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    Trump assumed the awesome task of 'draining the swamp'.

    Much of our Supreme Court is in that swamp.

    It is my not so humble opinion that Cruz should not be allowed anywhere near either the office of AG or SCOTUS. He is a highly trained well practiced attorney (Read: [attorn] a twister of words; one who transfers allegiance from one liege-lord to another) who, along with Rubio, long ago, or well should have, fully apprehended that a Natural Born Citizen is NOT the constitutional coequal to citizen. Our Constitution distinguishes a Natural Born Citizen from a citizen by interposing the disjunctive conjunction 'or'. Should that prerequisite be perused, one will note that not all citizens are qualified, i.e., the citizen therein to be qualified must have been a citizen of one of the original thirteen States at the time of adoption of the Constitution. The obvious problem with mere citizenship qualification to hold the Office of President today is that those citizens so qualifying have all long been dead, the thirteenth State to ratify our Constitution was Rhode Island — May 29, 1790. By running for Office of President, 0bummer, Rubio and Cruz represent themselves as being constitutional Natural Born Citizens that are unable to proffer any iota of proof whatsoever in support thereof.

    Putting scofflaws the likes of 0bummer, Rubio, Roberts and Cruz on our SCOTUS results in stupidness like 0bummer care and equating flag burning with speech without ever proffering any evidence whatsoever of any ability to ignite a flag via speech (That flag was stollen, unlawfully delivered to and accepted by the perp (Texas v Johnson (a member of the communist youth brigade) ¿1989?.)). Thus illogically legitimizing theft, stealing someone else's flag, receiving stollen property, and, arson all the while the court acknowledging it to be a 'non-speech act'. If that is not sufficiently provocative on its own, simply attempt applying the very same illogic found in Texas v Johnson to the KKK burning black's homes and churches. . .

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