1. Totally brilliant, most common sense article I have ever read on NWV concerning voting.


  2. I agree with everything you have said. People I talk to everyday, cannot understand how anyone who is breathing, can vote for Hillary Clinton. This election should be a no-brainer, myth voting or not.

    I have seen situations where myth voting might be acceptable, as in the case of uninformed voters. It serves to protect us from their ignorance. Those are the people who think politics are dirty and they are too "perfect" to be involved.

    We are better served if they stay at home on Election Day!

  3. The 'lesser of two evils' meme is a deliberate attempt to obscure the stark reality that our choice is between Globalism or Nationalism. The candidates and their policies are polar opposites, there is no 'lesser of two evils' as there is no equivalency.

  4. To whom it may concern:

    I just saw a reliable source article say that Mr. Trump wants a Goldman Sachs and George Soros man as his Treasury Secretary and that this same man has been raising money for Trump.

    I am very, very, very disappointed. I thought Mr. Trump was a real independent candidate and would not kowtow to the banksters and the establishment global powers.

    The above mentioned article just disappoints me to no end.


    Madeline K. Carter

    1. Dear Karen, You have a problem. It's called the "perfection obsession." Because Trump may make a decision that you do not like, therefore, you want to throw out all the good that Trump will do for America, and let Hillary destroy America.

      I assume you refer to Steven Mnuchin because his name has been in the news. No matter who Trump chooses, we must remember that this person will work for and under Donald Trump. Trump wants someone for Treasury Secretary who understands money.

      Such understanding is critical to Trump's success. But remember, Trump will be the best CEO we have ever had running America. Trump will not allow anyone who works for him to do anything that counters the Trump agenda for America.

      If you still feel disappointed, you must answer the following question: Will one appointment by Donald Trump, that you don't like, make Trump a worse president than Hillary Clinton?

      If you think Hillary is better than Trump, then by all means, vote for Hillary. But, if not, then you must, if you are moral, vote for Trump.

      Your fundamental logical and moral mistake is you think you should reject all candidates who do not meet your standard of "perfection."

      The reality is that all our voting decisions must be made as RELATIVE decisions, not ABSOLUTE decisions. We must choose the candidate who will do the greater good, even IF we don't like either candidate.

      If you do not understand that, then you need to open your mind. Maybe you attend a church that promotes the Negative Voting Myth. If so, you need to leave it because the Negative Voting Myth is evil. Maybe my book Choose America will help you.

  5. I selected Donald Trump when he declared because he was a world wide very successful businessman that showed strong LEADERSHIP FOR AMERICA. He stood strong against the millions spent against him as well as the Washington establishment, elites of both parties, the dirty tricks against him but FOR WE THE PEOPLE. That's why my long time friend, PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY , endorsed him, wrote "A Choice Not An Echo', her first book, to her last book ' The Conservative Case for TRUMP' which went on the market the day after she died!

  6. Progressives who followed the Myth, got the memo when they lost in 2000. Thereafter, they voted Democrat. As a result, they elected Obama.

    Many Tea Party Evangelicals still believe the Negative Voting Myth. They never got the memo. We need to wake them up so they understand why they must vote for Donald Trump.

  7. Nice article Ed, I totally agree with you. I think there are areas where Donald Trump is in error, such as saying that those that end up on the no-fly or terrorist list (no due process, they just mysteriously show up there) should lose their 2nd amendment rights. Or saying we need more power for spy agencies or a police state, etc. Also there are things he says he will do that actually have to be done by congress to be Constitutional (i.e. legal). But, he seems very sincere to me and willing to change position as he learns what he had not understood. He also has courage. He was the only republican presidential candidate to dare question vaccines, which are a deadly and total fraud (they are a massive cause of death, not prevention of disease), plus he has questioned the "federal" reserve and he seems to realize the threat to US sovereignty from so-called trade deals from NAFTA up to the present. Most importantly he seems to genuinely want to bring back freedom and prosperity in America and not be invading other sovereign countries and supporting terrorism.

    Clinton, on the other hand, is a top level crime boss who is ready to start nuclear war, and thanks to Wikileaks, Project Veritas, Infowars, Larry Nichols and others, more and more people are starting to understand that.

