1. I agree with Doug Wittmann. Everything u said Ed, is absol. correct !!!!
      3 MORE DAYS TO GO….. and then we will know !!!!!!!!!!! BC..

  1. I find it difficult to understand that Trump is challenging only those states where he had a majority by the end of the election day when this majority was reduced to a minority, and no other states where he maintained his majority throughout the night after the election. In the other states there have certainly also been changes throughout the night, but there is no interest in talking about it.

    1. Sometimes we have to focus on a small portion of the war so our forces are not spread too thin. The challenged states all show egregious activity but possibly Trump should have limited his challenges to Georgia and Pennsylvania. If he gets a court to hear his evidence in any of these and the fraud is opened up, the states he won outright will also be aware of the problems and move to stop them before the next election.

  2. Thanks as always, Dr Berry, for your clarity, courage and leadership. There are some things that we must be willing to die for. Freedom is number one. I’ll stand with you and die if necessary fighting for our freedom and of all children coming after us in this greatest country the world has ever seen. Thanking you for all you have done for us throughout your lifetime (so far!)

    1. I side with Arve G
      With respect to asking Trump to be like George .Washington is just a bit far fetched.General G. Washington actually led his troops into battle ..I read that Trump avoided military service !
      George Washington was know for his honesty and truthfulness..Trump is known for the countless documented lies he had told to the American
      My guess is that Trumps army of lawyers presented “evidence of fraud” in their fifty or so court hearings…seems like judges were not swayed by their presentations…this includes the US Supreme Court ..where three of the justices are Trump appointees.
      I would say that what Ed B is proposing is borderline treasonous……he is proposing an overthrow of our constitutionally dictated electoral process..a disgrace!

      1. A typical response predicated upon ignorance.
        The courts have issued no findings of fact – because they have not held evidentiary hearings. Rather, they simply punted the substantive issues
        by evoking procedural technicalities to avoid hearing the matters
        (or so they claimed).

  3. Trump ran for President because he wanted to drain the swamp, he did not realize how big and how well coordinated these tyrants have become within the past 60 years. They began their attack even before he was sworn in and it hasn’t stopped, not for one single day. He had led this nation into prosperity and was putting China into their place but he underestimated China and the deep state. They have been pushing for the NWO/OWO for over 60 years and it will not stop until we’ve drained the swamp, the deep state, and their operatives. This includes the FBI, CIA, EPA, DOJ, BLM, Obama, Clintons, Bidens, DNC, Democratic party, School Board, Teachers who are and have been indoctrinating our kids, etc, etc, etc. This is a huge job and our President will need every Patriots help to complete this task. Lock and load, choose your targets wisely, and God bless all those who stand for our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Rule of Law, our Sovereignty, and our Freedoms. MAGA!

  4. See my comments above. The reason for checking the other states where he did not win would be to have verfied any similar effect. In the current situation Trump is presenting an incomplete picture, disregarding the effects from the other states. By being silent regarding the other states, he amplifies his arguments regarding the few states where he lost. I do understand his need to convince people, but his focus seems wrong when he is disregarding the variations in states where he won. To claim fraud when you loose is not regarded as a good habit, when this claim is not accompanied with clear evidence of such fraud, and supported by judges. Political claims are normally disregarded by the courts. When such claims have been promoted more than 50 times without support from any court, it should be time to accept the current situation.

    1. Trump can’t file suit in states he won. Those suits would be rejected due to “lack of standing”. He can sue only in states where he lost and where he can show illegal behavior caused the loss.
      But courts are irrelevant because no court has any power to reverse any election. Any court order can be ignored or appealed, making the case moot.
      It’s a political problem with a political solution. Congress, with the Vice President, determines which electoral votes to count. Congress can be persuaded by public opinion, not any court.

    2. If you, as with many people, had been doing your homework regarding this election cycle, you would see that there is ample well documented evidence of widespread election fraud. Also, what we are seeing is that the courts are, across the board, shirking their responsibility to confront and deal with the serious challenges to our constitutional integrity regarding elections. So, in my view, the ‘court of last resort’ is the President himself. And my prayer is for him to have the courage to do whatever is necessary to retain the Republic and protect the People and our spectacular Constitution.

