1. Please add my name at the top of the list for your Amicus Brief!
    Representative Steve Gunderson.- Chair House Natural Resources and Chair Environmental Quality Council

  2. Hi Ed, I would be happy and honored to add my name to your brief. Thank you for the opportunity.
    Senator Dan Salomon

  3. Ed, Please add my name as a supporter of your amicus brief. Have you read the book Inconvenient Facts by Gregory Wrightstone? Let me know via my state email address. Thanks.
    Sen. Tom McGillvray

  4. Representative Gary W. Parry for House District 39 and a candidate fir the new District 35 w
    ishes to be included in your Amicus Brief. Thank you for leading the charge and allowing us to be a part.

  5. Add my name at the top of the list for your Amicus Brief! Climate Change has been a hoax since Al Gore started this propaganda back in the seventies. Nothing they have predicted has come true and yet they continue to steal tax payers money to push their false narrative.

  6. I would like to support your work and amicus brief, and defeat the flawed and failed religion of climate change.
    Who really believes that the earth will be destroyed by cow farts? Really?!
    Please sign my name.
    I’m currently at a conference in TX and was just told moments ago about the 250 citizens who froze to death because of the unreliable renewable energy that failed to provide enough energy to keep people from death.
    You can’t make “renewable” energy without coal.

  7. Just an old surveyor that has looked into this global warming for many years. It clearly is not what the IPCC pushes and the policies formulated to “fix” it are disastrous.

  8. Please add my name to the list of the supporters of the amicus brief
    Sidney Oldberg
    Engineer/Scientist/Public Policy Researcher
    Referee for the manuscript of United Nations IPCC Climate Assessment Report 6 (The UN IPCC published this manuscript over my objections)
    Los Altos Hills, CA 94022

  9. I am:
    — previously a candidate for U.S. House, from Oregon
    — trained in Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science (Dartmouth ’74)
    — signatory to the Oregon Petition
    — political activist against false climate science

    If my appeal for rational science is helpful, please sign me up.

    Tom Harrison; Oregon City, Oregon

  10. Ed, sign me up. HvM was a travesty.
    I am a former petroleum industry engineer with B.Sc. Chem, B.Sc
    I am a strong CO2 warming sceptic. I am also certain the data is woefully incomplete, the models are wrong, and the IPCC is running a political game. The science is by no means settled.
    John MacDonald, Fresno, California

  11. Please add my name to the list in favor or overturning Held v Montana. I don’t want WEF WHO or any other group of Non-Montana folk deciding our policies.

  12. Please add my name to the Brief. Pennsylvania resident.
    Retired industrial salesman. Having grandchildren, I know the WEF and Freemasons in the Vatican must be defeated.
    Only have a BS. in Biology, but lifetime of aquired common sense.
    May God bless the U.S.A.
    John F Marchlik

  13. I live in Florida and I have researched the topic of the purported “Man-Made Global Warming due to CO2” for about the last 20 years now and discovered that it is simply a preposterous Progressive and Globalist Political Myth!

    I Fully Support this Amicus Brief — Since there is irrefutable scientific evidence that the Man-Made Climate Change is definitely a fabricated hoax without valid supporting science and there is No 97% Consensus since tens-of-thousands of scientists and qualified experts have certified that the Anthropocentric Global Warming (AGW) hypothesis has been proven false as are the Global Warming Alarmists (GWA) claims:
    • 1,600 International Coalition of Scientists & Experts in this 2023 Declaration
    • 11,000 Scientists and Experts in a previous recent Declaration
    • 31,478 American Scientists and Experts in the 2015 Global Warming Petition Project (i.e., the Oregon Petition)
    • And so many more Scientists, Engineers, Experts – Many of whom are prevented from decrying this disgraceful Climate Hoax and Fraud due to the Government intimidation and pressure on institutions & companies that are required to threaten professors, scientists and experts with job termination, harassment, “Black Listing” to ruin otherwise honest and competent individual’s careers, etc.
    • Ours and other Governments control most of the Grant Money that Colleges and Professors need to do their required research – Those grants applications that support and promote the Global Warming Hoax get funded and those that oppose or consider Natural Climate – Don’t Get Funded.
    • This has caused many professors, scientists, etc. that have no actual knowledge or involvement with Climate Science to link their own grant applications to the phony “Man-Made/CO2 Climate Change” Hoax find that they can often get their applications approved, no matter how irrelevant or foolish!