    So thanks for the great article, based on obvious common sense, that should actually be more common. It will be interesting to see what happens on tuesday and thereafter. It seems clear the rulers are ready to announce Clinton the winner regardless of the real numbers. Alex's show has shown precisely the mechanism by which the machine vote count can be preset for any outcome desired, and they plan to do this. That is why they are announcing the fake poll numbers now, so that it will not shock the public when they announce that Hillary won.

    But Trump and others are planning to contest it, and to use exit polls to show the results are wrong. There are also many in top positions in military and spy agencies who understand that letting Clinton in may mean the end of human life on Earth, and they are organizing to publicly expose all of her crimes so she can't serve as president. Of course Kaine may be just as bad in his own way, and must not get in either. He has already met with Soros' people, ready to act as their puppet.

    There are good people scattered among us everywhere, just not visible because of being scattered and largely aware of each other. But there are strong forces for good that are already acting. It will be interesting to see the rest of this play unfold. We are in the audience and on the stage, at the same time. We need to care for and respect each other now, and do what we can. Thanks for the excellent article.

    Richard Sacks, Host

    Lost Arts Radio

    Independent holistic health scientist since 1965

    Essene teacher and private health consultant


  8. If you read Pastor Baldwin's articles, which evidentally you do not, you would know Pastor Baldwin's policy is NOT to endorse candidates. He merely compares the policy of the candidates and leaves it up to the voter to decide.

    In fact you owe Pastor Baldwin an apology and is another example of your ilk intimidating and bullying voters to do it your way.

    1. Dear Richard, most obviously I do read Pastor Baldwin's articles since I just responded to one. On the other hand, it's obvious you have not read his articles because you are unaware of what he wrote in the past.

      In 2012, Baldwin endorsed the Montana Democrat candidate who ran against Ryan Zinke for Congress. Fortunately, Zinke won. I wrote a rebuttal to Pastor Baldwin's false claims against Ryan Zinke.

      I owe no apology to Pastor Baldwin. He owes his followers an apology for leading them down an immoral voting path.

    1. Dear Richard, There is no "Case Closed." The subject is whether we should use the Negative Voting Myth or the Positive Voting Principle when we vote. This subject is valid whether we have a two party system or a 20 party system.

      Our Founding Fathers followed the Positive Voting Principle when they signed our Constitution, or we would have no Constitution.

      I don't have any "assumptions" that you refer to. I argue that we should follow the Positive Voting Principle because it produces the best results for all. Whereas the Negative Voting Myth can produce bad results, like in my example where it would kill 9 million babies.

      I don't think you wish to argue with Aristotle, famous philosophers, all logicians and mathematicians, most Christian churches, and our Founding Fathers, unless you believe you are smarter than all of them.

  9. Super interesting, well thought out article. As a true Catholic, I know I am REQUIRED to vote for the candidate who will not promote abortion. There are plenty of things that I disagree with that he's done or has said he will do. But I know for a fact that he's the lesser of two evils as she's dancing with the devil.

  10. How disturbing the reality of lacking wisdom , and ability to think critically… Intelligence can solve problem (which are ALL spiritual dealing with relationship , thus highest responsibility being our response to His Ability John.20:21 5:19,30 Hebrews 5:8,9) Wisdom can prevent them. EXCELLENT ARTICLE

    How sad that it needed to be written

    How could anyone miss the example of 9 million babies? Do you not know that you will judge angles, The Kingdom of God is first righteousness , establishing peace. ( nothing broken nothing missing) resulting in Joy ( The Mark of Maturity Psalm 37:37 Acts 20:35 who will qualify for position in the Kingdom of God? Rev.3:21

    Thanks Dr.Edwin for sharing Truth

    1 Cor.1:30 by the way what think ye of Russelonian Physics like Tesla all electromagnetic… Russel surmises cubes ( 6 pyramids together ) ,,,personal point of view wave becoming particle at center of apex then back to wave continually. Heb.1:3 , 11:3 …

    On another note is the astounding revelation of Gen.1:1 by Vernon Jenkins," in the beginning of wonders" Infinite in scope !!!!!!!!!!! personally has silenced many hard sceptics of supernatural origin of scripture on a separate study its partnership with verse Gen.1:2+3.