      1. I agree there has been massive obvious election fraud in at least 5 states. The issue is – what are the victims going to do about it? Hoping somebody else (courts) will punish the perpetrators isn’t a viable plan. The initial vote counting was controlled by Democrats in Democrat-infested cities, but the final electoral vote counting is controleld by Congress and the Vice President. Just as the Democrats knew they could do whatever they wanted when they “counted” votes, so can the Vice President and Congress do whatever they want when they “count” electoral votes.

  5. Throughout the Free World there are many who pray for Pres Trumps success in overturing the blatantant theft of the citizens rights.
    From South Africa who is being subjected to to communist diktat ai pray for Gods help

  6. Among the people Ed Berry respects are Ishi, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower. All were confronted with forces that were determined to destroy their worlds. The outcome of their stories are different. Ishi and his people ended up destroyed. Washington, Lincoln, Churchill, and Eisenhower were victorious and they ended up saving freedom so their worlds could be great.

    Today, the world is confronted with a similar existential problem. Will the United States continue to be the country its Founding Fathers fought for and carefully crafted with the Constitution and related documents. Or will this country be taken over by the people Ed Berry is so concerned about now?

    Ishi came from a great people and culture, but they could not survive the onrush of the Europeans seeking land, food production, natural resources and gold.

    George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower marshaled tremendous war-time economies, agreements among great national leaders, and built vast armies, navies and air forces over a period of several years to defeat the enemies. ALMOST EVERY Brit, Canadian, and American were fully committed in WWI and WWII to defeat Germany, Italy, and Japan. After great sacrifice and with unyielding determination they were victorious.

    THE STORY OF ISHI: A CHRONOLOGY by Nancy Rockafellar


    In August of 1911 a starving native-American man walked out of the Butte County wilderness into Oroville and became an instant journalistic sensation. He was identified by UC anthropologists Alfred Kroeber and T. T. Waterman as the last of a remnant band of Yahi people native to the Deer Creek region. The UC anthropologists immediately went north to Oroville and brought him back to live on the Parnassus campus, giving him the name “Ishi” which meant “man” in the Yahi language. During the next four years, the anthropologists and physicians at UC would learn much from Ishi, as he demonstrated his toolmaking and hunting skills, and spoke his tribal stories and songs.

    In January 2021, the opportunity for the last battle of a nationwide conflict going back to the 1950s will present itself. It will determine the course of freedom for the United States and the world. Are we as prepared and determined as we need be to defend America as it was so hard fought for and carefully created? Or will people who desecrate statues of historic leaders, destroy public buildings and businesses, defecate in public, and create chaos sweep into the ultimate positions of power?

    Ed Berry is a fighter in everything he does: science, law, sports, personal excellence. More of this kind of person are needed now.

  7. It is not a question about filing a suit, rather to investigate the corrections made by the posted votes in the states where Trump did not win, and to have an opinion about the changes made by them in order to understand the deviations. Such an investigation will therefter be the basis for the need to file any suit. When such an operation is not made, the grounds for filing any suit seems far fetched.

  8. Here are two sources that detail massive evidence of voter fraud:
    Armistad Project

    Here is the outline of data shown by the first source:

    The 2020 election witnessed an unprecedented and coordinated effort through public-private partnerships to improperly and unlawfully influence the election for Mr. Biden by:

    1) creating a two-tiered election system in which state and local officials targeted Biden constituencies to turn out the vote while targeting Trump constituencies to depress the vote;

    2) using private funds to pay election judges and officials who managed the way ballots were received, accepted, cured, and counted;

    3) having private interests dictate or encourage local election officials to violate state laws protecting the integrity of the ballot;

    4) consolidating counting centers to justify the delivery of hundreds of thousands of ballots to one location, removing Republicans from their lawful right to view the receipt, handling, and counting of ballots in the consolidated counting centers;

    5) initiating scores of lawsuits as early as March of 2020 to undermine ballot integrity measures;

    6) accepting and receiving more than $400 million from private interests to dictate terms in which the election would be managed in Democrat strongholds;

    7) allowing private interests to gain special access and use of sensitive citizen information maintained by government;

    8) benefiting from Big Tech monies and censorship of information;

    9) training left-leaning poll workers in Democrat strongholds on how to commit fraud;

    10) fighting transparency by resisting legitimate requests to audit and review ballots, ballot envelopes, and computer logs;

    11) threatening legislators with criminal investigation and prosecution if they disagreed with blue state executive officials on the election result;

    12) locking Republican legislators out of the state capitol to prevent them from meeting and challenging election certification; and

    13) engaging in illegal ballot harvesting.

