1. ❌ Hi Ed,
    I’m commissioned to reveal the climate scam by a number of our most renown climate researchers. I’ve asked the Swedish IPCC representative to comment the following facts, in a simple, public event:

    1. Basic Science for Climate Scientists (20 min)

    2. My Gift To Climate Alarmists (12 min)

    I also have about 300 lectures by my principals proving the scam.

  2. Following your lead I have $500 invested in Trump’s election. While I and every rational thinking human being in this country know that Trump won and the election was stolen, the election is going to end up in the hands of corrupt liberal judges at the local and state levels……..

  3. I, like you hope that Trump wins.
    Alas, I am of the opinion that science should never be mixed with politics, something that happens more and more these days. Moreover, it’s becoming clear that it’s all about money.
    I wish you the best of luck with your lecture, and I hope your audience will be convinced.

    1. Dear Mojesmu,
      Too bad you were not around to stop the UN IPCC from mixing climate with politics. As it is now, climate is all about politics.
      So, our effort to correct the climate science used by the UN IPCC cannot be separated from politics.

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