1. IPCC mandate of human caused warming.
    Just what would you expect from an organization whose mandate is this?
    1. Scope and Approach of the Assessment 1.1. Mandate of the Assessment
    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was established by World Meteorological Organization and United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) in 1988 to assess scientific, technical, and socioeconomic information that is relevant in understanding HUMAN-INDUCED [my emphases] climate change, its potential impacts, and options for mitigation and adaptation.

  2. What would the chart of C-14 have shown if testing had continued into the 90s, Ed?
    and your ‘money’ funding the alarmists was probably the funniest statement ever. Like the energy companies and industry have no money…beaten down by the big bad environmental corporations…ROFL

    1. Hi Stan, to your question, go to my post of today

      If bomb tests had continued, we would simply insert the annual Inflow of C-14 from the tests into Equation (4). Each year, there would be an Inflow from the tests and an Outflow proportional to the Level.

  3. The energy companies have a lot of money, but the “green” movement has plenty. The Standard Oil folks moved billions from fossil fuel portfolios into SRI portfolios on Wall Street. There is an awkward video of Bill McKibben of 350.org admitting that he gets his funding from them. It’s just re-branding. There is probably more money in taxing the air and installing a solar panel on billions of homes than there will ever be in fossil fuels, especially since fracing technology has made it so abundant. My favorite blog other than Dr. Ed’s in the http://www.theartofannihilation.com/. Dr. Ed talks climate science, Ms. Morningstar talks climate money.

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