    Proven Fact: Our Climate is “Insensitive” to Carbon Dioxide since there has NEVER been any Correlation nor Causation of significant Warming by CO2 now or over the last 570 million years!
    * CO2 does not increase atmospheric & Climate Temperatures, Atmospheric CO2 does not cause global warming & Global warming does not cause bad stuff to happen.
    * CO2 is a Trace Gas at only 0.04% of the Atmosphere and a Trace Greenhouse Gas at only 4% of All Greenhouse Gases while All Greenhouse Gases comprise about 1% of our atmosphere the most important Greenhouse Gas is Water Vapor (H2O) which enables Clouds and is 95% of our Atmosphere.
    * Water Vapor has the same Infrared Warming capability as a Greenhouse Gas as CO2, but its impact on our atmospheric climate temperatures is the most-significant at 65% to 85%.
    * Finally, our Greenhouse Gas Effect is BALANCED since their Warming is LIMITED since their IR-Frequency Radiation & Warming on a molecule to molecule bases SATURATE and STOP ALL Further Warming! Preventing a Run-Away Global Effect & Crisis as has been falsely claimed!

  14. I am a licensed civil/environmental engineer residing in Whitefish, MT and have followed the climate issue for going on 20 years. I found the book by Lawrence Solomon “The Deniers” 2008 a very interesting wake up call for me. Climate science has now become political science and “the science is settled and there is consensus” has been used to twist the science inside out & upside down to create chaos in our energy sector. I support your Amicus Brief. Thank you for your efforts.

  15. You are dealing with national issues. Why are you wasting your time with the State of Montana?

    James H. Shanley
    Retired PE

    1. Hi James,
      Held v Montana is the first of a series of climate lawsuits that will be held in many states. HvM will set the precedent for all the other lawsuits. To save America, we must overturn Held v Montana.

  16. Please add my name to your Amicus Brief.
    I have followed the climate change issue since its inception and concluded that it quickly transitioned from poor science to junk science to intentional sophistry and activist fraud enacted for the purpose of molding public opinion.
    It has been a great disappointment to see scientists in government and respected institutions try to establish an obviously non-existent connection between atmospheric CO2 concentrations and global temperature based on the sophomoric comparison of trends where no causal relationship has been established and abundant information shows there is no causal relationship.
    I could show that bank robberies are caused by carrots since most bank robbers eat carrots based on the “logic” and sophistry of the anthropogenic climate change crowd.
    Basing decisions about Montana’s economic future or that of the USA on climate change theory is a crime and is being used solely to put Marxists in control of this country.

  17. Please add my name to your Amicus Brief.
    This is an issue whether city, state, or national that true science wins out over political science (science for profit/power).

  18. This climate change hoax is an excuse for shutting down dairy farms in Holland, cattle ranches worldwide chicken farms, all for the excuse of forcing people to eat their man-made fake meat, and bugs.Already chicken processing plants and food processing processing. Plants have been burned down all across USA..

  19. I have written my own paper, “10 points that refute AGW.” I don’t know anything about Held v Montana, but if it’s based on the AGW thesis, it’s wrong.

  20. Please add my name to your Amicus Brief.
    I have a PhD in chemistry from UC Berkeley, have followed the climate debate for several years and fully agree with your position.

  21. My high school sophomore biology class taught me about photosynthesis (which I can still spell) and convinced me CO2 is as necessary for plant life as oxygen is for human life. Apparently radical leftists did not take any basic biology classes. Later a required college biology class reintroduced me to (once again) photosynthesis. I can’t understand what’s so hard about understanding that process or appreciating the life giving oxygen I breathe. The planet greens up when we have adequate CO2.

    Preaching to choir I’m sure, but when global warming did not work out as a real threat to human life, the Left used the usual strategy of trying to change the language to fit a narrative that was flawed from its inception. The only logical explanation is a horrid desire of the Left to control through fear.

