1. For 20 years I have networked with hundreds of property owners in the NW and Rocky Mountain states including back east and in Canada. I have researched “man caused” global warming, “critical area ordinances”, “endangered species”, “alternative energy” , the so called “federal reserve, and many more of these political lies are documented on my site.

    Everything has devolved into a lie to keep the global green machine in control because they have long found they cannot use the truth. Even our elections have become a lie because of the vote calculating machines funded and made in China. America is a Republic created by God bestowing His Spirit upon free individuals not slaves.

    I just signed up to you newsletter Ed and have met you. The truth shall prevail if enough of us wake up and rattle the virtual cages of lies the Media, the globalist , the global to local banking system, and much of our own government has placed us in.

  2. Ed. At its most fundamental basics Climate Science is the study of how variations in Thermal Radiant Opacity affects the temperature profile of the Earth’s atmosphere. The standard Climate Science paradigm assumes that the atmospheric energy budget is controlled by Radiative Physics alone. This focus on radiation energy transfer ignores the critical role that the Meteorological process of mass-motion adiabatic convection has in generating energy delivery to the planetary surface, and crucially has miss-identified this mass-motion process as “back radiation”.

    The argument that all sky back radiation can be measured and therefore must be delivering heat to the surface is akin to saying that it is hydro-static pressure alone that generates water mass motion within the body of a lake; whereas it is lateral hydrodynamic pressure variations that cause water body motion. So, by analogy that although the thermostatic process of back radiation is a measurable effect this does not generate surface heating; rather it is the physical thermodynamic process of lateral mass-motion adiabatic convection that generates the surface heating effect.

    For a discussion of this distinction between radiation and mass-motion physical effects see our paper The Application of the Dynamic Atmosphere Energy Transport Climate Model (DAET) to Earth’s Semi-Opaque Troposphere that we published here on Research Gate:

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