1. When I am in a discussion about “global warming ” i ask my opponent if he has read the Kyoto Protocol, and the answer is no, so he has “read the headlines and is now telling the story”. On page 2 of the protocol it proposes to deal with “greenhouse gasses not controlled by the Montreal Protocol”. In Annex A page 19 under the headingGreenhouse gasses there is 6 gasses mentioned, but not the biggest water vapour, that is 95% of all green house gasses. neither does it states that 96% of CO2 is naturally occurring, a lot from volcanoes, 80 % of which are submarine. When IPCC do not include water vapour in their modules, nor the % of the gasses, of course they get a wrong result.

    1. Well said. It’s all about the money pushing false and faked data with in some a pathway to a one world government.

      – Scientist for 50 years.

  2. Dr. Berry!
    Wow! I was asking my friends how to calculate the human CO2 contributions v. natural just yesterday! Thanks so much for the detailed explanations. Could you tell me how to calculate the amount of CO2 in metric tons required for the Earth to produce to raise the atmospheric CO2 concentration to 800ppm by 2100? Im not a scientist, so I need help with the math.


  3. Hi Cana,

    Thank you for asking. Remember, atmospheric CO2 concentration is caused by Inflow. The atmosphere is not like a garbage dump where everything we put in stays there. The atmosphere is like a lake. To raise the level of a lake, we need to increase the Inflow. When the level rises enough to make outflow equal inflow, then the level remains constant. We call this the equilibrium level.

    We can use Eq. (5) to get the answer you want. To get an equilibrium level of 800 ppm, we calculate:

    Inflow = Le / Te = 800 ppm / 4 years = 200 ppm per year

    So a total inflow of 200 ppm per year will produce a level of 800 ppm. This assumes the residence time Te remains about 4 years. To change 200 ppm per year to GtC or Gigatons of Carbon we multiply by 2.13 to get 4.26 GtC per year. Notice my answer is in Gigatons of carbon and not Gigatons of CO2.

    The inflow is total inflow, natural plus human. Right now, nature emits 21 times as much as humans emit and it appears natural emissions are increasing faster than human emissions.

    The date of 2100 is irrelevant because the level responds to inflow any time the inflow changes.

  4. Dear Dr. Berry,

    What worries me the most is the statement/conclusion that a lot of/most of/the biggest part of scientists have become believers, money involved or not, thats back to the Galileo era. Non believers were even imprisioned.
    Politicians telling the sciency story is basically good if only the story is factual and not convenient.

    At first I thought: never mind, I’m 58 years, will retire soon and sit back and relax. But I am becoming a grand father in a couple of days. What will I tell her? Stories? Or the truth? How to guide her through heaps of “information”, how to find her the most unprecedented education not being from the “earth is flat” level.

    Time will tell, but at what cost?

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