1. Thanks for debunking eco-scare and junk science.

    But unfortunately we are a irrational species where fear, eco-scare sell more than empirical science.

    Me, I look at global warming as a good thing, I hope they are right as the alternative is a ice age. What would people eat if wheat growing areas were frozen over or we couldn't use CO2 to plant/harvest/deliver food?

    Eco-nuts are an irrational bunch at best.

    Love your charts….

  2. Back when Carl Sagan was pushing "Nuclear Winter," I looked at his climate models for the Defense Nuclear Agency. Sagan's earth had no oceans–a good assumptions for values of 3 << 1. The model was over simplified. Each upgrade to the physics warmed nuclear winter a bit. Winter became spring before vanishing entirely.

    The offsprings of Sagan's earth are the "climate models" of today. Way back then, I challenged the modelers to explain the effects of the eruptions of Mt. Tambora and Karkatoa. (One caused the "year without a summer" and the other didn't.)

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