Let’s not forget who gave us Senator Tester

by Dr. Ed Berry

Montana’s Senator Tester helped bring Obamacare to America. Now Senator Tester is a key proponent of Obama’s Iran deal. Today, the Montana GOP requested donations to help them hold Tester accountable for his misdeeds.

Jeff Essmann, Montana GOP Chairman wrote:

The U.S. Senate could vote later today to allow debate on President Obama’s Iran Deal. You need to know that this deal jeopardizes our national security and that Senator Tester’s support for this deal shows how eager he is to appease President Obama and the Democrat Party instead of fighting for the safety and security of our country.

We urgently need you to support our efforts today with a donation of $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can afford so we can hold Tester accountable for supporting Obama’s disastrous and failed foreign policy ahead of our national security.

Even Chuck Schumer, the extreme liberal senator from New York, showed more of a backbone in standing up to Obama when he announced his opposition to the Iran Deal and warned “we will be worse off with this agreement than without it.”

I concur with Chairman Essmann about Montana’s Senator Tester. But I add …

We must also hold accountable the radical Republicans who voted Libertarian …

… or went fishing in the 2012 elections, so they could protest against Tester’s Republican opponent. Former Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg was “not good enough” for these radicals. So they voted to help elect Tester.

My article “Suicide Politics does not work” and its links document the actions of these conservative traitors:

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes told his followers to “burn” Montana Republicans Denny Rehberg, candidate for US Senate, and former Congressman Rick Hill, candidate for governor. Rhodes got his wish.

In a state where Mitt Romney got 55% of the votes, showing Montana is indeed dominantly Republican, Republican Denny Rehberg lost to Democrat Jon Tester by 3.7% for the US Senate, while Libertarian Dan Cox pulled 6.5%

Today, these radicals think they are the only true Republicans. They are Montana’s Very Conservative Evangelicals and tea party voters. They are only 20 percent of Montana’s Republican Party. But they elected 80 percent of Montana’s House.

They claim to be “freedom fighters.” They believe they are “patriots.” They are delusional.

Now, they think they are the tail that can wag the dog. They want to remove moderate Republicans from Montana’s Republican Party.

Dan Happel almost became chairman of Montana’s Republican Party because the tea party controls almost half of Montana’s Republican central committees.

My article “Dan Happel joins radicals who help elect Democrats” documents Happel’s plan. I show how Happel would have destroyed Montana’s Republican Party.

These tea party radicals opposed and almost defeated the very important CSKT Water Compact. There were barely enough sensible Republicans who voted for the Compact. Had just one more radical been elected to the House, Montana would have suffered severe economic damage incurred by the loss of the Compact.

The radicals’ outward attempt to remove sensible Republicans from the party will backfire. Their irrational attempt to block the Compact will backfire. Their actions will be a wake-up call to all other Republicans to take back their party.

In closing, let’s remember who gave us Senator Tester.

The time has come for good Republicans to run against the irrational right-wing radicals. The time has come for rational Republicans to engage the radicals and drive them from the Montana Republican Party.

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