1. I would hope so.
      I’ve felt it happening, but actually reading it hits one right between the eyes. I just wish our politicians would get it! Maybe it takes a 2×4 for them to comprehend. They are not the brightest bunch.

      1. This describes the Democratic Party today! They have been infiltrated, so is the mainstream media, Hollywood and schools and universities! We are rotting away from within! Wake up people before it’s too late!!!!

        1. But it is trump that wants all schools and universities scrutinized to see if there politics do not interfere with his and if they do take take money away from them. It is trump that has aided communist countries. It is trump that gave Turkey and the Saudi’s access Of a country to kill our Allies. It is trump that says the constitution is useless

        2. You are correct and I can hardly believe that everyone cannot see it. The Democrats embody everything on that list

        3. Come-on Raymond, re-think your position. The last Democratic President placed sanctions on Russia and full US military force to stop their aggresive advance in Ukraine. The current Republican President tried to remove those sanctions and is also a good friend with Vladimir Putin having borrowed Millions, if not Billions of dollars from that country.
          Conflict of interest?
          Many US Intelligence agencies have proven that Russia working with Trump’s election team, hacked US elections and were a significant influence behind Trump winning the Presidency in 2016. Using the full power of the White House and politicizing the Debt of Justice, Attorney General, FBI, CIA, and many more, Trump has skirted prosecution while simultaniously leading the US straight into Fascism where peacful and legal protestors are attacked by the state as radical anarchist’s. The US Post Office is defunded to help his re-election chances. His state run TV and radio outlets praise him while tearing down his opposition. What in the world makes you think the Democratic party has gone to communism or, at the very least, want their country destroyed from within? Do you have common sense?

        4. Yes they have been infiltrated! But some people hate our President so bad they have no clue of the reality that is happening! There are some that really are too uniformed to be voting! They have been indoctrinated to the the far radical left snd cannot think on their own!

        5. I agree! The left has gone over the cliff to Socialism! No pulling them back! Let them fall! They think they have all the answered, BUT, the are scared to death!!! That why they have decided to cheat in every way possible!!!

        6. This is to Lester, below comment. Either you watch fake news or you are a troll. Notice no offer for reply. Everything you said is not true. Anyone reading Lester’s comment, Oy vey… do some research if you are even considering what he’s saying to be the truth. Good grief!

        7. Lester is so full of crap. Trump did all he could to keep America out of the influences of socialism and communism. It is the Democrats that continued to attack every free market idea. The Democrats are the ones shutting down free speech, education that includes American History, and concepts of moral values. The Democrats immediately opened up trade with Iran and other enemies of America and our allies. The Democrats continue to blast the Constitution and seek to render it useless or out dated. Trump did all he could to build up the home front, but idiots like you swallow the Kool-Aid of the left, Democrats, BLM, Socialist propaganda and the like. Lester, learn to read and stop watching MSNBC. Open your mind and eyes!

        8. Marc has got to be a Russian TROLL, because everything that he stated was Bass Ackwards Russian/Democrat talking points…..

          First off , Trump impose Far GREATER Sanctions on Russia than Obama did… Trump actually sent Missiles to the Ukraine while Obama sent Blankets.

          Second, it has been DEBUNKED that Trump borrowed Millions/Billions from Russia.

          Third, it has been PROVEN that Russia was working with the Clinton campaign and NOT the Trump campaign …. because the Russians stated that Trump would be a Wildcard and that with Clinton they knew where they stood.

          Fourth , it has been PROVEN that the Dept of Justice, Attorney General, FBI, CIA, and other members of the DEEP State were working to subvert the Trump presidency….

          Fifth , the Fascist Antifa were by NO means “peaceful” protestors ….. NOT when they were Rioting , Looting , Pillaging , Destroying property and Burning Cities to the ground…. and YES, Antifa is Fascist as defined by their “Brown Shirt” Fascist tactics…. They are the “White Liberals” that Malcolm X and CNN’s Van Jones WANRED America about….

          Sixth, you watch way too much of our PRAVDA West PROPAGANDA TV …. you know , CNN , MSNBC , ABC , CBS , NBC , Yahoo , the Huffington Post , Esquire , Vox , the New York Times , the Washington Post and others that LIE to the American people on a Daily basis…. they are the equivalent of the Russian news agency , PRAVDA and push Left-Wing PROPAGANDA and LIE to the American People on a Daily basis….. something I figured out 30+ years ago……

          Even though our so-called “media” ( PRAVDA ) would have you believe the opposite , President Trump has done MORE for American Citizens , of all races and genders, in the last 4 years than the last 4 Presidents have COMBINED. Trump put America and American Citizens FIRST which is something that was Foreign to the last 4 Presidents and almost all in Congress today. Trump is an American , whereas the last 4 Presidents were GLOBALISTS…. and Biden is a GLOBALIST as well….

        9. Mark, are you delusional or do you simply not pay attention?
          Don’t even begin to talk about “common sense” when you’re simply parroting mainstream media hate-fantasies. Pull your goody head away from the TV and actually read instead of literally repeating propaganda nonsense.
          Talk about a total lack of self-awareness.

          There are whole books written about this crap! Stop drooling and watching CNN.
          The entire Russia hoax has been completely destroyed.

          You can easily read about it in countless other places, too. What you should be angry about is that many people knew it and went with it anyway.
          It is now proven that it was fabricated by the Clinton campaign in collusion with the FBI and Obama Administration.

          We have the FBI text messages where they talk about how its illegal, the FBI bribing people for information, the truth about the fake nonsense in the Steel Report (from a damn suspected Russian spy), the handwritten notes from the Obama meeting where it’s written down, the fake information used to gain FISA warrants to spy on Trump’s campaign which was illegal and the FBI admitted its wrongdoing.

