1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading Ed’s book Climate Miracle.
    I’d like to stress that the entire discussion involving CO2 increasing or decreasing is in fact immaterial, since it has been shown that the efficiency of atmospheric CO2 as a greenhouse gas at the current levels is virtually nil. This in contrast to what Al Gore wants people to believe that it is a matter of ‘more CO2 means more degrees Celsius’, like in a linear relationship. By contrast, the relationship is an exponentially decreasing one. CO2’s peak performance as a greenhouse gas lies in the range of 20-100 ppm. Certainly above 280 ppm the effect is negligible and hence the discussion becomes fruitless. The question whether increasing levels of CO2 cause scary global warming has inherently been answered. I wish that this fact were broadcast ore widely among people. THIS ONE SINGLE FACT SOLVES THE ENTIRE TRILLION DOLLAR SCAM.

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