1. With out CO2, we would all die , because without CO2 the trees and all green growth would die, and without the green growth, their would be no oxygen for all aninals , like humans.

  2. If anything, climate changes CO-2. Consider how much higher the percent of CO-2 was during the dinosaur "age", when lush forests abounded and giant animals fed on huge ferns and other plants. Climate change fanatics insist that more CO-2 in the atmosphere would "destroy" life as we know it. Perhaps. Perhaps not. It certainly would provide more of what plants need to thrive! I guess they don't teach even the simplistic "water cycle" in grade school, let alone places of "higher learning". Maybe we should strive to lower CO-2 to zero – then the elitists of the world can attempt to grow food in their greenhouses, so they can feed all us gasping peasants. CO-2 in one's blood is important for muscle tone – too little, and we experience at least one annoying effect: hiccups.

  3. Jim

    You should probably direct Dr. Ed to Friends of Science located out of Calgary Ca. These guys have spent quite a bit of their lives studying Global warming and CO-2 levels around the world. It might let him understand that the Earth goes through cycles (about 600 to 700 year cycles) of warm and cold, based on solar flares from the sun.

    Just as an after thought it would be a pity while the world is organizing around CO-2 levels and global warming when the earth begins to get cool and then get very cold and humans are not prepared for it. Read about the Missoula ice dams (National Geographic's has reports on it) and understand why there are no trees just past Spokane WA., all the way to the Cascade mountains. Through research they have found that this ice age has occurred several times over the past 40,000 years, and when it melted the water went West in the direction of the Cascade mountains dumping topsoil in the Wilmette valley, Oregon as well as Washington state and also in the Pacific ocean. For this to happen on such a scale there had to be warming as well as extreme cold. In short I think that the hype around global warming is being used for something totally different than what it is intended; maybe one world government/control.

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