          I could go on and on, but it’s genuinely insane that you’re so brainwashed that you couldn’t even take the time to read this stuff — which WAS known at the time you posted.
          It’s exactly why nothing was ever found. Are you honestly dumb enough to think that after years upon years of witchhunts they wouldn’t nail him to the wall if they could?
          Trump isn’t some super amazing guy and says some dumb crap, but he’s sure as hell not the insane crap your broken brain has been inculcated to believe. The screen has melted your brain.
          It’s all echo chamber talking points.

          Stop being a mindless consumer and waiting for others to tell you what to think and read the information for yourself directly!

          Furthermore, of you’re so mindblowingly brainwashed that you can’t even juxtapose this list of 45 things to the current Democrat party, then you truly are completely hopeless. A party, mind you, with many self-professed socialists who have openly expressed their admiration for Marxism.

          CRT is communism.
          Identity politics is communism.
          Dehumanization tactics is communism.
          Degradation of all morals is communism.
          Censorship of ideological opposition is communism.
          I can write this list forever.
          Wake up, NPC.

      2. omg.. felt that way when I saw them 10 years ago,and have had so many say the same.
        it’s like a playbook for today.

      3. The democratic politicians , and some Rino Republicans are being well paid by communists to fulfill these goals.Have been for decades.☹️

      4. Don’t you understand many of the Politicians are part of it on both sides. There’s a great video put together after a year of research explaining how the Communists in China have infiltrated our country, in all the areas noted on this list. Go to http://www.home.frank speech.com and watch the “wake up now” video under election fraud tab or cyber symposium.

        Please don’t shut down your mind if you believe the propaganda that fraud did not occur. And don’t make it a Republican or Democrat issue because it’s not. Just watch the movie. There are other good videos out there. And think logically and with common sense.

        Being able to steal elections is the last nail in the coffin that allows these corrupt politicians and global leaders the ability to do whatever they want to us because we cannot vote out the people who are doing the evil that matters to every American regardless of party. Also look up color revolution that’s the tactics that have been used to separate us into groups and divide us. That’s the only way they can win. If we come together now and start getting involved in our local level, we may be able to stop it. MAY BEING THE MAIN WORD.

        One thing we can all start doing is saying the truth. Political correctness is just another way of shutting down your free speech. Do your own research. There’s many websites of people that are trying to get the truth out.
        And pray for the destruction of Communism.

        God bless.

      5. They are in on it they are leading it the Democrat party is the Communist party at this point all they represent is evil

    2. Its unfortunate that more people arent enlightened. Ive known about these for years and have tried to direct folks to the facts. They are too polluted with “orange man bad”

      1. My husband & I became politically active in 1962, & I well remember Cleon Skousen’s book , The Naked Communist. We spent countless hours teaching others about the perils of Communism, & have tried to alert Americans as to how many of these goals they have already accomplished. BEWARE America!!

        1. What’s the deal with Goals 22 and 23?

          I live in a rich California town and see alot of odd/pointless sculptures.

      2. LESTER YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE. You are just like all these other democrats that has to blame everything on Trump for God’s sake. This was done in 1963 and Trump was a teen ager and it was then and it is now the farthest thing from his mind to support communist beliefs. Think of something good about him like, he doesn’t even take a paycheck, but instead donates it to different charities. Does any of your Democrat buddies do that? You people that blame everything on Trump make me bored and sick. The only President we’ve had in Eons that gives a damn about the American People. Take a Nap.

        1. Oh you are so right W.E.Davis. My husband Ian’s I were Democrats. Notice I say were. This is the first time we voted Republican. The Democrats have gone to hell in a hand basket. Donald Trump has been the greatest President we’ve had in a heck of a long time


        3. I absolutely agree with you W. E. Davis. We who can see must all support and encourage each other. Those who don’t agree with Donald Trump’s ideals have been deceived already and many are members of the CCP, I believe. What can we do to effectively resist communism in our individual nations? Like, I live in Perth Western Australia. About 2 years ago I recognized that one particular man who constantly resisted us was working for a university, or a news mediam, or maybe even paid by the A.L.P. (Australian Labour Party).
          (The communists in Australia.)
          I don’t believe it is too late, only that we have a lot of work to do, however, if God is with us, who can stand against us? We must Unite. No matter what nation we live in, we must unite.

        4. I totally agree! I feel the exact same way! Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to this country! I am in fear that it is too late! These Democrats in Congress are so corrupt that they will do anything to complete the goal of Socialism and communism! They want to destroy the United States. They have gotten rich though corruption and robbing the Tax Payers , while taking our constitutional rights away, one at a time! They sold us out to our enemies! Now they want to finish it off! They have been promised Power, Money and total control of us!

    3. It’s not the politicians that need to know the communist agenda. They already know it. Most of them are a part of it. It is the citizens that elect that need to wKe up before it is too late

      1. This is so true. The Dems are pushing this socialism where everyone will get all the handouts they want. What most of the ones that want handouts don’t grasp is that socialism is ONE step away from communism.

        1. No they are not!! Republicans are just telling you that bs!!! There are some that want it but that doesn’t mean it will happen! Dems are not hopping on that train!! Stop listening to the republicans lies! Just like guns! We are still not coming for your guns! We have guns too!!!! How many decades have republicans been using that LIE???

        2. Cheri
          “No they are not!! Republicans are just telling you that bs!!! There are some that want it but that doesn’t mean it will happen! Dems are not hopping on that train!! Stop listening to the republicans lies! Just like guns! We are still not coming for your guns! We have guns too!!!! How many decades have republicans been using that LIE???”

          You obviously have no idea what the Democratic party is actually doing if you actually believe this nonsense. Especially about guns. Have you listened to one thing Biden, Harris, or Biden’s “Gun Czar” Beto has said they plan to do about guns? Have you looked at the website for the Biden campaign?