  22. Hi Ed.
    My name is Peter Turner-I am a graduate in Physical Chemistry from Uni of NSW in Sydney Australia. I have followed your published science, which I totally support, for years but until now without letting you know.

    When I retired 25 yrs ago I had formed the opinion that AGW was BS because all sorts of predictions were being made. My view was climate was chaotic and so predictions were invalid.

    I had a blazing row with a friend, a koala biologist, who gave me a booklet from The Australian Academy of Science – of which he was Council member.

    The example in the booklet to my chaos comment was that of a river flowing. No recognition that the banks were artefacts and so the example inappropriate.

    My search for information in the form of scientific papers that were refereed to a Popper standard, in my opinion, has resulted in a pile of nearly 500 – from Postma, Plimer, Claes Johnson, Ball, Siddons, Hertzberg, Schreuder, O’Sullivan, Laframbroise, Soon, Zharkova, Ollila, Curry, Harper, Feynman, Salby, Chillingar, Gerlich, Lewis, Miskolczi, Clauser, etc; etc.

    Keep up the good work! I am doing the same at this end, but our scientists and Institutions are captured and our politicians scared to engage. Now we have this Hamas disgrace!!! Keep well.

    I was in Wyoming about 2015 seeking the source of the Missouri (Lewis and Clark). The scenery was beautiful!

  23. I agree with the position that Cataclysmic Climate Change is a deceptive lie and a fraud being used to allow elites to impose their control on the people of the world as they prosper and enjoy a rich life. I support the Amicus Brief and you can add my name to the list of supporters: Dr.Marc L Sabin, ScD.

    Here is the text of my latest circuited message dealing with the issue. The final part of my message dealing with the propagandizing of students is germane to the Held v Montana case and the students who blindly followed the lead of the nefarious originators of the suit.

    “John Coleman (Meteorologist) clearly explains the fraud that is the leftist mantra on climate change in the attached video. For those who would like to demur on Colemans comments, I suggest you read some books by authors such as the three listed below. These authors possess credentials and scientific integrity that far surpass those of ideological ignoramuses on the subject such as Biden, Kerry, Granholm and Gore, let alone Thunberg.

    1. Guy K. Mitchell, Jr: Global Warming:The Great Deception,
    2. Steven E. Koonin: Unsettled? What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters
    3.Gregory Wrightstone: Inconvenient Facts, The Science that Al Gore doesn’t want you to know.

    Also, take a look at the many books and publications by other authors who thoroughly destroy the myth behind the Cataclysmic Climate Change fraud that is the basis for the Green New Deal and the UNIPCC proclamations. Among them are Marc Morano and Bjorn Lomborg.

    Cataclysmic Climate Change scare tactics are used to justify spending enormous sums of money on wasteful efforts such as the Green New Deal. At the same time, they attack and undermine, or simply ignore, existing cost effective and efficient technologies (e.g.carbon-based or nuclear). Carbon-based energy sources are needed to maintain and continue to grow the high standard of living in the developed world and to provide the cost effective energy necessary to grow the economies of less developed countries.

    In addition, much of the money spent is actually payoff in the form of crony capitalism. Recall Solyndra and the $535 million in taxpayer loan guarantees, courtesy of Obama, most of which went up in smoke when they filed for bankruptcy.The Green New Deal was heavily funded by Biden’s grossly misnamed Inflation Reduction Act. One prescient comment on the measure is as follows:
    “Reporting about the Inflation Reduction Act often includes the number $391 billion, which is based on the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the spending from the law’s programs related to climate and clean energy.

    The number, which covers spending from 2022 to 2031, is a good shorthand for conveying that this is the largest climate clean energy law in the country’s history.

    But it’s just an estimate, and a fuzzy one at that.

    The main reason that we have only a vague idea of the actual spending is that the law’s major tax incentives have no caps. That means if developers, states, cities and tribal governments build enough projects that qualify, the credits could be much more than what the CBO expects.” [MLS: updates have greatly increased the level of funding expected to be needed (Ref:https://insideclimatenews.org/news/20042023/inside-clean-enery-inflation-reduction-act-spending%5D

    Perhaps even more egregious than the waste of money is the use of the scare tactics based on the false premises and conclusions of the Cataclysmic Climate Change advocates that are also used by faculty in classrooms around the country (and around the world) to propagandize and scare students as part of their recruiting efforts to turn them into compliant activists. In one study: “The prevailing response could be summed up in two words: incredibly worried. And the respondents say governments aren’t doing enough to combat climate change.” (Ref https://www.npr.org/2021/09/14/1037023551/climate-change-children-young-adults-anxious-worried-study). Reports are surfacing about what appears to me to be a paranoia in youth based on the widespread perpetration of this fraud.”

