1. Dr Ed Berry,
    You are fighting a worthwhile fight, you are properly pushing back on the false information about harm of man-made CO2, right thinking people know that CO2, a trace gas cannot regulate the climate cycles, but you fight in their home ball-fields with their umpires and they win on precautionary principles.
    I worked for NASA for 44 years, a year after I retired I attended a climate presentation by Tom Wysmuller about polar ice cycles and how they influence the alternating ice ages and warm times. I have studied that for over 16 years.
    Water in its abundance and changing states and abundance of water in all of its changing states is responsible for powerful self-correcting factors that keep climate in more narrow bounds. I have emailed you many times. I just forwarded a message from when I was exchanging emails about the The Porto Climate Conference, I was invited but I could not attend that one. Please read and respond to some of what I send you. All my emails from you are just group emails you send to many. Please read and think about and respond to some of what I write.
    Herman A (Alex) Pope

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