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  1. Dr Ed Berry.
    Your approach – physics and math reached the same conclusion I have with charts of ice core data, NOAA data and a trouble shooters engineering approach.
    1 Arctic Ice did melt rapidly after the year 2,000, but increased before that while CO2 was also increasing – (Negative correlation)
    2 Magma activity under the Eastern Arctic Ocean increased dramatically after 1995 correlates with melting ice. (Negative for CO2, Positive for magma )
    3 Arctic Ocean circulates over the magma then follows the Russian Shore; heated water melted the Russian ice; no melting of Canadian Ice. (Negative CO2, Positive correlation with magma rising along the North Atlantic ridge where magma is causing spreading of the ocean floor.)
    4 The volcanic chain of islands from Iceland to Russias’ Severnaya all showed 15 deg rises on NOAA’s temperature map and sudden increases in earthquake activity. (positive correlation for Magma)
    5 Melting of glaciers and sea shelf ice along West Antarctica’s shore correlates with the volcano chain under the melting ice (Negative for CO2, positive for Magma)
    6 Hot spots on the NOAA map occur above mines for uranium or earthquake activity which follows magma activity. (Negative for CO2)

    I would appreciate your comments on my book;
    POLAR BEARS IN THE HOT TUB – – Their Future and Ours.
    Published by Dec, 2018 Also available elsewhere.

    Arthur H Krugler
    Very Senior Chemical Engineer
    Significant experience in heat generation and heat transfer.

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