1. I just learned that Doug Coffin is now a candidate for the newly created Montana Senate seat in District 49 (west Missoula). In the process of vetting him, I discovered that he has been connected with Montana Conservation Voters, and in perusing its website, and board of director's bios – yes, as I suspected, it is a hard-core leftist group – with four chapters: Flathead, Gallatin-Park, Missoula and Yellowstone. When I look at their activities/agenda, it's easy to see why Doug Coffin is their guy in the legislature. Having read Dr. Ed's questions for Doug listed above, and being familiar with the dishonest travesty that was HJ-10, which Doug authored this year, I will work very hard to expose and keep this charlatan from being elected. Many activist 'scientists' like Doug Coffin, surrounded and supported by a gigantic network of alarmist believers, manipulate, co-opt, diminish and attack real and trustworthy science, scientists and others these days for their own political/cultural special interests regarding climate science. When supposedly intelligent people(like Coffin and his minions)are subverting science to the degree and on the scale that we're seeing, it raises for me the possibility of a sinister specter – and unavoidable resistance to it.

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