    The Genesis Factor (Rambsel) Gen. 1 E=MC^2 also there…. neither created or destroyed… While atheist mathematician seeks equation opposite big bang discovers there will be a resurrection of all life to his amazement . The Greeks put philosophy at top of pyramid then math then science ….. The Hebrews God above philosophy with 2 Cor.5:15 the golden rule. Thus All things are related as they correspond to Center of all centers as Thee Tree in the midst of the Garden …What Wisdom to turn evil around for good to complete Gen.1:26 with Eph.4:13 during second half of Isaiah 61:1-3 John 3:17 being reason why Jesus stopped in middle of passage in Luke 4:18-21 at beginning of His 3.5 year ministry second half Jn.17 :20,21 the day of vengeance, judgements to comfort those who mourn. As Issac Newton's correct interpretation of Dan.9:27 verse 24 only four of six things fulfilled. Talking about Acts 14:22 as enjoyed by Paul in 2 Cor.12:9 as in Ron.5:1-5

    The all important character development in which to expand eternity… Speaking of the 3.5 year tribulation period Rev.11-13* notice time frame of Rev.1:19 applied to 12:2,5 with Isaiah 66:6-9

    Alas Gen.3:15 thru 1 Cor.15:24-28 Talking about getting involved with Government !!! See Rev.20:4-6 Finally in Hebrew 7= Covenant, Kingdom, Divine Completion While 8= rebirth,ressurection we come to The Preacher Ecclesiastics 7:8 ,12, 27 … 7:8 Better is the end of a thing than the beginning there of and patient in spirit better than proud in spirit. The Glory of the ladder house greater than the former verse 12 contains word only found in Ecc. which means to profit/prophecy its Hebrew gematria is six six six as w=6 also as in world wide web found in Last parable (7th.) of Kingdom in Matt.13:47 and Rev.13:17 it is interesting to note Ecc.chp.7 is the six hundred and sixty sixth chapter counting from Gen.chapter one Ecc.7:27 this is a unique number as you will discover its place in Gen.1:1 the beginning of wonders it not Satan's number HaSatan in Hebrew is 359 His first mention is in 1 Chronic. 21:1 aslo the 359th chapter of Bible also the Ho ho ho day of the year to get into financial bondage how this connects to the many facts of Messiah's birth found mathematically in Psalms 37;37 is the covenant of human gestation period His birth in Gregorian calander being 9/11 (gestation periods all multiplies of 7) humans 266 days speaking of conception.

    *in Rev. Chapters 4-10+14-19 we find over40 similarities as viewed from beginning of judgements and their endings… In the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses let every Word be established. 4-10 revelation of end given by messenger 14-19 revelation of end given by John

    Rev.6:12 culminating into 8:12

    As it was in the days of Noah so also in …..Gen.10 : 25 earth divided Rev 8:12 earth contracts law of angular motion speeds rotation to 16 hour days Matt.24:21:22 Talking about Contraction Romans 8:18-23 All creation groans and travails waiting for manifestation of sons of God through adoption process biblically speaking a young child (side note in later 1700's you had to know at least 3 languages to enter college plus complex math and other subjects yet the average age of college students was 13), so a child (with few exceptions one's own offspring) was tutored into the Mind,Will +Purpose of the father to assume signet ring of authority. Thus Messiah first formed in His people then returns for His people hmm John 14:12,20 The Matchless Bride Eph.5:31,32 1 Cor.6:17 in Messiah Yeshua there is neither male nor female ,Jew nor Gentile…

    Remember dead in Christ raise then with them those that are alive and remain a literal interpretation of John 11:25 who so ever live and believes in me shall never die … Pray tell how anyone could be saved during Great tribulation period if everyone is raptures prior to? Why this period would fail to exist due to 1Cor.15:28 this is ending

    Again Franklin Adversity does best discover VIRTUE Psalm 12:6 the finning pot for silver and the furnace for gold but the Lord Tries the heart of the matter till matter of His Hearts desire The Glory if God shinning thru vessels of honor

    Job 7:17,18 1 and 2 Cor. 4:7


    Trump assumed the awesome task of 'draining the swamp'.

    Much of our Supreme Court is in that swamp.

