The United Nations IPCC ASSUMES

human CO2 causes all CO2 increase.

My 2021 publication proves their assumption is wrong

The UN IPCC is in checkmate.

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Democrats soon will control Montana like they do California. – February 8, 2023

When Democrats win Held v Montana they will control Montana’s resources, energy production, and economy, forever.

Democrats will get attorney fees. MCA § 90-4-I00l(c)-(g) and MCA § 75-l-201(2)(a) – the Climate Change Exception to MEPA – will become unconstitutional and unusable. Montana will count its GHG emissions, in and out of state, and stop GHG emissions consistent with “best available science.”

This lawsuit will define “best available science.” AG Knudsen has no counter to the Democrat’s science. He doesn’t know how to win a climate lawsuit. He made unrecoverable defense errors. He will give Montana to the Democrats.

If your need brain surgery, you hire the best brain surgeon, even a Democrat. I am the best climate physicist to help Montana win, but right-wing radical AG Knudsen censored me, a Montana Republican.

I won this lawsuit in 2011 when it was a Petition in Montana’s Supreme Court. They will decide Held v Montana.

The only way to save Montana now is for true Republicans to fund a parallel defense using my Climate Team Six. We will win if someone gives us a chance.

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