1. @1 Dear Fred,
    Regarding your question about property, attorney Hertha Lund wrote:

    Compact is Not a Taking of Water Rights. There is no taking of water rights as a result of passage of the CSKT Compact because an individual water rights holders will have his/her water right regardless of whether the Compact is passed. The Compact is a valid use of the State’s authority to quantify and settle senior Indian reserved water rights.


    Metropoulos has not countered Lund’s claim nor does he add any new arguments that Lund and other Compact attorneys have not thoroughly rebutted.

    If you want to know the source of the opponents' claims, read their nut-case conspiracy theory about the Compact being a government conspiracy to control population: http://agenda21news.com/2014/11/population-contro

    No matter how many letters the opponents write, they have proven they have no case.

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