  24. Thank you for your work. Mans alleged existential threat to our God-given home is the most dangerous deception of our age. Our children need truth, and you’ve shown it .

  25. Retired Energy Engineer, San Diego, CA

    No one has ever shown there could possibly be a radiative greenhouse effect in the atmosphere or even in a greenhouse.

  26. Please add my name to your Amicus Brief.
    Representative Russ Miner, member of House Natural Resources Committee.

  27. Dr. Berry,
    Thousands of years of data demonstrate that CO2 follows temperature with both short and long, time- scales. Now, magically, nature has changed. Please add my name to your Amicus Brief.

  28. I hold a PhD in physics, and I would like you to please add my name to the amicus brief. I have been researching climate change for the past 20 years from a scientific point of view and not as a consensus. As has already been stated, consensus is not science. This issue is more than winning a debate, it is about the education of our children about the scientific method.

  29. As an experienced, but retired chemical engineer, a relatively complex mass and energy balance can be performed on the earth as a system. Please see the work done by NASA engineers at https://www.therightclimatestuff.com/ for their contribution to this approach. The analysis clearly shows the AGW is a hoax and in my opinion, one of the most egregious the world has seen. In addition, my suspicion is the correlation of temperature and CO2 concentrations is exactly the opposite of what has been presented. Changes in temperature cause changes in CO2 in the atmosphere, which would follow known science, not the hocus-pocus the climate change crowd proposes. Please add my name to the amicus brief.

  30. Please sign me up to the amicus brief. I am a scientist in the UK and I have studied the climate change scare – it is a fraud. I worked with all these so-called greenhouse gases when doing my PhD and they do not have any special properties. Ed – please keep up the good work! Thank you.

    1. Hi Lark,
      Thank you very much for your suggestion. The Montana Committee to Protect the Constitution is now the first non-profit organization to be a party to our Amicus Brief.

  31. I support your brief. Please add my name to your list. Larry Woolston, Powder River County supermarket owner and county Republican state committeeman.

  32. I am from Australia . and have been against all this ‘ Climate change ‘ smoke-speak for years.
    Where I live , we have not had proper RAIN for the whole year !! so we are ripe for burning !!
    You can imagine how many FOOD crops are being lost – and if it is not by drought, then they go on to FLOODING using the Monsoon fronts with HAARP formulas to wipe out everything on farms, towns, villages…….
    Blowing GALES crash down power lines and take rooves off houses….. and of course being a farming country, all the stock gets lost , or the grass they eat, is uneatable after the event !!!!
    GOD has given us all the means of affordable Energy… in bucket loads… but that is being prevented by Government Parties…. and GIANT Poles with three prongs are being used [ they say ] to make WIND power.
    This too is a heap of lies…. for they need to TAKE power from the grid to turn the massive prongs…. every now and then !!!!!! as they have a turbo in them at the apex….and they are spreading them across any FARMLAND they wish… so the battle is on with the farmers… which does not make for peace in our land…….ALL our British countries are being attacked… but our CO2 is still feeding all our TREES…. who are giving out the wonderful OXYGEN we and our animal friends require. I wonder if ANY of these TRUTHS are being taught to our children in their schools..? bara

  33. Dr. Berry,
    Thank you for your leadership and critical thinking on this issue. I am with you in support of this Amicus Brief.
    Dr Albert D. Olszewski MD
    Orthopedic Surgeon
    Former State Senator, District 6
    Former State Representative, District 11

  34. Tanner Smith, Montana State Representative, adds his name to the list of parties who support our Amicus Brief.

    Tanner is also a candidate for governor.

