made dangerous global warming that I co-founded the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition and have remained its honorary secretary and webmaster ever since.

In that time, I think I have read all of the main literature opposing the alarmism now known as “climate change” because of the cessation of any appreciable warming after the expiry of the late 20th century extreme El Nino.

I thought I knew all the arguments necessary to combat alarmist propaganda, until I saw a draft of Dr Ed Berry’s short treatise, Climate Miracle.

Eminent physicist, Dr Berry has introduced me to two new and compelling arguments demolishing the claims of the UN IPCC and its tax-grabbing minions and exposing them as a litany of lies.

Demolition No 1:
Dr Berry identifies two opposing camps of so-called climate scientists:

(i) the “effects” camp, comprising taxpayer-funded lackeys who have forged what they claim is a “consensus” that emissions by human and animal kind of the trace gas Carbon Dioxide (CO2) will cause Earth’s temperatures to soar and the seas to rise to swamp low-lying land.


They base their consensus on computer projections into which they have inserted speculative numbers designed to yield the high readings they bleat about, for which their political and would-be world governance wannabes reward them with huge financial grants, mostly from our tax payments.

(ii) the “causes” camp, comprising thousands of independent and retired scientists still searching for real-world answers to what makes our Earth’s weather tick in the natural cycles we have known and adapted to successfully for millennia.
Dr Berry’s explanation of the motives and modus operandi of these two camps easily compels a finding of support for the integrity of the “causes” camp.

Demolition No 2:
Dr Berry identifies three core theories on which the IPCC relies for support for its alarmist propaganda, saying that proof that just one of those three theories is false is enough to render IPCC’s complete theory false.
Dr Berry then demonstrates that IPCC’s core theory is false and blows the IPCC case to smithereens. Buy the book to learn more about the three bogus theories.

It’s the first time I’ve seen this argument advanced with such compelling cogency.
Terry Dunleavy MBE
Hon Secretary, New Zealand Climate Science Coalition (
New Zealand Ambassador for the Climate Intelligence Foundation (

This is a wonderful book…

technically correct, lucidly presented, and easily understood by all. It fills a great need to counter environmental brainwashing the world is receiving from the mass media today. I will buy it from Amazon and give it to as many people as I can.
Cecil Joe Tomlinson

Will promote your book widely

Your effort in publishing data concerning matters that many of us believe but don’t have the credibility to publish is most welcome!
Rosemary Falcon

Exposes the sham

Chapter 7 is most enlightening on the creation of the political movement, and it exposes the underlying intent of the sham.
Bob Denson

Should be in schools

Thank you, Ed, for this educational book, that should not be missing in any school or university library.
Cees De Jong

Everyone should read this book and educate their elected officials

Dr. Ed Berry is a great American climate physicist, educator, and citizen. Everything he does, he does well.

His October 2020 book, Climate Miracle starts out with a great title and photo of the sky, land, and water in Montana. This book addresses climate science, scientific errors and sinister intentions of the United Nations and their Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Scientific Method versus Religion, how the man-made global warming myth was born, and straight-forward conclusions.

Most important is to understand that man-made climate change alarmism intends to deny people access to fossil fuels and all their benefits. It is also to establish a one-world dictatorship government that will impoverish billions of people.
John Shanahan 

Sobering, scientifically and spiritually

With only a BS degree, and being more in tune with public/media/education relations than hard-core academic facts, the fundamental chemistry of C02 convinces me that our earth’s atmosphere does not and cannot distinguish between natural or human-expelled C02; it’s all the same chemical wherever you find it.

Consequently, it is sobering, scientifically and spiritually, to realize that our intelligently-designed atmosphere has a built-in method for balancing C02 to the levels both needed and tolerable for earth’s living organisms, just as it has been since “the beginning.”
Bob Webster 

Thanks Dr Ed, your logic and simplicity in explaining such complex matters are outstanding

Thanks for debunking lies and pseudoscience of bureaucrats and fake scientists.
Time for truth & honesty to take the lead in climate science!
Max Polo
Technical Manager, Energy Division, Cimolai SpA – Italy

It’s by far the best I’ve ever read

What an absolutely compelling demolition of the IPCC’s nonscience (spelling intentional)!

