University of Montana removes Professor Running’s claim to 2007 Nobel Prize

by Dr. Ed Berry

97 percent of the people who claim our carbon dioxide emissions cause climate change haven’t a clue as to what they are talking about. They might as well claim the most important medical remedy is to use leaches to suck blood.

Yes, they are that far away from physical reality. They also believe 97 percent of scientists believe in their climate fiction, which is false. See here, here, and here.

Since 2007, the University of Montana and Professor Steve Running have used Running’s claim to a Nobel Prize to implement their green agenda to promote the climate fraud. Here’s my September 2014 article about Running’s Nobel Prize fraud.

Now, after eight long years of climate fraud, the University of Montana has removed Running’s false claim to a Nobel Prize from its website. After eight long years of defrauding Montanans and its students, the University has quietly admitted it was wrong.

They did not remove Running’s false claim willingly. My friend Steve Milloy took them down.

Running never had a Nobel Prize. Even if he did, it would not make him an expert on climate. He is a forest ecologist, not an atmospheric physicist. And a Nobel Peace Prize is not about expertise in any science.

Professor Running lied about his claimed Nobel Prize. How can anyone believe he did not also lie about climate change?

Running neither followed nor taught the scientific method. Instead, he brainwashed students to believe in the climate fraud.

As a result of lies by so-called scientists across America, we have morons in our media who rate presidential candidates on how they “address” climate change. We have morons in our EPA who want to shut down America based upon their false eco-freak religion. We have morons in our population who believe their peer group about climate rather than read articles that show the truth.

“Hey, if I’m a Democrat, I should believe Obama on climate change.” Yeah. Right!

Will they read this simple article about how the Sun, not CO2, causes climate change?

Will they listen to what these world-class physicists, Freeman Dyson, Ivar Giaever, and Murry Salby, say about climate change?

No. They would rather get their education from morons. Morons who got their opinions from other morons.

Myths embedded in human populations become self propagating. Myths destroy our economy and take down America. Do you want America to survive? Do you want to make America better? Then start promoting truth instead of fiction.

The Democrats have plenty of issues to campaign on that they don’t need their climate change fiction. The Tea Party Republicans have plenty of issues to campaign on that they don’t need their false conclusions based on their conspiracy theories.

If we could just remove the fictions from the political extremes, we could all work together to help improve America.


  1. Awesome! Took long enough to return Running's stolen valor! When he came to Billings to give a sermon regarding the First Church of Climate Science, Settled Synod I called up RMC and pointed out that their advertisements were factually incorrect. I mentioned the false claims that Running was making about the Nobel and how poorly it reflected upon their institution to be bringing in a lying liar who is demonstrably lying. They hung up on me. Ha!

  2. Well said Ed!

    My only question is what % of the morons actually know the truth and are therefore LIARS…..

    They're the ones who are the real problem, and are truly evil……

    There will always be plenty of useful idiots……

    They're not to blame for this hoax.


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