  35. Please add my name to this brief. This is nothing but another power grab and it must be stopped.
    Gerald J. Cuvillier
    P. O. Box 1421
    Trout Creek, Montana

  36. I have only a BS in Physics , but a life-long intererest in geology and the affects of past climate on Earth’s surface. I have been severely skeptical of the whole AGW scare since its inception. Please add my name to your brief.

  37. Thanks for the opportunity to support this brief calling out this fraudulent power grab attempt. Please add my name.

  38. Hi Ed (for a second time!!):
    Here are a couple more reasons AGW is utter tripe!
    1. CO2 is not uniform in the atmosphere: a: because of convection and b: CO2 is 1.5 times as dense as the other atmospheric gases. Therefore it is not found 100kms up in the troposphere, as IPCC claim, but in the first 100ft above sea level as you would expect it to be if the ocean was a sink; dissolving when the ocean is COLD and evaporating when the ocean WARMS
    . The IPCC couldn’t accept this and prepared bogus graphs showing a warming troposphere but unfortunately they could never measure it, even when NASA satellites showed it didn’t exist. However, not to spoil a “good”story……..
    2. CO2 is a triatomic molecule and therefore has three degrees of freedom. When struck by IR radiation, bond energy within the molecule increases causing the oxygen-carbon bonds to shuffle backwards and forwards. The first two degrees of freedom use little kinetic energy, the remainder allowing the potential energy at rest in the energy trough to be converted to kinetic energy. The extra energy excites the oxygen-carbon bonds third degree of freedom to flap like a bird causing a “dipole flip” at which point a low energy photon is emitted in a 360degree
    direction. The energy left, which IPCC say is the cause of global,” wouldn’t take the spin off a rice pudding!” I would suggest this badly damages the”greenhouse gas hypothesis”!
    3. The IPCC was established to highlight the science behind AGW which became Global Warming. Its purpose
    was to identify the science supporting the “thesis”. They soon realised that so many branches of science were involved that they invented the term “Earth Scientist”. This means the IPCC knows NO Physics or Geology.
    The IPCC is an utterly bogus organisation for the following reasons: A) They were set up to confirm a thesis. B) They are not a scientific body. “I” stands for Intergovernmental. The Committee of UN bureaucrats and environmentalists gather prior to the preparation of an AR Report and agree what the findings of the Report will be. The scientific papers reviewed only support AGW and are “refereed”. This process has been corrupted because the Scientific Journals (including “The Economist”and others) have been captured by the UN/Club of Rome. True scientists can’t get published, lose their research funds then their jobs. The science then identified goes through three review panels. The first is made up of “scientists” made up of volunteers-quite a few are NOT scientists!! The second is made up equally of volunteers of scientists/UN officials and member Gov’t officials/environmental organisations. The third review is carried out by volunteers, in camera, made up of UN/member Gov’t officials/environmental organisations. IT ALL MAKES FOR GREAT SCIENCE. This is where the “I” in IPCC comes from. Still believe in AGW? ALL the above is extracted from the IPCC’s own literature.
    Finally, good luck with your Amicus Brief. If you need any more info, let me know.

  39. Totally on board, Dr. Ed. Please sign my name. Thank you for spearheading this effort. I was terribly disappointed that this issue even hit the courts. I wish these students would have invested their talents in ways that bettered society instead of focusing on removing a gas that is so beneficial to life. My jaw dropped when I saw this decision. I just hope your effort can help me close it.

  40. Ed your link “peer-reviewed paper” doesn’t bring up anything. I want to read/share it. Me thinks everyone should.
    You’re a good man in a time where men don’t act like men anymore that is a desperately needed trait these days. Courage seems to have lost and defeated souls abound. So whenever one exhibits the correct means of doing something (anything) even if just to speak out… we should promote that and reinforce him or her.
    I did when Dr. Judy Mikovitz and other Epidemiologists were censored, silenced and banned for speaking truth that no one should’ve worn masks.
    So it’s within this caliber of importance you deserve respect for your efforts.

  41. I support the scientific fact that there is no unadjusted data that indicates there is any unambiguous evidence that CO2 does or ever has driven global climate.
    Sign me up.
    Marvin J. Wagner

  42. Glad to join support for your amicus brief, but as a UK citizen, nothing to do with Montana in any respect, but in full appreciation of your scientific expertise to strike a blow for scientific sanity.

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