1. Good analysis. I'm in the somewhat conservative group, but I have been an evangelical Christian since my college days. The only candidate very conservative evangelicals were enthusiastic about was Ronald Reagan. GW Bush to a certain extent, but he was not Reagan.

    It's time the GOP stopped trying to return to 1980 in trying to court the evangelical voter. I've worked in politics and public policy my entire career, have actually had to get legislation passed, so I understand something about pragmatism in politics.

    I'm convinced that if Reagan were alive today and running, most of the very conservative evangelicals would consider him a "RINO." He supported amnesty legislation for illegal immigrants, signed a tax increase in his second term, supported the Brady gun control legislation, consistently worked to find compromise with Democrats in Congress, worked at finding peace with the Soviet Union.

    Reagan would be vilified by many of today's conservatives. The GOP needs a new identify. Even though I am evangelical in my faith, I think the GOP needs to become more libertarian.

  2. There are lots of reasons the Republican party is fractured. Age has a lot to do on how we vote, and so does sex Males tend to be conservative, females like being taking care of , so in most cases they vote for socialism.

    If you are in your late 80's to 90's , Roosevelt was like a god, even though he kept the depression for 9 years, he created job, but they were federal jobs. the private sector was taxed at 90%. if you were born in the 40's , you became a worker in the 50's, every thing was great, their were lots of jobs for men, and mothers stayed home rearing their children.

    If you were born in the 50's, you became a worker in the 70's , but this Country started to fall a part after the assassination of President Kennedy . If you were born in the late 60's and 70's , you were brain wash that it was no longer for mothers to rear their children, and men should compete with a mother , so he can support his family.

    Starting in 1972, government began to destroy the private sector, by closing factories that employed men. If you was born in the 80's,90', and 2000's , the welfare state took over , there were more government employees then those working in the private sector. Government was creating inflation by making lots of money , back by nothing. National DEBT skyrocketed. The worse part about this problem the democrats were pushing socialism.

    There are types of voters , some want to return to the Constitution, some want welfare, some want to be left alone.

  3. What is happening to the GOP is good. We must continue to evolve and this process takes time. i trust in our human intellect. As a race, we find the ways to continue and develop. We should not be ruled by the rich but it is difficult to combat their resources. Equally distributed wealth gives all a voice. A wild concept! I trust in GOD and be patient that the GOP and the rest of us will find our way.


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