          It clearly states that the majority of guns will be made illegal. And not just AR-15s (which is bad enough) but even the most common handguns in the country will be illegal. And that isn’t even getting into Harris herself stating that she wants to use executive powers to essentially delete the entire firearm industry. All of this under the guise of lowering the murder rate, which EVERY stat ever compiled by every country and organization has shown has no correlation in any way to homicide rates.

          Hell, Switzerland has the 3rd highest number of privately owned guns and you can get a permit for a fully automatic machine gun. They also have a lower homicide rate than 187 other countries. The logic, truth, and “not taking your guns” sentiment seems to be a bit lacking from what I see and by the actions of your beloved Democrats.

          The fact that some democrats also have guns just goes to show how little many of you actually pay attention and how brainwashed you are. Stop blindly trusting what your overlords tell you and do a little bit of your own research. The truth is there if you are willing to look for it, but it certainly wont be given to you by the Democratic party or the majority of the media. You have a brain, start using it.

  1. On thing they have is patience. It has taken decades, but their plan is almost completed. Now how shall we stop them?

    1. I would like to know the answer as well. I feel so all alone even though I come from a pretty rural area that’s very American. However I worry too many ppl DON’T pay attention to politics & they just flip on the tv & believe it let alone those who have been manipulated & others indoctrinated. Where do we go from here?

      1. Yep , you see it in alot of cities. Partly is to remove our history. No one is looking, but we are the side that have all the guns. I don’t like guns that much but I am 1000% 2nd amendment person. I own one now and have my conseal carry permit.
        I POST a link to another site and facebook blocked. Go to bitly and short the link. It will work once or twice.

        The dems want no border so they can have a bigger voting base. I just thought about this, Trump is blocking Daca because that would give the dems a bigger voting block. Thank God for Trump.

        1. But it is trump that wants all schools and universities scrutinized to see if there politics do not interfere with his and if they do take take money away from them. It is trump that has aided communist countries. It is trump that gave Turkey and the Saudi’s access Of a country to kill our Allies. It is trump that says the constitution is useless

        2. I am sick about all this! I have been aware of this plan since George W Bush. I googled old HB BUSH and saw all the connections in his family to Hitler and communism! They know that word is frightening! That is why it is now called NEW WORLD ORDER…They even refer to it as an even less frightening description! NOW they are calling it ONE WORD ORDER! We must fight this harder than anything in our life so far! I fear they have almost all they need to put us there!

      1. We must fight back. We need Donald Trump, and he must win this election or we are all sunk. I live in Australia and I can’t vote for him, but I will pay the same price as you if he loses this election. Lord Jesus, please open the eyes of the people of the American people?

    2. Together! We stand with our President Trump! He does not want or need their money! He is our friend and HE LOVES OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY!
      I wish the people like Cheri above would listen and do the needed research! She is totally uninformed.

    3. I wanted to reply to Lester, but he has no reply button. He is not telling the truth, or he thinks he is, maybe because he’s been brainwashed by the mainstream media or the schools. I’m a former teacher who’s seen how they’ve tried to push socialism into the schools. I didn’t have to read any book. I saw many of these things take place with my very eyes.

  2. I am currently writing a book on the subject’s above and would like to do some additional research with you if you don’t mind. I’ve added social media to goal #21. Obviously it’s very hard doing research on this with the Lefts control over most search engines. My book title is “COMMUNISM IN THE 21ST CENTURY…______________.” Look forward to hearing from you. GMN

    1. Use duckduckgo.com for your search engine. Not duckgo that’s Googles copy cat name to steer people away from duckduckgo.

      Duckduckgo is a search engine that keeps your privacy private.

    2. Gary, Use Duck Duck Go (or the Duck Duck Go extension in Firefox) as a search engine. I rarely find it blocked.

  3. Very scary times. I recognized early on that something wasn’t right with the riots and protests.

  4. Communism and Nazism were baked around the same time, funded by the Red Shield. Marx was actually a plagiarist of Wilson, who stated communism wouldn’t work and become lethal.

    Hmmm…. 1835 Red Shield plan included priming the pump of blk and wht racism, even though the Ashken Khazar were the largest slave traders of the last millennium, next to the Muslim.

    These Rev 2:9 individuals are now using their enticed racism, satan worshipper Alinsky’s commie rules, and the American Communist goals to finish off America. The 13th Tribe leaders want only 10% of the current inhabitants of present time left on the planet, as to work for them. But these parasites will will end up coughing up all power and wealth to him. Just to funny there.

    Of course, we know what the Christ does in the end. It’s truly a dog eat dog world. I’m thankful to be a low rent peasant that knows the Lord.

    1. Markie, finally someone who not only see’s that we have a problem, but knows where it came from, because you read the last chapter. I don’t like what I see, but know where I will spend eternity. See you there.

  5. Thank you for this very timely summary. Every student in Canada and the US needs to read this!

  6. Comrades… You must forget you read this. Forget these goals now. You read nothing. There was nothing ever here. Is no here now. Forget.

    Communist party has achieved at least 40 of 45 goals… But you no need to know this… Nor do you need to know that Stalin’s secret army… That doesn’t exist… Forget you know… Anyways this secret army that no exists they infiltrate government and society since cold war. They infiltrate schools churches and all facets of society.

    Now you see your history crumble. If you erase history you no learn from history. Means you make stupid mistake over and over at behest of communist party… That also no exists…they infiltrate during cold war. Make companies like Disney, Amazon and Microsoft…to name few… change life with their evil mind control technology.

