1. I agree with you. I’m no expert on climate change but I have researched to some extent and I thought the same thing that if Trump understood climate change and I also thought, what’s wrong with his researchers that they don’t give him the information.

      I watched a replay on what looked like where Patrick Moore appeared before some committee and explained why human’s are not causing climate change. He used to be, I believe, one of the founders of Green Peace but left because they changed. He’s Canadian and I believe lives near Vancouver.

      I also have three ideas on COVID-19 that if he implemented them he would save lives and also win the election by showing his good handling of the coronavirus. I so wish I could get them to him, mostly to SAVE LIVES, because he would be re-elected.

  1. Dr. Ed. Remember President Trump is not a product of government, Biden for the last 47 years has not paid one penny in taxes, because all government employee’s salaries comes from taxing the private sector. Who is pushing climate change, the democrats communist, it is a way to scaring stupid Americans. I look at the things the President has accomplished. like https://rehepac.com/f/president-trumps-many-accomplishments-thru-jan-2020

  2. While I agree that Trump could have done much better in debating the real causes of Climate Change I have yet to see a temperate climate changing into a sub-tropical or a tropical one.
    The mere change from “Global Warming” term to “Climate Change” is to add a dramatic-political flavour to a discussion that should have been strictly Scientific.
    Just remember: “To get a real answer follow the money trail”.

  3. Climate was always Maurice Strong’s IPCC Charade, United Nations Global Governance was always these Elite Activists only agender! 1947 Strong joined the UN, 1968 David Rockefeller founded the”Think Tank” For the UN proposed Global Governance, Strong became the architect of all UN Global Conferences, their first was Founex Switzerland in 1969, In 1972 Strong formed the UNEP and hi-jacked the Green Agenda, In 1974 Australia Voted for the Lima Declaration as UNIDO, ratified by Australia in 1986 as the Lima Declaration, committing countries to a 25% Reduction in Industry by the year 2000, to Developing Countries, In 1988 IPCC was formed and hi-jacked Climate Science, In 1993 UNIPCC Agenda21 was Signed as Strong’s 800page UNFCCC Global governance for 21st Century!

  4. Climate Science was always Maurice Strong’s IPCC Charade! Global Governance was their Real Goal. 1947 Strong joined the UN, 1968 David Rockefeller and Elite Global Activists, founded the “Think Tank” for the United Nations, Maurice Strong became the architect of all proposed Global Governance Conferences, First, Founex Switzerland 1969. In 1972 Strong formed the UNEP and hi-jacked the Green Agenda. 27/3/1975 Australia Voted for the Lima Agreement as the UNIDO, Committing a 25% Reduction in Industry by the year 2000, to Developing Countries, 1986 Australia Ratified as the Lima Declaration, 1988 the IPCC was formed and hi-jacked the Climate Science. 1993 UNIPCC Agenda21 was Signed as Strong’s 800page UNFCCC, an extension of Global Governance for the 21st Century!

  5. I believe that the President is aware of this fraud that is being rammed down our throats, but he felt it was more politically strategic to simply address the insane cost of the Dem’s Green New Deal instead of attempting to educate many millions of scientifically ignorant Americans, including many Republicans.

    The Marxists have brainwashed us incrementally, and it is not easy to undo that brainwashing with easy one-liners. People who do not have a background in the scientific method or in how to lie with statistics are easily swayed. During the debate, Trump resisted the questions of the moderator to trap him into directly saying that he believes that climate change is man-made.

    After he wins, I anticipate he will risk coming on stronger about this massive fraud.

  6. Dear Ed I took possession of your new book yesterday. Very excited and will thoroughly enjoy. Every word will be carefully considered and reread.
    There is no doubt in my mind that people have been brainwashed. The behavioural psychologists are very busy cultivating groupthink.
    The acceptance or rejection of AGW has become one of politics and psychology. That is where the battle will take place. You, as a scientist, have engaged with non-scientists and given them support.
    My simple plan is to Leaflet with questions about the neglect of scientific principles, the consequences of political decisions based on pseudo-science, the money driving the argument and the ideological motivation for the deception. We are told what to believe rather than convinced by reason. Ask the question and sow the seed.
    Questioning works in psychology as well as science and is an antidote for phobias. Exposure to basic questions is lacking, your book will help.
    In promoting ‘the season if truth’ the net should be spread widely. All must be drawn and persuaded into reason. The challenge is to free those who have been indoctrinated, and we cannot afford not to challenge.
    Whatever people think of Donald Trump as a person, he is the best opportunity there is for a return to sanity. As for the UK, Trump will improve our chances of exposing the greed and the ‘woke’ agenda and I for one will be keeping all my fingers crossed.

  7. You, who say Trump is not doing enough, are all discussing only CO2 as a cause of climate change, you are all just trying to dispute the prosecutor’s evidence, and none are studying, understanding and teaching the actual causes of climate change. This is not Trump’s fault, this is your fault, you have reinforced that only CO2 matters.
    Climate change is natural, there are alternating warm and cold cycles. We just came out of the little ice age, a warm cycle now is as it should be if nature is still in control
    Leap second additions have become further and further apart since the atomic clock was put in service to measure Length of Day. Sea Leve must have dropped or leap seconds would be needed more frequently.
    Herman A (Alex) Pope

    1. Length of day is measured extremely accurately. It is compared to the Atomic Clock.
      Sea level changes have daily tides, seasonal cycles, storm cycles, the range of the measurements and the uncertainty are huge compared the their claimed accuracy. They can say anything and no one could prove them right or wrong, but the shorter time of day does prove them wrong, since 1972 leap seconds are added less frequently. If you ever watched ice skating or dancing, you know the changes in inertia, arms out vs arms in, changes the spin rate. More ice on Greenland and Antarctica and lower oceans have reduced the Length of Day. That is Solid Evidence. We do not need to push back on CO2, they have lied about sea level or they just do not understand what is going on, they really don’t even seem to have a clue.

      1. Dr Ed Berry,
        In your book, you gave the court case, the defense offered evidence the accused was out of town, they ignored all the prosecution evidence, they won.
        Length of Day has decreased, sea level has gone down, there is more ice or water on land and out of the oceans since 1972. Case closed!
        Go tell Trump, there is time to use this before the election.
        Herman A (Alex) Pope

  8. The following excerpt regarding anthropogenic (man-made) global warming has been taken from the preface for the book, “Clexit”, by Donn Dears, a retired General Electric executive and an expert on energy issues. This excerpt was written by Bryan Leyland, a New Zealand-based consulting engineer. I believe it is an excellent description of this profoundly dangerous and destructive fraud. It reads:
    “The book is a valuable contribution to the growing evidence that dangerous man-made global warming is the biggest hoax in the history of the world – and that futile efforts to solve this non-existent problem will impoverish billions of people in the United States and all over the world. Is this what we want?”
    For more information please visit http://www.petitionproject.org and click on Purpose of Petition.

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