1. John,

    A splendid, damning summary. We obviously have Galileo's problem, on an industrial scale.

    I just realised looking at the computer predictions versus the measurements that the individual traces get the wobbles more or less OK, it is their scales that are out. I think that the predictions could be reconciled to the measurements by choosing appropriate scaling back factors for each trace.

    May be I really mean CO2 sensitivity here, but I don't suppose the IPCC wants any other cause creeping in. As an experimentalist I would have not have kept on with a theory that needed fixing and a big calibration factor just sits there, staring at us.. No money in non CO2 solutions I guess.

  2. 50 years ago, or so, when the Earth's temperature was first causing panic, my question was " Where is the Earth's ass?" At that time hospitals in England used anal thermometers to check temperatures. It is still a valid remark, but now has "Satellites" as a great response. Integrating the signal generated by the kinetic motion of atoms and molecules is as good as it gets in Physics.

  3. That's why they got rid of encyclopedias. That's black & white, can't change it. Sites can adjust their data to fit the NWO agenda. I read NOAA does that.

    Sea levels rising????

    Icecaps melting ????

    More lies.

    The bible says:

    All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full.

    Ecclesiastes 1:7

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