1. I agree on this one. I also heard Steve Running give a presentation at RMC in Billings. He KNOWINGLY lies. So not surprised that he wouldn't correct his lies. In fact, I think he is a psychopathic and pathetic liar. He should be banned from giving anymore misinformation/disinformation fraud lectures.

    People like him will start to look even more ridiculous when we start going in a Global Cooling phase, starting this winter.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for continuing to be a beacon of reason and scientific truth in an age where SUPPOSEDLY, the very experts we're led to unquestionably led to believe lie quite often! I'm no expert on global warming, climate change or whatever the heck the new politically correct terminology is these days. I have always been more than a little skeptical when most of the media along with so many 'sellebrities' have almost fanatically told the general public to trust them and leave the IMPORTANT decisions to them. Give me a break. Many of my friends are far more scientifically literate than I and have a habit of also being quite liberal as well. I just want to sincerely thank you once again for clearing away so much of the 'fool's fog' that is breathed in enthusiastically and taken for granted by so many.

  3. At first I thought it strange that no one in the United States has filed a suit against Gore’s movie, “An inconvenient Truth” that I’m aware of like was done in United Kingdom, and the judge’s decision in that case couldn’t have done much for the veracity of the misnamed movie. It is obvious that Gore is making much money off of this hoax that the left seems to have bought into hook line and sinker. In the United States, Gore is given an Academy Award for this totally inaccurate presentation but, what the hell, the Norwegians’ must be as daft as the Americans because he went on to be awarded what use to be a prestigious award along with his minions, the Nobel Peace Prize. 

    I saw where Irena Sendler had recently died. She had helped to save thousands of Jewish children from certain death during the Nazi occupation of Warsaw during WWII, and obviously risked her own life to do so & was beaten severely by the Gestapo but didn't give up any secrets. You wonder what this has to do with anything and it is this, she had been considered for the Nobel Peace Prize along with Al Gore and his cronies when they won said prize. But one must remember that Jimmy Carter won it in 2002 and Yassar Arafat also shared the "prize" in 1994 and now we have Obama wining it. I think that due to the recent past recipients of the prize, the prestige of it has diminished to the point that it about like buying the Sunday Billings Gazette and finding that the comics are still included. In other words the Swedes should take back control of this before it is tarnished further by the Norwegians who seem to have lost touch of what the prize was intended to honor. 

  4. Dr. Ed, so now we know that Steve Running, when it comes to advertising himself (not to mention his lack of credentials as a climate scientist), is a charlatan. It has been obvious to me since that Nobel peace prize was awarded, that Running (with the help of many others, including all the public relations backing available to him via the U of M in Missoula), has been systematically and relentlessly using the Prize for propaganda purposes to indoctrinate young Montanans in schools all over the state.
    I have to believe, with what we have come to know about the politicizing of climate science, and with the devastating exposure of the climate alarmist community's lies and distortions, that Steve Running has known all along that what he promotes was and is propaganda. My take is that he has been intentionally promoting a monstrous and dangerous lie – one that has little to do with Science and everything to do with political/cultural change and a massive shift of power and wealth, world-wide to the International Environmental Left.
    Hey, nice try! In my mind, this scam (and its participants) could qualify as cynical, sinister and possibly even evil. What do you think, Dr Running?

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