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  1. Hi Ed,
    Just wanted to share this abrasive comment from Dr. Strong a character I’ve dealt with for a few years. The comment was on a post from CDN if you want the post “The 1970s Cooling Scare Was Real”.

    I don’t actually know who this Dr. Strong is, his YouTube site ha shim as “drkstrong”. He claims a lot for a guy who will not reveal who he actually is.

    “Have you ever met and talked to Bill Gray? I have. He is a complete lunatic by the mid 2000s when I was studying climate for my company.

    I was at a climate conference where Gray was supposed to give a 15-minute talk on hurricane forecasting (his specialty). He launched into a diatribe about Al Gore (who he seems to particularly hate). He overran his time. The chair of the session told him his time was up. He ignored him and went on and on. The chair then tried to get him off stage so the next speaker could give their talk. He refused to stop. The chair then called a lunch break saying the session would resume after lunch. We all drifted away while Gray kept on haranguing the audience for leaving before he had finished. To that point Gray had not used the word “hurricane”. He had the temerity after lunch to say he wanted to give his talk. He was refused the microphone. The audience cheered.

    A couple of years later at an AMS meeting, one of the best-known anti AGW scientists, John Christy, said to me after we had both endured a 45-minute-long rant by Gray about global warming, democrats, Gore, Obama and a lot of other things that were totally non sequitur, “Bill has lost it, he needs to retire. I think he has got some sort of dementia”. I agree with Christy on very few issues, but on that one we were in complete agreement.”

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