    1. Ed, I have read your concern in the way you have represented them, number by number. In order to be taken seriusly it is necessary to refrain from using general terms only. If it is not possible to pinpoint specifich errors, one skould be quite. In science this is a well accepted term, and should also be so in politics.

      1. Dear Arve,
        Please read the two referenced reports for the specifics.
        Any summary of these specifics, as listed here, must of necessity be general.

        1. Dear Ed,

          I have read one of them, but must say that it was general as well. Therefore it was difficult to see to what extent it could be used at as specific evidence. It is now my understand that you have presented the last implementation of informaton above, as of yesterday.
          There are two things that strics me. 1) the extent of misbelive, related to a large amount of topics, and 2) the large sums of votes that are presented as possible inaccuracies.

          If what you are presenting as true in 1) above, the complete voting system is rotten. In 2) you are presenting such doubt to the accuracy in the voting, that is beyond any scientific requirements.

          If, what your is saying is correct, a fraud must include a large amount of people at a large amount of levels. Due to the extent of such a massive fraud, it would naturally be evident relatively quick and action would have been taken. Such action has not been taken, which means that fraud has not been that evident, and not to the extent that is claimed.

          I do therefore see a disproportion between the fraud claimed and the reality due to lack of any obvious evidence that would have released any action. I am also made aware the the accuracies themselves are questioned by those that are presenting them.

          I therefore believe that one should accept the voting, and rather use the coming year to evaluate the voting system in order to improve any defects. In that context, the information you have provided would certainly be useful.

          At this late stage is waste of energy to devote more time to further evaluation of the voting system. Happy new year to you.

        2. Dear Arve,

          How may people may think the election was fair and valid, and how many people may think the election was a fraud is irrelevant. What is relevant is the data that proves the election was a fraud.

          The data show criminals used the Dominion voting machines to switch votes from Trump to Biden. The data show criminals used illegal “mail-in ballots” to manufacture votes for Biden. The data show this was a massive fraud organized specifically to overthrow the USA and foreign countries were involved.

          You wrote:

          “Such action has not been taken, which means that fraud has not been that evident, and not to the extent that is claimed.”

          The fact is President Trump and his supporters took action immediately. But the politics does not permit an immediate resolution. Your words imply that you believe because the resolution has not been immediate, therefore, the extent of the fraud was not enough to change the election. That is an illogical and invalid argument.

          The people who wish Biden to be president make invalid arguments (like the alarmists make invalid arguments about climate). They cherry-pick the data and refuse to review the data that proves they are wrong.

          You may not realize the importance of this election to America and the free world. America is at war with an enemy who wants to take over America.

          The Democrat Party is now an agent of the Chinese Communist Party. The election fraud is part of China’s attempt to control of America.

          If the enemies (Biden et al.) win, there will never again be a free America. There will never again be a valid election. They have no interest in fair elections. The Biden path is a one-way road.

          It is not a “waste of energy” to make sure we elect the president that the American people elected. It is critical that we do not allow this fraudulent election to destroy America.

  9. Here is the first page of the second source, Armistad Project

    Arlington, Virginia/December 22, 2020 – The Amistad Project of the non-partisan Thomas More Society has filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia demanding that legislatures in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin be allowed to certify electors prior to congressional certification.

    “Kings and Queens dissolve parliaments and legislative bodies, not Governors. At least that was the case until this year. Governors in these contested states have declared themselves to be the law due to COVID and are now actively preventing the state legislatures from exercising their constitutional authority to review the election process,” said Phill Kline, Director of the Amistad Project.

    “The governor of Pennsylvania is refusing to allow the legislature there to meet, while in Michigan the attorney general is threatening legislators who disagree with certification with criminal investigation, and Gov. Whitmer uses COVID – and later a non-existent threat – as an excuse to prevent Republicans in Michigan legislature from entering the Capitol Building while Democrats were allowed in the building to vote on certification,” Kline continued.

    The lawsuit argues that current federal and local statutes interfere with state legislatures’ constitutional right to certify Presidential electors, in a direct violation of separation of powers. It also cites an Amistad Project white paper which illustrates how the Electoral College vote deadline of December 14 is arbitrary and does not apply to the contested states.