    Everything from tv and cinema to video games and reality tv… All made to divide, separate, and conquer American citizens. Make slow. Make into lazy ignorant people. Entitled. Stupid. Like cinema film wall-e. People who are so stupid, lazy and absent minded that it degrades their very bones. This communist party likes to see…even though it no exist.

    Let me prove. Which is more likely… Russia and US build thousands of nuclear warheads and then say after 40 years….”Ehhhh, lets agree to no use on each other?” Or that mother Russia infiltrate government and begin communist goal takeover of United States from within and took their bombs via spies infiltrating deep in government? Then convinced citizens a stalemate happened? After 40 years really?

    Just agree to no use… Of course none of this actually truly exists though… Forget you know… But goal is… Make society so dumb that they become ok with others destroying country they love and making history disappear. If no one knows truth but instead rely on companies like Wikipedia (Amazon) and Google (Amazon) for all knowledge… Makes it very easy for company to change history and dictate new history. If we take over media like Fox News (Disney) ESPN (Disney) CNN (Rothchilds) MSNBC (Ted Turner and Rockefellers) then Communist party dictate all politics.

    To prove… Research CNN anchors Anderson Cooper (direct relation to Rockefeller) and CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. Chris Cuomo is the brother of the NY governor Andrew Cuomo who has been friends with Trump for many years. They played golf together. They are of that certain other secret Italian group that like Communist Party does not exist.

    I wont mention names. You draw conclusion. Anyways.. You can see for yourself, before we destroy all records, that all of what I say is true. You no doubt no more. Communists came. Communists saw. Communists conquered. Score 1 for communist party that no exist and 0 points for citizens who sit by and let happen….

    Ok…. Now seriously… I’m going to stop the fake accent I was writing in before this sentence. I’m a well educated person. A patriot. Not one of those fake Trump loving patriots… But a constitutionalist.

    It is not outdated by technology but rather infiltrated by it. It was a piece of paper inked with the intent to make an EVER LASTING set of rules to keep us free. We have trampled on every word, every amendment and if that’s not communist take over I don’t know what is.

    I urge you all to learn your heritage. Teach your children about themselves and where they came from. We must not hold grudges but forgive and accept and together weed out the bad, the corrupt, the idiotic, and braindead and lift them up with love and respect. Not senseless anger and violence. Its never too late to forgive.

    It’s funny… The communists tied morality to religion when they ousted it. I’m not religious, but as a child of the 80s and 90s I remember countless shows that taught morals. Boy meets World was one of my favorites but there was Family Matters and Full House, and even Animaniacs had the wheel of morality. Now kids watch some real vile crap with very bad overtones. Making this generation entitled.

    I watched a movie with my little cousins the other day called “Fred.” This vile crap owned by Disney focuses on a really annoying, whiny, entitled brat who treats his parents like their some kind of alien that you should separate yourself from. But as I wait for the moral to come in and say his behaviour made him regret what he did, the movie ended and there was none.

    Teach your kids. Teach them history. The real history, not the Wikihistory. Do this before the damn commies accomplish all 45 goals. Its not soon. Its now. I hope my words moved you.

    1. I’m confused about your message. You are blaming Trump for recent developments or you are blaming the liberals and Democrats for pushing these evil precepts? Be more explicit in your message.

      1. Less and less history has been taught to our American children. History is the predictor of the future. When people don’t know history they are unable to be skeptical and process social events as potentially dangerous.

        My son is reading the book Number the Stars in his new private school. We pulled them from public bc of the liberal bull crap agenda they are teaching which I discovered when I was basically home schooling my kids during lockdown while our 6 figure a year tenured teachers we’re out fishing everyday, zooming for 30 minutes a week with our students. I figured out that the schools I pay 15k a year in taxes to support are basically glorified day care centers used to embezzle tax payer money. And they teach them nothing, no history, science, literature, none of that and then they create over complicated strategies to perform simple tasks like addition and subtraction to pacify the minds of the kids and confuse parents. And this is in a PREMIER school district where just assume our kids are taken care of bc we overpay in property taxes and we don’t take the time to make sure that the schools are performing properly, bc we re too busy working to make money to fund these shit schools with it high property taxes…. anyways….

        While reading the book, he stopped and ran to me saying mommy in this book the family’s town is locked in their homes and they are afraid bc their stores are closing. It’s kind of like what’s happening with COVID. ( we live in Illinois unfortunately) and I said to him yes, It was a different situation (ww2 for those not familiar with the classic book) but it did happen and we can learn from the past. He said this is scary that this already happened to people and didn’t most of them die? I said yes… and explained about the war and how it is different but that some tactics to control people were similar. They locked people up to push a leaders agenda, was my basic point.

        Later that night I kept thinking about my sons shock that we are not the first to be locked down and controlled, our lives and future ripped away by others desires to control. And I kept coming back to the thought that, THIS IS WHY THEY DONT TEACH HISTORY OR HAVE KIDS READ BOOKS in public schools anymore. They remove history by just simply not teaching it and not acknowledging the human condition that consistently repeats itself generation over generation throughout humanity. We are more alike that we are led to believe.

        If we demand that books and history get back in the hands of our youth and I do believe that will be able to overcome this eventually. Passify the masses with meaningless crap that entertains and distracts while integrating ads and propaganda and you get a bunch of mindless ding dongs who cry when they don’t get their way. AND will be shocked when they come up with no freedom.

        Bring classic books and history back to the people and they will find their way.

        And we need God too.

    2. I implore you to understand that there must be a foundational truth to base anything on. Morals, if not based on Biblical truth, is nothing more than not wanting to feel bad for a particular action. If you feel that abortion is immoral, but can take an unhatched egg from a nest and crush it, or vice versa, something is seriously wrong with the moral compass.

      Here’s the rub: we are fighting a spiritual battle. It started with the deception of the serpent. It will continue to get worse.

