1. Mr. Bradley displays, like so many with irrational belief, show a lack of logical thinking, or ability to do elementary science experiments to verify his beliefs. Science is not about any number 'scientists' agreeing about a hypothesis but improving our understanding of nature through measured verifiable observation.

    Bradley says "The basic science is not very complicated: CO2 traps heat. CO2 has risen dramatically. Those basic facts will convince anyone that human fossil fuel burning causes the earth to warm."

    So why does not Mr. Bradley test this hypothesis, as I have done, by replicating Professor Woods' experiment and prove his hypothesis is in error.

    Professor Wood proved back at the beginning of the last century that "CO2 traps heat" is wrong, by an experiment that has been successfully repeated many times (see http://www.biocab.org/Wood_Experiment_Repeated.ht… ).

    I have done similar and to my satisfaction I have proved that CO2 is irrelevant at 'holding heat'. I would strongly advise other to do this experiment for themselves as it is not difficult or expensive to replicate — it's just time-consuming and tedious.

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