    Currently, state law and the executive branch refusal have prevented state legislatures from meeting as a body to review, investigate and debate the method in which the election was conducted. “No one person, or small group of persons, should be able to prohibit the state legislature from performing its constitutional responsibilities,” Kline added.

    “Unfortunately, current federal and state code has allowed a constitutionally non delegable legislative function and responsibility to become a ministerial process,” said Erick Kaardal, lead attorney for the Amistad Project.

    As a remedy, the lawsuit requests that the court declare sections of federal and local law that interfere with state legislatures’ constitutional prerogative to post-election certification of the Presidential electors be declared unconstitutional.

    It also seeks to ensure that the Vice President and Congress do not count Presidential elector votes from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, until those states’ legislature are able to meet in a joint session to vote to certify their electors.

    “Governors do not have a right to certify election results through fiat,” said Kline. “The Constitution gives state legislatures alone the right to certify Presidential electors.”

    Reference: Case number 1:20-cv-03791


    Amistad Project 2020 Presidential Election Super-Appendix Table of Contents

    5-1 Appx1

    5-2 Appx2

    5-3 Appx3

    5-4 Appx4

    5-5 Appx5

    5-6 Appx6

    5-7 Appx7

    5-8 Appx8

    5-9 Appx9

    5-10 Appx10

    5-11 Appx11

    5-12 Appx12

    1. Dear Ed,

      By following your ideas, a lot of people today stormed Capitol Hill, resulting in one death. This is a result of your way of thinking and spreading such ideas. Disagreements should not be solved in such a violent way.

      1. Dear Arve,

        I totally reject your accusation. I have never promoted violence. Such violence is NOT a result of my way of thinking.

        I request you apologize and retract your invalid accusation in your next comment. If you do not, I will terminate your privilege to comment on my website.


        1. The leaders of this assault, the ones who forcibly entered and pillaged the Capital, were not Trump supporters. They were, in fact, just the reverse: domestic thugs who have become all too familiar and had bussed in to impersonate Trump supporters.

          The initial assault and breach of the Capital building: Smashing windows
          with assault shields – attack instruments familiar in Antifa riots.


          They were clearly prepared for violence. Not once have I observed such weaponry among Trump supporters, who, in fact, attempted to intervene:


          Don’t expect to hear this from the corporate media.




      2. Dear Arve,

        I deleted your reply because you did not retract and apologize for your false accusation.

        You think the government should silence me because some morons stormed Capital Hill. That is outrageous. Your views promote Communism.

        I will give you one more try to make an intelligent comment.

        1. Dear Ed,

          I viewed and listended to the activity before the Capital Hill was stormed yesterday, fueld by words. It is no doubts about what happend.
          Todays presentation of different views from partisipants is supporting my understanding during the night.
          Furthermore I understand that the whole aspect is looked into at the moment from a legal point of view in US. This means that it seems to have been more serious than believed during the night.

          I have never proposed that the Government should silence you, absolutely not!
          That is a complete misunderstanding!

          What I said is that we all have to be responsible for the choise of words we are using, due to the fact that they might be understood in a different way than intended.

          Be sure, I do know what Communism means after having establihed a Company i Leningrad for my company i Norway many years ago, a company that produced equipment for russian vessels for years ahead.

        2. Dear Ed,
          I am sorry to say that the attac on Capitol Hill the other day reminded me about the Crystal night i Gemany in 1938. At that time Hitler arranged the fire that gave him the excuse to raise to be the commander in Gemany. We all know what happend thereafter, including the overturn the monarchy in Norway, which made my family flee to Sweden i september 1944. Those that are using power to overturn democratic governments resembles not only what happend during the last world war, but reminds us about the Roman periodes where dictators roamed.

  10. The Navarro Report Appendix is copied below (without the bullets):

    The weight of evidence and patterns of irregularities are such that it is irresponsible for anyone – especially the mainstream media – to claim there is “no evidence” of fraud or irregularities.

    The ballots in question because of the identified election irregularities are more than sufficient to swing the outcome in favor of President Trump should even a relatively small portion of these ballots be ruled illegal.

