1. Maurice Strong and one of the Rothschild went before the United Nations and they launch the environmental movement, this was in 1971.
    Also in 1971, President Nixon announced over television that he was changing the economy of the United States from an industrial to a service economy. President Nixon also open the trade door with China. In the same year Mr. Nixon had Congress passed the Environmental Protection Act. 1972 mothers started staying in the workforce after having a baby. The workforce double in 10 years. The EPA started to shut down Americans industries. They went after any factory that produced a little smoke, especially the steel mills. I was an industrial electrician back in New Jersey, between 1972 thru 1980 , 60% of the plants I worked in either close their door or moved overseas, because of affirmative action(1972) or regulations from the EPA. Dr. Elwood says the earth is warming, if he is right we will not need oil an coal except to run all of our vehicles , light our homes, an make electrify and food will grow ever where . If he is wrong an Dr.Ed is right, we will need oil and coal to stay warm.The EPA and the democrats if they had their way , would all the dams in our rivers, shut down all means to produce electrify , grow our food, and abort all babies. In my opinion the EPA , government agencies and the democrats all get their marching from the communist, because they are hell bent to shut down the United States. Dr. Ed with all of his credentials is force to waste his time fighting they environmentalist, instead of using his knowledge to make life better for all humans.

  2. "… If you believe climate models, you are a Flat-Earther. … "

    Love it, that turnabout is sure to get under a few AGW promoters' skins. Irony being that a predictably large population of Al Gore's sycophants would never get the joke, but they would be quite likely to resort to calling you and anybody agreeing with your piece flat-earthers, or worse, suggesting your work is part of a larger misinformation effort paid for by fossil fuel industry money and/or "dark money" (whatever that is).

    If I may, my suggestion for you and other skeptics: don't be the least bit bashful about confronting those two accusations. The Flat Earth Society is where folks can buy gag t-shirts. The idea that 'big coal & oil' purchased two decades' worth of lies from skeptic climate scientists is not only literally unsupportable, it has every appearance of being consolidated by enviro-activists into a message having media traction out of an initial failing effort rooted in Al Gore's 1991-2 Senate office.

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