      There are some great books on spiritual warfare. I suggest you look into them to understand what is really going on. Also, check out NTD/ China in focus and Cross Roads with Joshua Phillip if you want to see God’s wrath on a country going on right now. It should blow your mind.
      Blessings to you.

        1. If you read the 45 communist goals, you see these things happening. God help us. We need to pray and trust God, and do not vote for Socialism, or Communist. Unless you want to have all your rights taken away, tell us what we can do, say, do, watch, and literally totally controlled by the evil Communist Party. The average person will have no freedoms or rights at all.Total control!!!
          I want and pray for my freedom, my democracy that our founding fathers believed in, like truth, God, and we the people to speak and serve our God who Loves us. President Trump believes in our Nation, our Citizens, our rights and our future. He wants the best for all of us us a United States to be great Again. Love one another as you would want to be loved, and all lives matter.!!!

      1. E: .. or better yet, check out Fr. Chad Ripperger, a veteran Exorcist, having dealt with 7000
        and more cases of the Diabolical. A few were actual full-blown cases of diabolical possession.
        He also has recently put out 47 short videos comparing the tactics and psychology of the
        Demons with that of Communists. Their “language” is identical.

  7. I truly believe that our country is heading in a bad direction. We as Christians ✝️ know our Bible and we see what is happening. Republicans we need to come together for a great revival. Christians ✝️ too.
    We need to pray that our democrats have to go. We have to stand behind Trump. We have to shout out to our country and pray that God will bless us and answer our prayers.
    We don’t want socialism.

    1. And you think you are a God loving Christian ? You really, desperately need to read the Bible.

      God bless you, and have mercy on you !

    2. Thank you, people need to wake up and think for themselves and not follow just because it is the thing to do. Look at the whole picture, if I make this decision what will be the consequences now and in the future. Take care and God Bless everyone.

  8. Billionaire George soros was not born here and is a communist. He finds antifa, blm, and anyone who will damage the US.

    Joe fish, You might not be a believer, I learned of someone who claimed he was a prophet about 6 months ago and he prohpetize in 2007 that Trump would become president and would served 2 terms. Last week I was not looking for any more prophecies, but came across a story of a man that became friends with an American student that came to his country to go to medical school in 1983. This man asked him if he knew a man named Donald J. Trump. The student told him it sounded like the playboy in New York. The student is still alive and lives in New Jersey.

    There is more to the story, but what both of these people said amazed me. The said, This man is a genius. I will post the links to both if you want listen to them.

    Have you completely bought into all the media bs? Trump has NEVER EVER said the constitution is useless…NOT EVER! Its the democrats that are trying to change it! WAKE UP LESTER! Else you will be part of the problem if not already! Look at the facts and truth!

    1. Since Trump was elected President, the Democrats and Trump haters have been using projection. A lot of Freudian stuff was thrown out but some is very good. Projection is the most primitive defense mechanism. Projection: the very thoughts and feelings you have you say the other person is using.
      If projection was used on you at some time, you know it is maddening.
      Lester is totally misled.
      The Mainstream Media has destroyed so much in America. The mistake most good law abiding people make is to feel like they are being beat. This is what the MM and political monsters want you to think. They like you to be in fear.
      Ask people such as combat veterans from Vietnam what they did when they were hit by overwhelming forces. You think and move. You keep reacting and outsmart the bad guys. Don’t feel overwhelmed. Confront them and don’t take any crap from them.
      Write letters to your politicians and to the MM. Quit supporting the MM. Write major league sports and tell them you are ditching them. Tell the youth you are not interested in hearing their BS. Tell them you don’t give a damn about “microaggressions” and all their other infantile talk.
      Tell them they ought to be grateful they have flush toilets, clean water, showers.
      Tell them to live in other countries . Show them what happened in Rwanda 1994.
      Millions of Americans of all races and colors are so sick of the nonsense but as you already know it is part of the Saul Alinsky and other Communists playbooks to indoctrinate the young. Money and power are always big and also these Democrats and also the climate alarmists just plain HATE most of the human race which they feel are just dumb cattle. They truly hate.

    2. I wouldn’t worry too much about Lester, I’m betting he is either too young or too stupid to be a problem. a person doesn’t have to be a genius to read the communist goals and see how many of them are already fulfilled. We just have way too many lazy ignorant people in this country.

      I always get shouted down when I say there should be some sort of test for a person to vote, but why should a person have any say in how this country is run if he knows nothing about our history, if he is mentally incompetent, or is just totally lazy and contributes absolutely nothing to society.

      the sheep are following the lies as did Hitler’s followers, when Obama was running for president I would close my eyes and hear Hitler’s words coming from the tv, some of the speeches were word for word. if anyone cares I’m sure there are lots of old newsreels available with his lies to the german people on them.

  10. Lester, Pres. Trump loves this country and is a major roadblock in keeping us from globalism and being taken over. He has appointed judges that believe in our constitution. The main stream media has twisted his words and made him to be the exact opposite of what his agendas is. He is good for this country and business because he wants America strong and independent. Check out Newsmax TV. A conservative news channel, and Huckabee has many guest from Congress that paint an entirely different picture. Remember Kruchev said he would bury us from within without firing a single shot.

  11. There is no need to look any further, look at Cuba and Venezuela and that is the best example of what communism is all about.

    When it started in Cuba, the first thing they did was request all firearms form the citizens, then change the currency, then all schools went public so every child had a chance to be indoctrinated. Then came the Pioneros (young children named Pioneers) so when they grew, they could go into the young communist party, and then the control of food by rations so people would only think about what to find to eat everyday. Then the division of families because some members refused to be indoctrinated and those who wouldn’t could leave the country so the Cuban exodus began in 1959.

    And I can talk with authority, I am Cuban.

