1. The voice of "reason" in the form of a letter such as this is finally beginning to shout loudly amongst the howls of "false prophets" within the fake Climate Change cabal!


  2. Excellent piece!!

    To hell with the Al Gores….U.N panel ….the soros….and others.

    Climate change hoax is designed to be their next cash cow…..utter nonsense!

  3. This reading is both fasinating and appauling, – may I add, informing..? But when I read that the so-called "Leaders" of APS will not SHARE the membership list with its' own membership, I had a "flash of Anger" and realized that the Leadership of APS are simply cunning, deceitful, self-aggrandizers, – and I could list a few more disparaging adjectives to describe such "leaders." If your Professional Society does not collectively impeach this leadership group and replace them with APS Scientist, then we all must conclude that APS has become nothing more than a Political Propaganda organ for the all controlling Government and in it for the Money and to Hell with the Truth..
    If I were a Member of APS, I too would have immedietly resigned just on the Principle of the hiding of the membership list from each of the members.. All Secrecy is for the Purpose of disseminating "lies.." Your Leadership are a bunch of "Liers."

  4. Although not a member of APS, I am a Fellow of the AAAS. I have not yet reached the point of resigning from AAAS, but I have given it serious consideration. I fully understand and sympathize with Prof. Lewis's position, and hope that the present corruption of science may be reversed.

    In my 1992 book SCIENCE FUNDING: POLITICS AND PORKBARREL (Transaction Publishers) I concluded that government funding of scientific research had corrupted the practice of science in the US. I regret to say that things have gotten worse in the intervening years, and "global warming" is an egregious example.

    1. With all Due Respect J.P.M. Sir: I'm an old farmer from the Mid-West and frankly speaking I am astonished at the willing self-acceptance of your own presumed "helplessness." You use the term, "hope that" in the same way that cowards use the term, "Why don't THEY- – – ." Let me express this again in the "down-on-the-farm" term.. "Hope in one Hand, and Crapp in the other and see which one fills up first.." You have the Awesome Power of ONE, – now go Bravely forward & combine that AwesomePower with the 200+ on the APS list who feel the same and commit to a Brave Frontal Attack against the false entrenchments of your Political APS leaders.. If I had your 200+, – I would pick me just ten good MEN from the bunch and take over the APS and restore it to the True Climate Scientist where this Organization belongs..
      Do you realize that only 5 to 7 Patriots was all that was needed to start the rebel actions that pushed the Powerful British Empire from America…??
      Just Give me 10 good scientists to start this necessary rebellion & take-over of APS and keep the other 190 in reserve in case their needed..
      Only ONE good/bad Leader is all that's necessary to start the WAR.. You have 200+ willing to fight.. A true Leader steps Forward Bravely and takes Command, – but NEVER follow a cowardly one that was push forward from behind…
      Your Leadership is way too deep into Politics, and has totally forgotten Pure Science.. Digest that..!!

  5. It is also worthy repeating an in-depth investigation by John Mashey who wanted to know the truth behind the petition and Hal Lewis.

    So if you want to be objective about spreading info, spread the Hal Lewis letter, Mashey's analysis, and let the reader decide who is really telling the truth.

    Basically, the investigation found APS was right to reject the petition. Read the full 128 page analysis and if you think it is wrong, tell us why.

    See also Another Silly Climate Petition Exposed which references Mashey’s analysis.

  6. It is a sad day when an acclaimed scientist feels obliged to resign his membership to a venerable professional association. The decision by Dr. Hal Lewis to resign from the American Physical Society is a courageous public announcement which should cause others to review their professional affiliations.

    When the news of Climategate first broke, a year ago, disbelief was widespread. Since then, several other Climategate-like issues have become public. The cabal of individuals and organizations which are suppressing inconvenient data and open discussion is slowly coming to the fore.

    As it so happened, my article on “Climate Change and the Age of Wisdom” (http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/28515) was published on the same date as Lewis’ letter was posted on the internet. It makes reference to exactly that petition signed by Dr. Lewis and many others as an example of elders’ wisdom.

    The world needs more people like Lewis to stand up for their principles.

    Klaus Kaiser
    Author of CONVENIENT MYTHS http://www.convenientmyths.com

  7. Harold W. Lewis
    Professor Emeritus of Physics
    University of California at Santa Barbara
    Santa Barbara, California

    Dear Professor Lewis,

    Thank you very much for your letter of resignation to the American Physical Society (APS) over their completely inappropriate stance on Global Warming. Your letter is simply magnificent.

    I dropped my membership in the society decades ago, because they had nothing to offer those of us who worked in the Think Tank world.

    As an outsider rather than an insider at the APS, I would still make many of your points about the Global Warming scam but add some of a more general nature:

    1) The APS has no business taking 'official positions' on ANY scientific subject because science is never governed by authority, only by logic and evidence. For instance, there is no need for them to have an official position on 'Conservation of Energy,' because their members can individually handle that question far better than they can.

    2) The APS should never take any positions of a religious or political nature, except to indicate that such considerations have no place in scientific deliberations. Any official who does so on behalf of the society should face immediate expulsion. Scientists can and do have legitimate religious and political convictions but have to keep those separate from their science.

    3) The APS SHOULD take an active interest in the integrity of science by policing those who call themselves physicists but completely fail to live up to the standards of the profession. Issues of what Richard Feynman called "utter honesty" need to be addressed as well as issues of basic competence. You are certainly correct that the issues of conflict of interest, first raised by President Eisenhower, must also be considered. Many professions have basic codes of conduct that are enforced by licensing (such as physicians or engineers). This helps to eliminate the worst offenders whose practicing damages society. It also keeps the many who pretend to practice a profession (without an appropriate education) from claiming the right to do so. Here in Oregon, we have a multitude of journalists and politicians who regularly pretend scientific knowledge and judgment that they completely lack. We also have a group of individuals with some scientific training who are woefully incompetent on the topics they choose to address, including but not limited to Global Warming.

    I don't know if it will ever be possible to return science to the objective pursuit it once was, given the hugely corrupting influence of government money. But we have to try. The APS would be a logical place to start, if they were not a big part of the problem. Either members have to revolt against the leadership or resign as you did.

    Another approach would be to form a competing 'National Scientific Society' with a constitution that explicitly forbids the unprofessional behavior, among society officers and members, that has become epidemic. A stamp of approval from such a society (a type of license) would be a valuable asset, as long as their process is untouchable by government bribes. I have been astounded at how many will sell their integrity for a few years of good luck. Mephistopheles always comes to collect on Faustian Bargains.

    Thank you again for your forthright stance in defense of the integrity of science.

    Gordon J. Fulks, PhD Physics
    Corbett, Oregon USA


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