1. In politics and religion, ideas are formulated based on preferred political thinking, faith and dogma.

    In the very complex field of climate science, the only valid formulation of ideas is based on the Scientific Method, which constantly challenges each hypothesis with real world data. If the hypothesis does not agree with all real world data, it must be discarded. Such is the case of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming, CAGW, renamed for easier global marketing purposes to Climate Change.

    In the world of popular climate science and the popular environmental movement, claims are made of catastrophic anthropogenic (man-made) global warming and disastrous climate change of all types.

    Many scientists with actual advanced degrees in climate and environment related fields and extensive related research experience disagree with the Popular Catastrophes For Earth Movements.

    This article by Dr. Ed Berry objectively describes what is happening in the Catholic Church regarding false predictions of catastrophes for billions of poor around the world and demands to stop use of fossil fuels. Most objective people agree that fossil fuels and nuclear power have provided the world with tremendous benefits and must continue doing so in the future.

    Yes, these energy sources must be managed well for safety and environmental issues, just like everything else in the modern world.

    The position of the Catholic Church, as expressed by Pope Francis and the Bishops, to stop use of fossil fuels is irresponsible and wrong for humanity.

    The world must continue to use fossil fuels and nuclear energy for the benefit of people and the environment everywhere.

    John Shanahan

    President of Go Nuclear, website: go-nuclear.org

    President of Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy – USA, website: efn-usa.org

    Bachelors and Masters in Civil Engineering, University of Notre Dame

    Dr. of Engineering, Ruhr University Bochum, Bochum, Germany

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