Climate Freedom would change the world. No more insane, antiscientific claims that our CO2 emissions are dangerous. Finally, a realization that the Earth needs more CO2 in the atmosphere to grow plants and food.

Finally, we would get government out of the climate and energy business and let energy businesses compete on a level playing field.

No more energy taxes or incentives to lower CO2 emissions.

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Republicans must support a revolution for climate truth.

The science exists to take down the Democrats on climate. But Republicans cannot do it by themselves. So, here is my plan. In the next few weeks, I will create video presentations on how to prove IPCC’s three theories are wrong. I will ask my Climate Team 6 to be on my Zoom videos.

I will write articles for publication in popular magazines and speak on climate truth.

But I will need your help in marketing.

I will do my best to get the snowball rolling but I will need your help to grow the snowball big enough fast enough to help Republicans win their elections on November 8.

My book, Climate Miracle, is already on Amazon and it will help Republicans win elections.

If Republicans accept this challenge, they will win in November and change the world.

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