1. Why would anyone think, or believe that the earth’s climate is a steady state. There are a myriad of variables which affect the climate, some which we most likely are not even aware of. The tub argument relies upon a steady state which is impossible to prove but is disproven by millions of years of climate history.

  2. The majority of Western World politicians refuse to do their own homework and rely on “the experts” for advice.

    If you don’t do all of your own research you will finish up with a half baked solution.

    Look at the climate average temperature of the last 5,000 years and you will see a steady gradual cooling.

    Official government and many well respected authoured books support this and do not support those who

    agreed with the Paris Accord, mostly unread political heavy weights.

  3. Dr Berry has a sound argument, It’s wrong in Logic reversing the cause with it’s effect, CO2 rises after heating, so it may not be the cause. Tree rings show this historically. The glasses of tap water, keep one cold, and warm the other will release CO2 as bubbles inside the glass, the cold one has no bubbles. Heat ejects CO2, it may not also be the cause.

    Radiative principles of resonance apply, the rare infra red photon at higher energy resonates with CO2 on being absorbed, losing a little energy on the conversion and re-admittance as a photon. This now has a longer wavelength and no longer resonates. A once only event. The Pen University experiment confirms this point there was no detectable heating above 350ppm.
    ref Prof William Happer for the mechanism.

  4. There are so many good ‘take-home’ meanings in this article.
    Rightly in my opinion the author goes beyond the science.
    Science is being trampled on. This is not a political or prejudiced statement. The evidence is there before everyone’s eyes. Contradictions, false predictions, censorship, vested interests and abuse of those who question, where questioning is the one of the very tenets of true science.
    My experience, with clear evidence, is that mature and experienced teachers and GPs (NHS) are leaving or have already left the medical and educational professions as soon as they can, and in their droves. What does that tell one? Do they see the corruption but are frightened to speak out?
    In trying to understand what is going on there are two conclusions that are standing for me.
    The first is that many do not believe that there are others that mean to do them harm. It seems that people just cannot or will not accept this basic reality. This is not about a difference in political persuasion or religious belief. There is about an almost tangible force of evil damaging our societies our children, our very existence and our environment, now and right before our eyes. There will be no ‘winners’, wealth and status will mean nothing.
    The second is the inability of many to question their beliefs their conditioning and what has been presented to them as truth. This is not a persuasion to adopt a particular perspective but just a call for people to question to do the research and to challenge the blindly accepted, not an imposition of belief, but just a request to ‘wake up’ or ‘open eyes’ to what is happening everywhere.
    Thank you for your brilliant article.

  5. Rational analysis concludes that climate is INsensitive to recent observed increases in atmospheric CO2. The false assumption of high climate sensitivities to CO2 is essential to the IPCC’s bogus modelling of catastrophic human-made global warming (CAGW), a decades-old fraud that is clearly NOT happening, and the false and disastrous demonization of fossil fuels.

    This paper by Ed Berry is the leading edge of the science. Unlike the IPCC’s models, it is consistent with the observation that CO2 changes lag temperature changes (Kuo 1990, MacRae 2008, Humlum 2013). Ed concludes that the majority of the observed increase in atmospheric CO2 is in fact natural, not human-made – another argument against the IPCC’s blatant climate fraud.

    The smartest people I know believe that Ed Berry is essentially correct. I am confident that “The future cannot cause the past” (MacRae, 2008).

    The impact of human CO2 on atmospheric CO2 – SCC (klimarealistene.com)
    Dr Edwin X Berry, December 14, 2021
    A basic assumption of climate change made by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is natural CO2 stayed constant after 1750 and human CO2 dominated the CO2 increase. IPCC’s basic assumption requires human CO2 to stay in the atmosphere longer than natural CO2. But human CO2 and natural CO2 molecules are identical. So, human CO2 and natural CO2 must flow out of the atmosphere at the same rate, or e-time. The 14CO2 e-time, derived from δ14C data, is 10.0 years, making the 12CO2 e-time less than 10 years. The IPCC says the 12CO2 e-time is about 4 years and IPCC’s carbon cycle uses 3.5 years. A new physics carbon cycle model replicates IPCC’s natural carbon cycle. Then, using IPCC’s natural carbon cycle data, it calculates human carbon has added only 33 [24-48] ppmv to the atmosphere as of 2020, which means natural carbon has added 100 ppmv. The physics model calculates if human CO2 emissions had stopped at the end of 2020, the human CO2 level of 33 ppmv would fall to 10 ppmv in 2100. After the bomb tests, δ14C returned to its original balance level of zero even as 12CO2 increased, which suggests a natural source dominates the 12CO2 increase.

  6. “A consensus of opinions aligned with the preferred narrative. No debate or challenge is permitted and no research is allowed that might uncover uncomfortable or inconvenient facts. Research results which go against the preferred narrative will be suppressed and the perpetrator vilified, ridiculed, and punished.”

  7. Dr. Berry, several of us who follow your postings here also comment at sites like CFACT.org and love to post links to your articles there to drive the CAGW alarmists crazy. I challenge them to come here and debate you, but I doubt they have the self assurance in their junk pseudoscience to challenge you with it. Together we are winning.

  8. Here’s the Key,

    Sue Al Gore for lying to the public and kids for personal gain. Drive the topic out to the people once and for all. Thank you for all that you are doing.

    All the best,


  9. I know there are good honest scientists, but no one is listening to them. William Happer, a former Jason wrote a paper proving CO2 does not cause global warming. It is available on line but again, no one is listening. I think you need the help that only a professional engineer can provide and I propose to provide that help.

    I have had 50+ experience in the field of environmental health and safety, and 25 years as a licensed PE. I worked for a State environmental protection department which covered all areas of practice. When they needed an employee trained in radiation protection they sent me to Oak Ridge for the 10 wk course in health physics. I think I would qualify to provide expert testimony in court. Are you interested?

  10. Well done, Ed! I agree with the entire premise of this article. The climate change scam is a huge part of the global reset the global elite wants to collapse the economy with and regulate our lives completely under their directive.

    This must be stopped, but for starters, we must fix the broken election system first or these very same lawless socialists and Marxists in Biden’s illegitimate regime will attempt another stolen election in the upcoming midterms this November.

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