1. Dr. Ed

    Have you ever looked at the evidence that those proxy are poorly dated and not useful in that respect?

    I would refer you to the excellent work of Dr. Sarfatti and his associates at Creation Ministries International, cmi.com

    All observations are interpreted in a structure based on many assumptions. Yes, over time, many have gotten to the point that there are few assumptions. Unfortunately some assumption have become dogma that cannot be questioned. Please give them a skeptical view.

  2. Looking over the list of proofs I notice that most of them are based on uniformitarian principles. That is, the idea that things have been happening about the same way and rate since the beginning. That immediately runs into the problem that many major features cannot be explained under uniformitarian rules and require catastrophic causes. When we take catastrophic causes into account we start to realize how ridiculous it is to think that microscopic layers could accumulate for millions of years undisturbed.

    A great example of this are the ice cores. The researchers tell us that the earth was several degrees warmer than now for several thousand years during the hypsithermal. With the amount of melt we see now how can anyone seriously believe the glaciers and ice caps weren't melted or at least seriously damaged during that period???

  3. It should be pointed out (and I wish this pastor would realize it) that nowhere in the Bible is it claimed that the earth is only some 6,000 years old.

  4. Outstanding treatise, and to the point. My one critique is of the characterization of the tea party. I'm sure there are members of the tea party who are religious fundamentalists who believe in a 6000-year-old-earth. I am confident that they are the insignificant minority. To me, the accusation that the tea party is chock full of religious fundamentalists is a wish and mantra of the left, it does a good job of scaring mainstream conservatives into opposing the tea party. The left is world class at creating dissention and conflict among its enemies and among its useful idiots.

    The fundamentals of the tea party are limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets. Because these precepts were shared by the Founders, who were majority religious, it isn't a huge leap to delude people that the tea party is too far right whacko.

    I understand Dr. Ed's posit that to split up the GOP by fielding more conservative candidates who scare "independents" is counterproductive. However, I hold two views he may consider:

    1. Introducing more conservative candidates into the primary process helps to inject tea party principles (see above) into the discussion whether they get nominated or not.

    2. Should a more conservative candidate get nominated, it is not a slam dunk that they will alienate the electorate. But I submit they do have to exhibit the logic Dr. Ed promotes, not a fundamentalist vision.

  5. My paragraph, "Physicists find Genesis Footprints 13.8 billion years old," now needs correction.

    <a href="http://scitation.aip.org/content/aip/magazine/physicstoday/news/10.1063/PT.5.7143?utm_source=Physics+Today&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=5306738_Physics+Today%3a+The+week+in+Physics+2-6+February&dm_i=1Y69,35QPE,E1P3O9,BBITX,1&quot; target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Physics Today just announced the finding has not been confirmed. Their news release says,

    Evidence for gravitational waves may yet be lurking in the original BICEP2 data; if so, it will take more work to tease it out.

  6. Dear Vernon, Greenland and Antarctica ice cores show annual records that exceed 800,000 years. It was not warm enough in Greenland and Antarctica in the last 800,000 years to have melted the snow that became ice cores. But if it did get warm enough then that would have deleted some of the annual records in the present ice cores. The result would be that the ice cores measure a longer time period.

    Still, we are a long way out from 6000 years.

  7. Dear Greg, you are correct. Although the English interpretation of the Bible uses the word "day", the Jewish Bible in Hebrew uses a word that means period of time.

    Also, until the Earth appeared billions of years after the universe began, there was no such thing as a "day."

    The belief in a 6000 year old earth and universe is a hypothesis. Data prove this hypothesis is wrong. Therefore, Bible translators and interpreters made a mistake.

  8. Dear Big D, It is now February 2017, so we can look back. I now have written a whole book on the tea party. They opposed the CSKT Water Compact and they were wrong. They were irrational. They were a danger to Montana.

    My book "Montana's Last Indian Water Compact" shows that tea party "principles" may at first seem conservative, but they are not conservative. They accomplish very non-conservative goals. The tea party helped elect Jon Tester to the US Senate because Denny Rehberg "was not good enough for them." Tester accomplish the exact opposite of conservative goals.

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