1. When I was trying to understand it I wanted to ask how the Revelle effect could differentiate CO2 released by a man caused forest fire from that of a lightening caused fire. The quandary implicit in that question speaks to the inappropriateness of their being some natural ability to treat them differently.

    Thanks Dr.Ed. Have you heard any more from Harde on his response to Kohler? It seems something should have shown up by now.

  2. Greetings-

    I read your comments with interest. You have not let me down yet.

    It is my understanding that 95% of the CO2 in the air that we breathe is from natural causes like decay. meaning that less that 5% of the CO2 is from the activities of man. This would seem to add immensely to your point that the IPCC is wrong in asserting that CO2 from man's activities is different from that of CO2 from natural causes.


  3. Ed, there is a research group that has spent 15 years exploring the subject you explore here, except they focus on the noble gases. Argon seems to me the most interesting noble gas in the atmosphere.



    Article in Nature: Bereiter, et al. Mean global ocean temperatures during the last glacial transition, January 2018

    Bernhard Bereiter's university:

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