1. Interesting article but "it did just get worse."
    Daines shot himself in the foot with his visit to the Washington State Coal Export Port. If he wanted to talk about COAL he should have been doing it in Montana. On top of that, he chose the day when Absentee Ballots were in the mail. Political suicide.

    This is an example of political supporters putting their interests before the candidates. It kills election viability every time.

  2. Dr. Berry,
    While I agree with your general premise, I cannot embrace the whole idea of blindly following candidates and electing them just because they have won the nod from the majority of the electorate in a primary race. The hope of a change the minute they win the seat and become a paragon of sensible voting, is one I cannot fathom. You cannot hold a person accountable if they do not agree with you on basics. I concur that as the winner of a primary they should be able to expect support from the losers in the primary. By the same token, the minority voice still has a valid message and the candidate must pay at least a token heed to it or risk losing the support of those voters. To blindly insist on one hundred per cent agreement between conservatives is akin to expect the herding of cats to be successful. That is a given but to completely reject good conservative reasoning in the name of party peace is just exactly that, the herding of cats. I will not support a candidate that is completely unreasonable to the thinking of a conservative.

  3. Thanks Dr. Berry for your article. This election is extremely important. With Obama still being in office no voter should help him and that means we must vote Republican over Democrat or Libertarian. It is really that simple and watching what is happening in the world right now should make this election an easy one. America is in deep trouble.

  4. Gary: So when Republicans were taking away our civil liberties with things like the Patriot Act, increasing government, government spending and increasing the debt, we were all supposed to vote Republican? I'll vote for good candidates who actually want a smaller government, but I won't blindly support Republicans or Democrats who just want the power to control US.

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