Two 2021 scientific papers overturn climate politics

The Berry paper shows human CO2 has very little effect on the CO2 level.

The W&H paper shows the CO2 level has very little effect on temperature.

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Regarding the Berry paper:

The claimed effect of human CO2 on atmospheric CO2 is based on an invalid assumption

The Impact

All climate change claims, laws, and treaties rest on one invalid assumption.

The Assumption

Human CO2 emissions have caused the CO2 increase above 280 ppm.

The Truth

Natural CO2 emissions have caused the CO2 increase and we cannot control nature.

United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Natural Carbon

IPCC has good natural carbon cycle data, but it did not use these data for its human carbon cycle

The Fraud

The IPCC set its human carbon cycle to support its invalid assumption rather than data.


IPCC’s human carbon contradicts IPCC’s natural carbon cycle and physics.

My December 2021 peer-reviewed paper shows why IPCC’s assumption is wrong.

Consequences of this bad assumption


Government funds bad science rather than good science, compromising national defense. Citizens become divided, some accept government mandates, others not.


Media brainwashes citizens. Education is indoctrination. Some people believe “the scientists” and their assumption are correct. Others follow true science.


Energy costs, taxes increase. Economy loses strength. Climate fraud believers fall for other government frauds, accept mandates. All people lose their freedom.

This assumption is wrong because it contradicts data.

Their scientists are wrong because their assumption is wrong.

Their climate emergency is false because their assumption is wrong.

Greta is wrong because her assumption is wrong.

Climate change science IS settled.

Climate change is a scam.