1. So much is true; the cost of “CO2 control” in human suffering is humungous because of reducing energy availability and increasing its cost. Food and all services will increase costs. Further, reducing or eliminating oil and gas means eliminating medicines, plastics, batteries that require plastic insulators, and power lines and house wiring that need insulation on wires.
    And worse – scientists of all kind – have not yet tumbled to the fact that CO2 could not create the ice ages nor eliminate them. Has anyone gone on record explaining that natural nuclear reactors can and did all those things in harmony with sun spots.
    My book, “POLAR BEARS IN THE HOT TUB, their future and ours”. explained CO2 but needs a sequel which I am writing.

    Call me if you are interested in staying ahead of the guru’s. 530-446-6661

  2. Unfortunately Björn Lomborg has not understood the fact that CO2 is a very minor greenhouse gas compared to water vapour and therefore the idea of a carbon neutral environment does not help the poor.
    NOTE! It is definetely the Sun and water vapour that together regulates our global climate. There is, however, a crucial drawback in dirty use of fossilfuels causing extreme health related suffering due to smog in urban areas.

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