    All six battleground states exhibit most, or all, six dimensions of election irregularities. However, each state has a unique mix of issues that might be considered “most important.” To put this another way, all battleground states are characterized by the same or similar election irregularities; but, like Tolstoy’s unhappy families, each battleground state is different in its own election irregularity way.

    This was theft by a thousand cuts across six dimensions and six battleground states rather than any one single “silver bullet” election irregularity.

    In refusing to investigate a growing number of legitimate grievances, the anti-Trump media and censoring social media are complicit in shielding the American public from the truth. This is a dangerous game that simultaneously undermines the credibility of the media and the stability of our political system and Republic.

    Those journalists, pundits, and political leaders now participating in what has become a Biden Whitewash should acknowledge the six dimensions of election irregularities and conduct the appropriate investigations to determine the truth about the 2020 election. If this is not done before Inauguration Day, we risk putting into power an illegitimate and illegal president lacking the support of a large segment of the American people.

    The failure to aggressively and fully investigate the six dimensions of election irregularities assessed in this report is a signal failure not just of our anti-Trump mainstream media and censoring social media but also of both our legislative and judicial branches.

    Republican governors in Arizona and Georgia together with Republican majorities in both chambers of the State Legislatures of five of the six battleground states – Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – have had both the power and the opportunity to investigate the six dimensions of election irregularities presented in this report. Yet, wilting under intense political pressure, these politicians have failed in their Constitutional duties and responsibilities to do so – and thereby failed both their states and this nation as well as their party.

    Both State courts and Federal courts, including the Supreme Court, have failed the American people in refusing to appropriately adjudicate the election irregularities that have come before them. Their failures pose a great risk to the American Republic.

    If these election irregularities are not fully investigated prior to Inauguration Day and thereby effectively allowed to stand, this nation runs the very real risk of never being able to have a fair presidential election again – with the down-ballot Senate races scheduled for January 5 in Georgia an initial test case of this looming risk.

  11. General George Washington led his troops in battle for our independence.Donald Trump somehow or other avoided military service..
    George Washington was known for his integrity..Donald Trump is known fir his complete disregard for truth…..well documented and recorded.
    I understand that Donald Trump just called and implicitly threaten the Georgia Secretary of State if he did not “find” the required # of votes to change the election outcome.
    Is this a man you put your trust in
    He may agree with your position on climate …in many respects so do I !
    But attempting to overthrow the election outcome is a separate issue and should be treated as such!

    1. This is not about Donald Trump. He is just the target of the fraud. It is about our nation as a representative republic. It cannot exist with this kind of rampant election fraud. If this is not examined and eradicated now the likelihood of future elections being trusted vanishes. If Trump is a bad president, convince the electorate and vote him out. But don’t destroy our country to accomplish that part of your agenda. Convince us that we would be better off with Biden as president and accept the result of a legal and fair election. It is not OK to say Trump is bad so we can get rid of him by any means including fraud.

  12. Sorry ,It is all about Trump!!!
    He clearly asked the Georgia Secretary of State to “find fraudulent votes “for him !!!

    1. That’s not what he said. He was indicating that he only needed to find that many fraudulent votes to eliminate in order for him to have victory, even though the evidence says that there were thousands of illigitimate votes. He wasn’t inferring that the Sec. of State should conjure up more votes to make him win. There has been enough testimony from people and enough video evidence to warrant the charges of fraud, that the vote in Georgia should be looked at forensically but someone has a hold on the Sec. of State. Fear! You can’t have fear and be moral! He needs to get some cahoonas!

  13. Connie you are very naive!
    Georgia conducted three recounts ..all three came up with the same qualitative and quantitative conclusion .Donald Trump LOST Georgia by about 10,000 votes.
    I remind you that NONE of the cases that the Trump lawyers brought to court …including the U.S Supreme Court were successful.Do you think you or any other individual has been able to find better evidence than Trumps high price lawyers could find and present to support his claims ? I kinda doubt it!
    Donald Trump is a common criminal who happens to be rich ( that might even be in doubt subsequent to proper scrutiny.We are all part of the same country …..best if we direct our efforts to make it better for all of us!

    1. Newsmax says the correct transcript of the Trump Raffensperger conversation quotes Trump as saying that an audit of legal ballots would give him an extra 11000 votes, quite different from the MSM version. Check it out.

    2. Dear Ed OConnell,

      In their analysis of Georgia’s election data, the Data Integrity Group found that more than 30,000 votes had been removed from Trump’s tally, and another 12,173 votes were switched to Biden.

