1. All well and good, Ed, but Trump’s replies are far too detailed for a Presidential debate. Short and simple is as far as he could go if he wants people to understand. The arguments you present are ones which should have been promulgated by others well before these debates.

    1. Dear David,

      I agree. But if I made the arguments shorter here, then people would not understand them. My goal here is to tell people a little more than they need to know. It is easy to make these arguments simpler and to fit the particular discussion or debate.

  2. Dear Dr Berry,
    Good reading, but not good enough for a debate. You have alloted much more time to Trump than to Biden. I understand, that the arguments of Trump need to be longer for people to understand them.

    However, I have participated in several debates on nuclear power, and the moderator would always provide the same amount of time to the attackers – anti nuclear people – and to the pro nuclear explanations. Now, you can make a statement “nuclear means more cancer deaths ‘ in 10 seconds, but an answer will require minutes to be convincing.

    Biden will have an easy task claiming support of IPCC and thousands of media articles, while Trump will have to show that Dr Ed Berry knows better than IPCC. It is not easy.

    So please try to shorten you statements that Trump could make. And skip all drawings – Trump will not have them at his disposal. Then we shall be able to judge who is the winner.
    But in any case – congratulations for writing this comprehensive and excellent draft.


    1. Dear Andrzej,

      You are absolutely correct. Thank you for your comment. For my book version, now in process, I will shorten Trump’s remarks significantly and put all the explanations and figures in my following chapters.

      Then I will update this post to be like my book version.

  3. The audience knows fear very well so we need to show the fears that have not happened to any extent. Sea level near constant rise. Temperature rising as it should since an ice age. Weather swings as it has for eons. Rain shifts around the world as it has done in the past mainly as a result to wind velocity changes on various cycles of ten to 100+ years. There is probably more to learn that we now know, however, the influence of the sun , other stars, and the planets are becoming more apparent.
    Take the observations and publication of scientist that have been retired and away from political and financial pressures to come to your conclusions. As Einstien said it takes only one man to prove me wrong!

  4. Excellent draft, but you left out Biden calling Trump a climate denier. This, along with the consensus argument seems to be all most of the alarmists use. Good idea to shorten Trumps answers.

    Can you let us know from where you got the drawing of leaf stomata ?

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