1. This blackbody curve was made redundant by quantum mechanics. In the 1920s more spectral modes of molecules were discovered/ identified by Raman scattering experiments by Rasetti and others. The two CO2 modes at 1288 and 1338 cm-1 shown here are both Raman only, as are the H2O and the N2O near to them. Raman Lidars can measure the temperature from these modes, of all of the gases. The last CO2 mode on the right at 2349cm-1 is right by N2’s single 2338cm-1 mode. From this mode, the temperature of the atmosphere is measured by Lidars, and by the N2-CO2 laser, it is radiated by infrared photons (or electron discharge). I have written to Happer and he dismisses these Raman measurements and my work, sadly.
    I put this diagram together to show the Raman Lidar reading. http://www.fractalnomics.com/2022/02/will-happer-should-include-raman.html
    Raman can measure the temperature of N2 CO2 H2O and others from surface to high altitudes. In my diagram, I show what Raman spectrometers measure in reference to the blackbody radiation ground surface temperature Max value. Blue modes are Raman active mode, green is both IR and Raman active modes.

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