1. I fail to see how you can make an outrageous "claim" that it is invalid for the courts to determine whether or not the Legislature of Montana violated its own Constitution, by not subjecting their vote to prevent state liability by a simple majority vote and THEN not subject it to a vote of the people as REQUIRED by the Constitution when an amendment to extant law is violated. Your "anal lyses" of law are one of the reasons your email messages go to my spam filter's list.

    1. Dear Jim, You will not find any sentence in my 236 pages that is as long and as incomprehensible as your first sentence above. If you can restate your position clearly, perhaps we can have a useful conversation.

      You "fail to see" because you have likely not read my book. My book proves all the arguments by the Compact opponents completely fail They are all garbage like your first sentence above.

  2. Well Dr. Berry. the tribes said they would not sue anyone for their water if the compact was approved. I have already been served a paper stating that my water rights to a spring on my property have been denied and that the federal government was claiming the water for the tribes. You cannot see the forest for the trees. This is not about the tribes, this is about the federal government claiming all of the water in western Montana. What gives the federal government the power to hold in trust, the water for anybody? You have been fooled just like the democrats, the liberal republicans and the tribes. This is mothing more than a power grab by our out of control federal government.

    1. Dear Gerald, You believe the Compact is a government conspiracy to steal Montana's water. That was the core argument of Compact opponents. Some versions of that argument added that it was an "Agenda 21" government conspiracy.

      However, no Compact opponent ever presented any evidence to prove this claim. Nor have you. Opponents believe in things when they have no evidence. To them, politics is a religion.

      I answered all your legal questions in my book. Read my book before you comment.

      The Compact protects your water rights better than no Compact. There are no valid arguments that Compact rejection would have been better for Montana.

  3. Dr. Berry,

    Thank you for putting together a book on the CSKT water compact. It is a valuable resource for anyone who wants good information on the compact. It includes all the legal precedent and background to give a complete picture of a complicated issue.

    A must read for anyone who wants to see all arguments that were made and how the Montana legislature ratified the final compact.

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