      So, Trump won Georgia when votes are properly counted.

    3. Ed, it’s clear that regardless of all fraudulent information laid before you, Trump should be removed because he’s a common criminal. While I do not agree with everything that President Trump does, he never-the-less loves this Nation, our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Rule of Law, our Freedoms, and our Sovereignty. He has been continuously attacked by the democratic party since before he took office and it has not stopped throughout his first four year term. Please explain yourself fully so that we might understand your motives!

      1. Dear John,
        My goal is to seek the truth, in politics as well as in science.

        My quest for truth leads me to conclude that Trump has done the best he could to help America. He has had to fight many battles. I conclude that Trump is a very kind and honest man.

        On the other hand, I am not sure about your motives.

        You claim Trump is “a common criminal.” On what evidence?
        You claim Trump should be removed from office. On what evidence?
        And if you had the power to remove Trump from office, are you not concerned about who would replace Trump as president?

  14. Dear Ed, I have made a few comments to your views about your choice of president. Following eagerly the elections and noting your relience on your 45th president was very odd – you voting for a lier and as Ed Connell points out even a criminal.
    For your information I have just finished reading Rupert Darwall’s book Green Tyranny and especially the latter part of the book describing the views propagated by Obama and hailing for the New Green Deal, I actually understood your hopes on the role Trump should take, i.e. destroy the New Green Deal, which is actually also in my view heading towards a catastrophy also here in Europe.

    It is absolutely clear that this same green deal is taking Europe on a course leading maybe not to tragedy, but atleast a missuse of badly needed funds and especially now when covid 19 is being active.
    My take on globalwarming has been, ever since the IPCC was established, that it is the Sun together with water and its three phases and the thermodynamics between the phase changes that regulate and have always regulated global climates. Carbon dioxide is, if any, a very minor player in climate but an absolute must for plant life and thus also for animals and people like us to survive.

    I don’t see how the New Green Deal can be stopped; it has a very long history ever since Maurice Strong ran the play. Well atleast he’s gone!

    Here in Finland we have a fairly well organized anti-IPCC group trying to influence our government with logic, but as you know politicians often go with the tide. BUT WE ARE TRYING TO DO OUR BEST, although the future is not very bright. Praying to God is completely useless, it is education of the ignorant that we need to concentrate on. We have to get rid of the King with no clothes.

    Yours truly Boris

  15. Dear Boris,

    I appreciate your comments from a Finnish / European perspective about the 2020 US presidential election, your contributions to science, and your love for nature and the outdoors (see photo with canoe paddle). As background, I’ve lived in Europe a total of 11 years starting in 1964 working exclusively most of the time with Europeans.

    After 60 years of observing politicians in Washington D.C. and 20 years of youth, I conclude that there have been many criminals in government. Trump is certainly not alone in character blemishes among those who have been in and who are going to the White House and Congress.

    Some of the greatest crimes out of Washington in my view are crimes of working to take away fossil fuels and nuclear power. These energy sources enabled the modern world and the defeat of profoundly evil leaders. They enabled the blossoming of the modern world and all the advances in technology and standard of living.

    People who claim that CO2 is a pollutant, that it causes catastrophic global warming, and demand stopping use of fossil fuels are truly criminals of the worst kind. People who claim that nuclear power isn’t safe enough and advanced nuclear power must be prohibited are depriving humanity of essential energy for tens of thousands of years. They intend to mandate wind and solar energy for everyone. That is profoundly criminal.

    We have to decide which crimes need to be addressed.

    Here is a link to one person’s view on the Democrats and Republicans. It is by Frances Presley Rice. She is by a successful, very dignified black woman.


    My website is: http://www.allaboutenergy.net

    1. At the risk of being repetitious, this remark is typical of a hollow argument.
      If you can’t argue the substance, then argue the name.

      Who they are is immaterial. They’ve plainly shown the data and how it changed.
      If you want to dispute it, do the numbers yourself.


    2. Dear Ed OConnell,

      The Data Integrity Group is simple to look up. Here is one description:

      “Lynda McLaughlin from the Data Integrity Group, along with data scientists Justin Mealey and Dave Lobue, presented the results before the Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Elections.

