1. You are right on, Marlene. If you read my two linked posts on this subject, you will see that is exactly the point I made. But look at the letters I had to write to convince some good physicists that your points are correct.

        See http://edberry.com/blog/ed-berry/an-adventure-in-

        This is so similar to today's climate problem. Some educated physicists have a difficult time understanding a simple proof that a hypothesis is wrong.

  1. As for self testing chemtrails with a bizjet you are in controlled air space and ordered into prescribed jet routes/altitudes. ….on the other hand these GeoEngineering Globalist have unrestricted access with out air traffic control…preventing rain/snow…..REVELATION 8.8

    1. Hi John,
      During our research flights, the air traffic controllers always let us fly where we wanted to, subject to not interfering with other air traffic.

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