  12. When I was in Grade School we were warned about the communists. Now they have taken over the Democrat Party (Goal #15) – #s 39,40,41,42 are headline news and the fact is the Agenda IS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY’S
    Manifesto for the 2020 election. I, as a newly Naturalized immigrant, shall be voting for Donald J Trump for President because if he loses the future of America is Venezuela today.

  13. This is playing out just like paul harvey said he would do if he wanted to take over america we should fight vote these hacks out people in these cities have to stand up we are at war never give up your guns ever stop wearing damn mask and open up

  14. Long ago I could see that we are carrying out the communist plan. After reading the 45 goals I am now convinced we are on a path of national destruction. Some democrats are certainly aware of what they are doing and others are simply pawns, unknowingly voting in the best interest of the Marxist. If the dems. win the Presidency and both houses we will never recover unless we regain our Republic via a civil war. God (now taboo) forbid. Trump certainly sticks his foot in his mouth, often, but he stands between the USA we love and the demise of freedom.

  15. it is the Democrats that changed the mail in voting when they have been against it before. They put in a bill in Jan 3 2019 for mass mailing ballots. Absentee ballots are not the same and have been in use since the 1800’s and it’s an amendment to the Constitution regarding voting. The Dems put in a new bill because IT IS NOT THE SAME AS ABSENTEE BALLOTS. In facrt, a lot of the states now using mass mail ins despite the evidence of inaccuracies, fraud, ballot harvesting, etc, are Democrat run states. By mass mailing unsolicited applications for a ballot and actual presidental ballots, to EVERYONE whether they are eligible to vote or not, IS VOTER SUPPRESSION. It is being done by the Democrats, not Republicans or Trump. Wake up. They also forced the mass mail in ballots by not only inserting it into TWO stimulus relief bills, they brought it to the public and regarldess of the decision to change the way we vote is supposed to go through due process, Democrat run states are enforcing this without a vote, NJ is a good example. WAKE UP.

    Furthermore, several Democrat politicians have solicited funds for the MINN riots, for bail money. Peaceful protesters usually do not need bail money, but rioters DO. Several politicians since before Trump stepped foot into office began not only refusing to support the duly elected president, they openly disparage him, his decisions, and undermind him at every turn. Main stream media is in Democrat pockets. The Democrat Bloomerang, from Florida had donated millions to pay for felons past due fees so they can vote. Can you say BUYING VOTES? That is what it is and voter suppression. Democrats openly support the rioting, and the Mayors and Governers of each of the RIOTING cities have not only defunded police, but REFUSE to restore law and order. Mainstream continually post news about “mostly peaceful protesting” while showing video of RIOTING and failing to call it rioting at every turn. People living in those cities will tell you of the rioting and violence. President Trump for months has offered them help to restore law and order and each Governer and Mayor refuse help, say so in press conferences, and some of you think it’s Trump? Wake up.

    Trump advocated for the usual way of voting, via polls and absentee ballots, but the Democrats have enforced unsolicited mass mail in ballots. I got 4 ballots in the mail, but no one asked for it, and only there is only two adults in my home. BLM, antifa, and the other rioters support Democrats, and when they target Republicans or Trump supporters, they are showing their allegiance to the Democrats. And some of you think it’s Trump?

    Wake up America, the Green New Deal (GND) was made by AOC who belongs to the Democrat Socialists of America OPENLY- Her name is on the list of memebers and every known socialist openly supports her. Her policies outlined in the GND are all socialist and targets removing and abolishing every means America can sustain itself: gas, oil, agriculture, energy, factories, cars, transportation, and it goes on, thus guaranteeing that America would be dependent on other countries and not able to provide food for our country. The entire GND is socialism AND communism. When they seek to ban private property ownership, that IS socialism and communism.

    Defunding the police, some states have CHOP and CHAZ zones where there are no police, some have defunded a little, some a lot more, and where there was defuning, rioters and others who support them, call for total abolition of the police. Think it’s not happening? Look around you.

    1619 project and Critical Race Theory teaches racism, hatred of our country and Trump Banned the use of both. And you think it is Trump being a racist or the one trying to ruin the country? In Less then 4 months, Rioting cities went from partially defunded police, to some fully no police zones and all of those are democrat run but three (two are independent and only ONE is Republican). Trump backs the blue, and some of you think this is trump’s america?? Democrats are doing it, and supporting the dismantling of our country, not him.

    The main stream media continually perpetuates lies against Trump. He has denounced ALL hate groups over the years, since he was a young man, and still they push saying he is racist. That is propaganda to ignore actual and verified truths for lies they wish to sell to the public.

    The Russian collusion- was based on lies of the dossier, and everything with it. That is why there are investigations into where the allegations came from, but the MSM ignores this, because they don’t want you to know Clinton and Obama and others were behind it- but if you ressearch it, you can find it. There was no Russian Collusion on Trump’s part, but Biden has collusion with Ukraine, and the Democrat party at the time committed a crime against Trump then. If you listen to the hearings, you will hear witesses say, no evidence of Trump and Collusion but there IS of Hilary, Obama and others on their side who were involved IN it. Later this January, Trump’s impeachment was overturned because of this. Yet people believe the lies? You’ll see, hopefully not before it is too late.

    I recognize socialism when I see it. And I will NEVER support socialism. You only vote for communism or socialism ONCE. We cannot let it happen.

  16. I complain about what is happening to our country and my wife tells me we are just sitting on our butts, letting it happen. She is right. I have donated to Trump as much as our limited budget can stand ( we are both retired), I talk to friends and dems. that will listen. I write on sites such as this and I read about what is happening all the time. I am truly scared about where this country is going. What can I do to help put us back on the right track? I don’t want to see America lost.

