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  1. I watched this with amazement as to how dishonest and crooked some of the medical professions are, not only the US & Canada are; but all over the world, it seems. I will watch it again because what Dr Peter McCullough is saying seems to be too horrible to be true. It is amazing just how much knowledge that Dr Peter McCullough has and how he is able to explain this in such understandable terms. He does a great job of making one understand the ‘why’ of Biden’s vaccine mandates that are illegal and harmful to countless thousands of people and the vaccinations should never be given to children, that is for sure. Someone, starting with Tony Fauci, needs to be brought up on charges and tried for deceiving the public and then presented with a long time to analyze what the inside of a prison cell looks like.

    Rumble — Episode Description
    Dr. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, is a board-certified cardiologist who has testified before committees of the US and Texas Senate regarding the treatment of COVID-19 and management of the ongoing pandemic.
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