They assume our CO2 causes all the CO2 increase

But that assumption violates data and physics

So, climate change is a scam

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The Impact

All climate change claims, laws, and treaties rest on an invalid assumption.

The Assumption

Human CO2 emissions have caused all the CO2 increase since 1750.

The Truth

Natural CO2 has caused most CO2 increase and we cannot control nature.

United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Natural Carbon

IPCC’s natural carbon cycle data is good, but it did not apply its data to its human carbon cycle.

The Fraud

The IPCC assumed its human carbon cycle for political reasons.


IPCC’s human carbon cycle contradicts its natural carbon cycle and physics.

My December 2021 peer-reviewed paper, which applies IPCC’s data to its human carbon cycle, shows why IPCC’s assumption is wrong.

Consequences of this bad assumption


Government mandates bad science, which increases living costs, harms national defense, and divides its citizens.


Education becomes indoctrination, tells people to believe “the scientists,” and obey government orders. Smart people follow true science.


People lose their jobs, their freedom, their minds, and their lives to government promotion and mandates of junk science.


Scientific truth outvotes the scientists who support science fiction.


There is no climate emergency because their assumption is wrong.


Even Bill Gates cannot control nature and his attempt to cool Earth is irrational.