  17. Lester and Mark are both Democratic Socialists/Communists or too brainwashed to see the truth. Everything they said is what the Democrats are doing not Trump. This hits all 45 nails on the head! Our country is being destroyed from the enemy within.

    President Trump is the man who is trying to save our wonderful country. How ironic that he is the 45th President. Our school system has been destroyed by the left and we need to stop any federal funding to the schools that are teaching our youth to hate America.

    We need to make sure that President Trump remains in office and continues to drain the swamp. Please continue to inform people of the truth about the Democratic party and the need to vote for President Trump.

    I believe God is behind President Trump and America, pray for President Trump, pray for our country, pray for our freedom. God Bless America!

  18. One really notices the changes that have occurred after having lived overseas and reading newspapers in a foreign language about the United States, and how it is unraveling. It was upon return to the US after a decade away, that I really felt the change. I thought to myself, what the hell happened to my country?

    After some reflection, one realizes this has been going on for decades. The problem is that while living here the changes occur ever so slowly, and that is because the plan for change spans a much longer timeframe than any single adult’s life. So, the changes occur here and there, little by little, so that no one single person feels the change in a drastic manner. It is such that even as the changes occur Americans just learn to take it up the Arse again and again and again to the point they don’t know they are being screwed anymore. We have horrible health care per dollar spent, we spend more on medical systems and pharmaceuticals than other countries, and these are but examples. Pharmaceutical companies will sell a name brand drug overseas as generic, while still charging Americans the designer/name brand cost. Because they can. You see, healthcare for all is only socialist in its construct and message. It is actually a 100’s of billions of dollars capitalistic endeavor to collect your hard earned income. Think about it… there is nothing socialist about Obamacare other than the law stating we all must have it. The rest of it is pure capitalism… and it is a partnership between the federal government and the insurance industry. Any changes to it will only do one thing… increase cost.

    Further, the republican party has control of the Senate, POTUS and soon the judiciary… what kind of changes do you foresee? Will Roe vs. Wade be overturned? maybe… But, what will happen to welfare?



    Because it is easier to control the masses with free handouts, and even the Republicans know this… so, although they may talk about it, it will never go further than rhetoric. Talk, talk, talk… they will literally filibuster themselves.

    But, there is one scary side to all of this.


    Boomers will die off in the next 20 years, and they are predominantly conservative… even if Democrats.

    Millennials will rise, and they are predominantly socialist in their outlook. Whether we like it or not, this country will become more socialist in the next two decades, and likely sooner as more young people take their votes to the polls.

    This is an amazing time to be alive. This political upheaval will be stuffed into history books and will reshape the face of not only America, but the entire planet. Because, it will result in the collapse of the greatest project in democracy ever undertaken.

    If there was anything that could stop it, it would be term limits on federal government seats. The Pelosi, Sanders and Biden types would have been long gone had there been term limits… they would have made their showing and moved on with their chosen professions. In NO WAY should a congressional seat be a career goal… it should be civil service for 4 or six years, and then a return to one’s profession. That’s it. no retirement, no career politicians. Plus, when no one needs to run for re-election they can put all of their effort into achieving the goals they set out for when they initially obtained their office.

    4 years in the House, 6 years in the Senate, 6 years as President … just think about how much can be accomplished if they aren’t playing politics to keep their seats. The only exception should be that the Vice-POTUS should be allow to run for office of President.

    Also, consider supporting the Convention of States movement. It’s the best way to take our country back without unnecessary violence.

    1. Except for some of your analysis, I agreed up to a point. It is when you stated, “supporting the Convention of States,” you lost me completely. You have not read the Founders, Federalist Papers, Common Sense, or our history, for if you had, you wouldn’t have put forward this flawed (yes, flawed) observation.

      You do realize this is a dream come true for the Left in this country? It has changed names several times over the last century. It was narrowly defeated under Reagan, yet persists because the Communists/Socialists count on citizens’ forgetful nature as they lead their day-to-day lives with freedom.

      Perchance, you may have spent overseas too long, and yes, I too have traveled, but never lost sight of our enemies of Freedom.


  19. Eva….I well remember when the Cubans were coming to the shores of South Florida to escape Cuba. It was so sad to see what they had to go through just to get here. Night after night I prayed for them and their safe 90 mile passage to the United States.

  20. For those posters on here blaming Trump for the advancement of Communism, you have been sufficiently brain-washed by the Democratic Party. I’ve watched the advancement of Communism in America since the 1950’s…Trump has only been in office four years trying desperately to undo the damage already done which is why corrupt Democrats hate him. You have now voted for Joe Biden, a pro-CCP candidate. America will no longer exist.

    1. Yes and i would like to know why everyone else has a place to reply except the ones who say the republicans are advancing thus communist agenda. If they are its because they are siding with the whole damn democratic party!

  21. The Democratic Party(social communists) have now successfully infiltrated America’s ruling class, the politicians. Heaven help us.
    We can only hope that there are enough good democrats and republicans left to thwart the Socialist agenda but I am not holding my breath.
    Donald Trump is our last hope of true leadership to help our nation stay true to its core values and support the Constitution and uphold the Bill of Rights.
    He may be gone for now but what he fought for will be everlasting.

  22. DR Caine: BINGO ! ! ! From the time —1963 —when the 45 goals of Communism for America
    were entered into the Congressional Record until now ( almost 6o years .. plus the years of
    Soviet intent since the 1930s) has been plenty of time for pretty well ALL 45 goals to be
    achieved. Certainly #15 and #17. “America, you do not know what FREEDOM is because you
    have never LOST IT!” ( Josef Cardinal Mindzenty of Hungary, during his people’s revolt against
    the occupying Russian Soviets in 1956). Currently all the so-called “conservative” media are
    pointing to that very “fait accomplis” (accomplished fact) as we speak!
    “Oh, but it can’t happen here” you say. It just HAS happened here!