      “Mealey worked as an electronic warfare technician in the U.S. Navy for 9 1/2 years and was a former CIA contractor as a data analyst and programmer for the National Counterterrorism Center. He currently works for one of the “big four” accounting firms as a programmer.

      “Lobue is a data scientist with over a decade of experience in a number of industries.

      “What we have here is we actually have fraud that we can prove in this election, there was fraud in Georgia’s election, we can prove it with data,” Mealey said. “The voting will of the people of Georgia is not reflected in what was certified by the Secretary of State.”

      “According to their analysis, which was published online as early as Dec. 24, time-series election data shows Trump’s votes were decrementing in various counties instead of increasing as they do normally.”

      Data Integrity is a profession. This link shows 11 checks for data integrity.

      It should be obvious that the primary question in this election is voter data integrity.

  16. How many US presidents in their last days in office, (or any time in office) with all the storms circling around the White House now, took time to praise a Christian leader who died fighting for religious freedom 850 years ago. See link below:


    Here is verification that Trump really did this.


  17. I certainly commend Donald Trump for his recalling and supporting the actions of Thomas Becket…I was totally unaware of this

  18. Science: Knowledge from the careful study of the structure and behaviour of the physical world.
    Politics: The activities of the government, members of law-making organizations, or people who try to influence the way a country is governed.
    Democracy: The belief in freedom and equality between people, or a system of government based on this belief, in which power is either held by elected representatives or directly by the people themselves.
    I am sorry if this sounds patronising but we need to pay attention to the meaning of these words. If anyone is denying the corruption of science, politics and democracy then they are not opening their eyes.
    There is no insult intended but
    “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Mark Twain is also credited with saying “Climate is what you expect and weather is what you get”
    ‘No borders no nation’, ‘stop having your industries and jobs being stolen by an aggressive power’ and ‘protect the undermining of your energy supply by pseudo-science’. These are the positive attributes of Donald Trump. At the very least he is the better of two evils and at the very most he is the saviour of your nation.

  19. What reaction do pro Trumpers have to his “soldiers “ storming and breaching the U.S Capital building ,while the Congress was in session? I doubt that is consistent with our Constitutionally allowed right to protest .I view this action as an attempt to overthrow the Constitution and the US government and apparently condoned by our “President”.

  20. I wonder if Ed Berry supports the action of Trump inspired and implicitly directed supporters?
    Lots of people are listening!

    1. Dear Ed OConnell,

      The discussion here is about the validity of the election. That is of national importance.

      What I think of what some Trump supporters do with their time is totally irrelevant. Your question is a distraction to this important discussion.

  21. If there was any credible evidence that the election was not legitimate, one would have expected that some of Trump’s highly capable lawyers would have been able to uncover it and present it to the courts in at least some of the 50 or more court cases that Trump brought to establish that there was fraud in the electoral process!

    This was not the case! Unless a majority of these judges, of which many were Republican and/or Trump appointees were negligent in their duty as officers of our courts. This I think is not a reasonable conclusion.
    Bottom line, Trump lost… and the election was legit!

    This is not a distraction, it is a matter of reasonable thinking!

    1. Dear Ed OConnell,

      You are illogical. You make the same mistake that climate alarmists make when they claim (incorrectly) that they have the support of 97% of scientists and, THEREFORE, our CO2 causes dangerous climate change.

      Votes do not determine truth. A majority of morons does not make them correct.

      All those who claim Biden won the election cherry-pick their data and reject the overwhelming data that show Biden’s so-called win was the result of a massive illegal and unacceptable fraud.

  22. Ed
    I totally agree with you…….votes do not determine or constitute the Truth. They are simply the mechanism ,agreed on by a Democracy ,such as the USA, for people (not morons) to make choices of people to serve as executives and legislators to assume the various roles associated with governance.
    There are forms of government that do not use or respect the vote of the people ! I am quite happy that I do not live in one of these countries! Democracy is not close to being perfect but is always open to improvement.

    I would add that I respect all the work you have done in Climate Science.I am confident that you want the best for our planet and occupants.All investigators (scientists) may not agree with you.This does not make them “alarmists”

  23. Dear Dr. Ed, I don’t know or you have heard of the Italian connection to the US election.
    Every mention on Twitter and you tube is removed. Please have a look at the two links to Armstrong blog, where the movies are recorded.
    And here the video of the Italian lawyer.

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