1. Mankind is hardly adding any CO2 to the atmosphere. Present rise is a delayed reaction to the MWP the socalled 800-year lag as found in the Dome-C icecore in the Vostok region of Antarctica.
    The climate alarmists “downwelling” or “back radiation” violates the second law of thermodynamics (you cannot warm-up warm with cold). Present CO2-level is very low (nature has removed 94% in the past 540 million years).

  2. IPCC, the left controlled media and the consensus followers have successfully diverted all minds including scientific minds to GW when the real CC science is about the Earth’s Energy Imbalance. If the energy of 2 degree C GW went into the oceans, the mean oceans temperature would only rise about 0.0018 deg C.

    That should be enough to put you on the correct path that determines IPCC is full of it!

  3. My thoughts on the dip.

    Satellites are only detecting one part of the spectrum from disrupted light through a gas same thing as a prism. Multi-directional scattering is not detected which is what happens in a gas that scatters light. In order to get correct calculations you would need to have satellites (yes plural) analyzing all angles of scattering from all vector points simultaneously which is not possible from a single satellite. In order to get an accurate summation you need to be able to detect tangential point deviations from the main unidirectional path, A to B, conservatively speaking, is all the satellite can pick up.

    In other words the light is being scattered by CO2 and the camera is not picking up the scattering.

    Again, light is being scattered, the IR that is re-radiated (unless cloned) is not emitting in the 15 micron wavelength.

    1. Although I like your creativity, I’m afraid I’d have to call this hypothesis of yours ridiculous at best, and uneducated at worst. Probably a physics noob, which is fine, we’re here with the same goal after all. I like educating.

      Basically, your fault is that you see the atmosphere as one prism. That’s not the case. Every CO2 molecule would act as its own prism, thus in the end, the combination of all the “prisms” still gives a complete picture of outgoing radiation. You don’t need different angles for that. The scattering however does cause some diffusion in all directions, reducing the intensity of some wavelengths, which is why there are gaps in the radiation spectrum.

      This of course does not mean AGW is true.

      1. Nowhere in that graph does it show the “scattering” it is showing what is being presented as “trapping”.

        A camera facing the Vertical Z axis will record from the Z axis angle. Your hubris aside, my point is valid. Put gas in a tube run an IR camera at one end heat it at the other and you’ll see my point and the prism like effect it creates in the cylinder.

        Is that satellite detecting the light waves absorbed and redirected in the same wavelength? Is it detecting the light waves re-directed in all directions at different wl than the original energy of the intercepted photon?

        Where is it showing that?

  4. Surely the onus should be on the alarmists to prove by repeatable experiment their theory rather than the other way round… Where can I find the experiments and their findings proving the theory?

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