1. Yes, Dr. Berry, we are at that point of having to chose between liberty and WEF slavery.

    God Bless people loyal to the founding principles of the United States of America.

    May we prevail over the myth spuming man-made climate change alarmists.

  2. Your fights is our fight Dr Berry. The freedom-loving people of Australia are fighting for their future also. May we prevail and win back our future. All the best
    John Bates
    Sydney, Australia

  3. I believe the earth is getting warmer and some of it can be caused by carbon but I think the bad weather for the last
    year was caused mainly by the Hunga Tonga volcano blowing all that water vapor in the atmosphere. I haven’t seen
    any reporting anywhere about it except on the internet. What’s your opinion ?

  4. It’s not the WEF. They are helping execute the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals agendas that will turn Montana and every other state into a Communitarian society with Zero Trust protocols and totalitarian slavery using Carbon and Social Credits as the foundation of a new financial currency system. The tools they are using are behind the guise of Public-Private Partnerships (P3). The WEF is implementing the ESG agendas via private corporations.

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