  23. Seeing Red? .. your last line ( “And we need God too.” ) is the starting point if ANY kind
    reclaiming and recovery of our Freedom(s) can once again be the foundation of our
    Democracy ( . . which, by the way, Winston Churchill pegged as the least-worst forms
    of government. Because, if the people —the Demos —become corrupted, dumbed down,
    too comfortable in their own materialism, or lose perpetual VIGILANCE, well .. there goes
    Freedom. There goes Democracy. Democratic rule within a genuine Monarchy —as in Churchill’s England — can have “the edge” over Republican Democracy. Notice what
    Stalin said about America, ““America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: Its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” – Joseph Stalin. So, three: 1/ Love of the Nation. 2/Living the Moral Law (Divine Positive Law/ Ten Commandments). 3/ Living from
    one’s Conscience, Soul, Interior life, Gospel principles. Stalin ought to know! He’s a failed
    Seminary student studying for the Priesthood, kicked out of the Seminary in his home
    country of Georgia (before the Bolshevik Revolution).
    So HOW would Stalin take down America? Through the corruption of morals, of right
    teaching, of right governing, of right Patriotism (the Flag, the Constitution), and, most important, the destruction of the Family and obliteration of Religion.
    And he (and his successors) did it through infiltration of all the major American institutions. —the Government/ Politics; Education (all levels); Economy; the Military; Religion. Between Freemasonry and it’s brain-child Communism, it took 100 years.
    So what! They did it, didn’t they!

  24. Seeing Red? .. your last line ( “And we need God too.” ) is the starting point if ANY kind
    reclaiming and recovery if our Freedom(s) can once again be the foundation of our
    Democracy ( . . which, by the way, Winston Churchill pegged as the least-worst form
    of government. Because, if the people —the Demos —become corrupted, dumbed down,
    too comfortable in their own materialism, lose their RELIGIOUS FAITH, and, thereby, lose perpetual VIGILANCE over their Nation and its Freedom, well .. there goes Freedom. There goes Democracy. Democratic rule within a genuine Monarchy —as in Churchill’s England — can have “the edge” over Republican Democracy.
    Notice what Stalin said about America, ““America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: Its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” – Joseph Stalin.
    So, three: 1/ Love of the Nation. 2/Living the Moral Law (Divine Positive Law/ Ten Commandments). 3/ Living from one’s Conscience, Soul, Interior life, Gospel principles.
    And Stalin ought to have known! He’s was a failed Seminary student studying for the Priesthood, kicked out of the Seminary in his home country of Georgia (before the Bolshevik Revolution).
    So HOW would Stalin take down America? Through the corruption of morals, of right
    teaching, of right governing, of right Patriotism (the Flag, the Constitution), and, most important, the destruction of the Family and the obliteration of Religion.
    And he (and his successors) did it through Soviet infiltration of all the major American institutions. —the Government/ Politics; Education (all levels); Economy; the Military; Religion. Between Freemasonry and it’s brain-child Communism, it took 100 years.
    So what! They did it, didn’t they!

  25. These things are being done systematically. We the People must see that these goals are never met. This is more than I expected but the way things are going is exactly where it’s at it, we are headed. God save America!

  26. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition…. I don’t think you need to create an impression to support that. I believe there was something called the American Revolution. We weren’t cucks like Canadians who asked the Crown to give them independence. We fought for it when we exhausted all other peaceful means. The 2nd Amendment was put in place to give the People the means to resist a tyrannical govt.

  27. While I agree with most I read here, I cannot abide the terms Democracy, Democratic Republic, Republican Democracy Etc. We are a Constitutional Republic, which, at-the-moment, is being torn down before our very eyes.

    The brilliance of this Republic was for a Moral god-fearing people to preserve. Alas, all has been corrupted, and so it will fall.

    Your question should be “will I allow the forces of evil to determine the destiny of our re-birth, or will I give my children, my community, and myself, a firm anchor of resistance to evil, and a foundation based on Judeo-Christian principals needed to rebuild our nation, once hard men (and women) have again fought and died to preserve it”?

    We are a good people, but we trusted those who betrayed us for too long. Now we fight, and God help those that oppose us.

  28. This is for all the ‘Lesters’ in the house. What a totally uninformed idiot. If you’ve ever seen the movie Mississippi Burning there is a character in it named ‘Lester’ and he is exactly like this moron with about as much sense!!

  29. The Demoncratic party has always been the anti-American party from its beginning. In the beginning of this Nation, the borders were wide open since the early 1600’s. The freedom loving Judeo-Christians, and there were others, who came to the New World, with opportunistic, control freaks, other than honorable intensions.

    People need to learn true and correct History. During the American Revolution, only one third of the Colonials participated, one third remained neutral, and one third were British loyalist, known as Torre’s.

    My point is we have always had enemies within our very foundation of this great experience called America. The longest running stable Constitution ever in the history of the world. The average length of any other nations constitution is only 17 years.

    Yes, America is Exceptional. The enemies are the Demon crates, the mainstream media, academia, Rino’s, groups such as BLM, Antifa, etc., and the main culprit, the One World Government types.

    The only solution is to round them all up and kick them out of our Country. Close the borders, and only have a controlled and legal immigration system.

    We only except people who can contribute to our society and must swear an oath to loyalty to the Constitution of the United States of America….

  30. These are rules of Marxism-Leninism, a regime described in The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, 1848, and funded by the Rothschilds. Marx’s theory came to realization in 1917 when the Bolshevik Party of Lenin and Stalin won victory in the Great October Revolution, which was also funded by the Rothschilds. Before 1963, Communism had/has already existed in China, Eastern Europe and other countries, and it is now being installed into the U.S. and the western world.

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