Enter the new climate science

Ed Berry’s analysis is the ONLY breakthrough

in climate science in the last 4 decades.

Richard Courtney, UK climate expert, April 7, 2023

Montana betrays conservatives

Conservatives, your freedom depends on the Held v Montana (HvM) climate trial that begins June 12, 2023.

Our Childrens’ Trust filed HvM and similar climate lawsuits in several states. They just won in Hawaii and Montana is using the same dumb defense as Hawaii.

In 2011, I defeated HvM when it was a petition in Montana’s Supreme Court, but our AG Austin Knudsen has censored and blacklisted me on orders from his Puppet Master because I am not irrationally radical enough for the radical right.

If Montana loses, Montana’s energy policy and MEPA climate change exceptions will become unconstitutional, and Democrats will control Montana’s energy, economy, and education.

HvM will legally define “climate truth” to be climate fiction that will turn kids into climate zombies.

Montana’s Governor and AG have purposefully, deceitfully, and immorally rejected leading edge, peer-reviewed climate science that would define climate truth for Montana’s children and would guarantee Montana wins HvM.

Our Governor is a named defendant of HvM, so he can do his own defense. But, so far, he won’t.