1. Pastor Chuck Baldwin and Stewart Rhodes are true Patriots and Leaders. Both have 'drawn the line in the sand' by publically declaring that they will refuse to comply with any gun registration or gun confiscation, in particular the liberty-preserving semi-automatic rifle, and restrictions on ammo and magazines.

    Why have the leaders of the Republican Party refused to man-up and do the same? It looks to me like Pastor Baldwin was right. There is not a dime's worth of difference between them and Democrats.

  2. Maybe Pastor Chuck Baldwin and Steward Rhodes intend to be true patriots but intention is not sufficient. You must act in a manner to best accomplish patriot goals in order to be a patriot. By their actions, Baldwin and Rhodes are not patriots. They are closer to progressive socialists.

    Anyone who cannot see the vast difference between Republicans and Democrats is certifiable. Believing you should not vote for the lesser of two evils, or you should vote to teach Republicans a lesson, or you should vote to make a statement, is irrational.

    I wrote an article where I take apart one of Chuck Baldwin's articles sentence by sentence. I show his thinking process is all mixed up. I could do this with everything he writes but I don't have time. People have to figure out his irrationality for themselves.

    They may have good intentions, but Pastor Chuck Baldwin and Steward Rhodes, and all those who followed their irrational directions, sabotaged the freedom movement in America on November 6, 2012. We will live to regret this, I assure you.

    Baldwin and Rhodes preached that Romney, Hill, Rehberg, etc, were unworthy. They threw a grenade under our freedom tent and blew up the freedom march in America. If they did a similar act against George Washington's army they would have been shot.

    Now, they talk tough regarding Obama's regulations. But the did not act wisely when action was necessary to replace Obama with Romney, and elect Republicans. If you do not act wisely you do not deserve to be a leader.

    Baldwin and Rhodes are running the football in the wrong direction. George Soros and the NWO people as well as Satan are celebrating their success with having people like Baldwin and Rhodes help them turn you into a slave.

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