1. Those responses are disheartening. I have liked Dr. Al for a long time and know little about any of the others other than Zinke and Rosendale but the rest are out of touch with the folks I talk to. All of my friends agree with Dr. Al. I haven’t talked to one person in the last 3 months that has any concern about climate change other than the policies being foisted on us to fight it.

  2. And in those responses we have yet another reason why I’ve come to believe that the Libertarian Party is actually wielded BY the DNC to split the conservative vote. (I’ve been suspicious ever since one of their early presidential candidates spoke at MSU-Bzn ca.1980, and was whisked away by his handlers when a certain audience member tried to ask him a hard question.)

  3. Only one candidate, Republican i gets an “A” because he correctly and boldly answered, “Man-made climate change is a hoax.”

    Is Dr. Al Olszewsk the only one that is running to represent Montana in Congress that knows what is going on with this hoax about anthropogenic climate change? Where in the world did the other 15 candidates receive their education about the climate, or anything else for that matter, to believe that the trace gas, CO₂, has the ability to cause something as complex as the Earth’s climate to change. How these climate ‘alarmist’ seem to believe that the trace gas CO₂ drives the Earth’s climate is beyond believe as far as how stupid some educated folks can be. “Too much of what is called ‘education’ is little more than an expensive isolation from reality.” Thomas Sowell

    The “urgent” climate change issues that I believe should be addressed are the drought issues.
    Just what would James Boyette do, if he could do anything, about his “urgent” climate change issue; the drought issues?

    Did James Boyette do an amazing rain dance to deliver this much rain to Yellowstone Park starting on June 12, 2022?
    Historic rain event floods, wrecks Yellowstone
    Park closes all entrances after record-shattering precipitation prompts evacuations, strands towns and washes out roads and bridges.
    […]The weather calamity comes on the heels of an exceptionally dry winter, Natural Resources Conservation Service hydrologist Eric Larsen said. There was a record-low April 1 snowpack in the Yellowstone River headwaters, but that snow stuck around because of a wet, cool spring. Sunday and Monday’s torrential rains melted much of that snow, and the combined precipitation overwhelmed the waterways coursing through and surrounding the park.
    […]The rain that fell in Yellowstone Sunday and Monday sailed past daily records, Straub said. A rain gauge on the Gibbon River near Norris Junction tallied 1.63 inches of precipitation by 9 a.m. Tuesday. A site on the north side of Yellowstone Lake recorded up 1.75 inches, beating the old daily record, 0.43 inches, by more than 400%, he said.
    “Single day observations over an inch are very rare,” Straub said. “We were already getting snowmelt, and add this 1 to 2 inches of rainfall and it started flowing fast into the valleys.”
    Northwest Wyoming was forecasting “periodic showers” into Tuesday, he said. Those rains could drop “a tenth or two-tenths” of precipitation at a time, but should abate by Tuesday evening.

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