It’s by far the best I’ve ever read, and over the 30-odd years that I’ve been a skeptic (as everyone trained in science and engineering should always be), I’ve read quite a few attempts, including some that I’ve written myself.
Peter J. Morgan B.E. (Mech.), Dip. Teaching, Honorary Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Environomics (NZ) Trust, Consulting Forensic Engineer, Marine Designer, Technical Writer, Sub-editor & Technical Editor

Ed says his book is not intended to be a scientific treatise…

but intends to inform that climate alarmism is “a lie and a fraud”.
In my opinion the book does that, and I think its clear message would be diluted by discussions of solar effects, cloud effects and etc.

An excellent, readable book that destroys the scary global warming / climate hypothesis.

Author Dr. Edwin Berry demolishes the IPCC’s very-scary catastrophic man-made global warming hypothesis. Ed proves from basic principles that the growth of CO2 in the atmosphere is primarily natural, not man-made.
Berry’s analysis is consistent with my 2008 publication that atmospheric CO2 cannot significantly drive temperature, because changes in CO2 lag temperature changes in the modern data record, as they do in the longer-term ice core record. Kuo et al (1990) and Keeling (1995) made similar observations in the journal Nature, but have been studiously ignored by global warming propagandists. “The future cannot cause the past.”

Allan MacRae

Congratulations and best wishes with your brilliant book

David Whitmore
Waterlooville UK

Amazing, superb book. A shot at the heart of the beast

In only a few pages you will be absorbed and well informed to fight the good fight with the weapons of climate realism.
Rodrigo Penna-Firme, PhD

A lone, self-funded scientist in a small Montana town

does research that bright high schoolers can duplicate, proving the carbon cycle is a massive fact of nature and we humans are a tiny part of that natural pattern.
Fran Tabor

Quick and concise read

Enjoyed it. Good info that I sort of knew but couldn’t explain it like you did.
Jimmy Arnold 

I loved your logical approach to cause and effect

It’s just not possible to reverse these! Thanks for this excellent resource.
Brinsley Jenkins

Excellent explanation

Excellent explanation of the climate hoax between Globalist Gore and Wisdom Will followed by concise physics data!
John A. Bird

Ed, well done with your basic explanations of physics

It’s so interesting that the same theme is used both in the promotion of the ‘climate change’ fraud and also presently in the COVID-19 situation, and that same theme can be summed up in one word: ‘FEAR’!

Fear is the ingredient that has influenced politics going way back in human history where someone who is intent on mastery influences the generally-unthinking masses to follow their lead.

The idea of a ‘debate’ is a good one.
Michael Spencer 

This is clear, logical, and easy to understand

I would give this book to anyone who is worried about the climate scam.

My only reservation is that most of the people I know who believe in human caused climate change are so indoctrinated that they would not be willing to read it.

I particularly appreciated the warning in the last chapter about the slow encroachment of communism in the takeover of our institutions.
James Pearce

The development of your arguments is nothing less than phenomenal to their conclusion that now includes all of the carbon reservoirs on the earth.

This book is a beautiful summary of these developments and should be read by all to avoid the disastrous public policy mistakes that climate hysterics are making and want to force upon the public due to the flawed science that is being used by the IPCC.

Ed, I’ve followed your development of the physics you used to show the flawed assumptions made about atmospheric CO2 from the IPCC that attribute all of it to human emissions.

Congratulations on your efforts and hard work, Ed. I hope this book heads for a best seller category to properly educate the citizens of this country about climate and the true non problem human CO2
 emissions really are to it and richly rewards you for your efforts to publish sound science.
Chuck Wiese 
Professional Pilot

A very well-reasoned document

You get over the point that there needs to be solid evidence to back up a guess.

The climate models are a joke. I would like to make the point that CO2 is only 1 molecule in 2500. Consider this brave (May 12th, 2012) admission by German Physicist and meteorologist Klaus-Eckart Plus:

‘’Ten years ago, I simply parroted what the IPCC told us. One day I started checking the facts and data—first I started with a sense of doubt but then I became outraged, when I discovered that much of what the IPCC and the media were telling us was sheer nonsense, and was not even supported by any scientific facts and measurements. To this day I still feel shame that as a scientist, I made presentations of their science without first checking it. …scientifically it is sheer absurdity to think we can get a nice climate by turning a CO2 adjustment knob”.

Congratulations, and best of luck on Amazon.
Ian Storey