    In my not so humble opinion that Cruz should not be allowed anywhere near either the office of AG or SCOTUS. He is a highly trained well practiced attorney (Read: [attorn] a twister of words; one who transfers allegiance from one liege-lord to another) who, along with Rubio, long ago, or well should have, fully apprehended that a Natural Born Citizen is NOT the constitutional coequal to citizen. Our Constitution distinguishes a Natural Born Citizen from a citizen by interposing the disjunctive conjunction 'or'. Should that prerequisite be perused, one will note that not all citizens are qualified, i.e., the citizen therein to be qualified must have been a citizen of one of the original thirteen States at the time of adoption of the Constitution. The obvious problem with mere citizenship qualification to hold the Office of President today is that those citizens so qualifying have all long been dead, the thirteenth State to ratify our Constitution was Rhode Island — May 29, 1790. By running for Office of President, 0bummer, Rubio and Cruz represent themselves as being constitutional Natural Born Citizens that unable to proffer any iota of proof whatsoever in support thereof.

    Putting scofflaws the likes of 0bummer, Rubio, Roberts and Cruz on our SCOTUS results in stupidness like 0bummer care and equating flag burning with speech without ever proffering any evidence whatsoever of any ability to ignite a flag via speech (A that was stollen and unlawfully delivered to and accepted by the perp (Texas v Johnson (a member of the communist youth brigade) ¿1989?.)). Thus illogically legitimizing theft, stealing someone else's flag, receiving stollen property, and, arson all the while the court acknowledging it to be a 'non-speech act'. If that is not sufficiently provocative on its own, simply attempt applying the very same illogic found in Texas v Johnson to the KKK burning black's homes and churches. . .

  12. First off, thank you for exposing and fighting the CO2 climate change myth.

    Sure, there are some cases where the lesser of two evils makes sense. But from what I've seen the Democrat and Republican Parties are, as Pat Buchanan said, wings on the same bird of prey. When Quigley explained how the system of control works in America, he said it's the illusion of choice that preserves their power. Republican and Democrat citizens believing they can vote to "throw the rascals out" is what makes the system of control work–policies don't change from one administration to the next, but people can vent through the election process. The system of control requires that one party defeats the other party every once in a while, but always keep previous administrations policies moving along–the policy might be morphed into something different, but it doesn't go away.

    You know about the myth of climate change and billions spent to promote climate change fear, but how about the in-direct funding of terrorism and ISIS that our government has done through Swiss banks (such as exposed by Scott Bennett)? I've seen how the Conservative propagandists promote terrorism fear, which requires more government control. Again, they need to maintain fear (climate, terrorism, etc.), so people will want to be controlled.

    I wouldn't vote for McCain or Romney, because I saw no real difference in them exposing the con game or stopping policies of the previous administration–they weren't the lesser of two evils, they were the same evil.

    I actually did vote for Trump, but it was more because of how he was being dumped on by his own Republican Party. Trump said the system is "Rigged" and he is correct. Trump needs to expose the entire Washington DC Democrat and Republican swamp for what it is. I told my wife that Trump was saying what I wanted to hear, but we'll see what he'll really do once he is elected. We'll see if Trump truly is the lesser of two evils or the "rascal" who continues with the con game.

    1. Dear Kevin, Thank you for your comment. The fundamental error in the "Lesser Evil" myth is to reject a comparison. Voting, when there are more than 2 candidates, is relative, not absolute.

      For example, I would ask you: Who was the better choice:

      Bush or Gore? McCain or Obama?, Romney or Obama? Trump or Hillary?

      My point is, if you tend to be conservative, then in every case, the Republican would have better served your interests than the Democrat. Vice-versa if you are a liberal.

      Yet those who do not vote for the best candidate, from their own political perspective, do themselves political harm. It is self-defeating to say the best candidate is "not perfect" or "not good enough."

      The only question that matters is: Which candidate will best help my political interests. Just the choice of Supreme Court justices can make all the difference.

  13. Those 20% in Montana are nothing but a bunch of brainwashed Useful Idiots for the Communist Party USA section of the Democratic Party aka Commocrats. Mixed in with them are a handful of like-minded RINOs. They are so full of lies that they are incapable of listening, understanding or able to analyze anything. Like typical Communists, they never accept any responsibility for their mistakes. They seek us out and blame us. They have all the rights and we, the slaves, have none.

  14. Dr. Ed: Exciting and stimulating treatement of Global Warming which no longer needs the “A” in AGW…! What a relief to read something that really makes scientific sense. (A breath of fresh air, maybe?)
    To confirm the validity of CO2 concentration being uniquely determined by temperature through partial pressures, is there available any proxi data that shows that CO2 concentrations went up during the Medieval Warm Period and, likewise, that it went down during the Little Ice Age?

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