1. A great article Ed, sadly our global political leaders all seem to be focused on this fairy tale of global warming. I’m a British farm boy with an engineering background, and it seems that the whole Globalist “Climate Change” agenda has more to do with pushing their “Green Economic Revolution” which will lead the world to energy poverty! Increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere will benefit us all in enhancing plant growth. Please keep up you inspiring work, we need more like you to expose the truth here!

  2. I keep hoping someone will sue Al Gore for lying to adults and kids for personal gain. Now, perhaps we need to sue the UN. What’s it going to take to put an end to Climate Doomsday. We are living in the best of times. We need to stop messing with them…

    1. I agree, also I would include John Kerry. They started the campaign against CO2 in the mid 60s when nuclear power was the wave of the future, and FF represented an alternative. Were they on the side of nuclear power at that time? I don’t know, but why not ask them?

  3. Has there been a study on the cost of producing solar and windmills? The mining, the cost to manufacture and install or erect. Batteries to store intermittent power. The additional grid cost of providing charging stalls in cities like Boston, New York and San Fran that have most residents parking on streets. The environmental costs of mining, especially rare earth materials, and the disposal cost of the panels, batteries and other byproducts.

  4. The cost doesn’t matter. If we got them for free they will not provide any useable energy. Do the math. If solar panels are rated as 18 percent efficient, down stream loses will likely reduce efficiency to less than 10 percent. On top of that, if the panels are installed in a hot desert climate, such as the desert southwest, the efficiency will be further reduced. I have been conservative in my estimates. Keep in mind that the panels produce low voltage DC current which must go thru miles of wire before conversion to a higher voltage.

  5. I agree, also I would include John Kerry. They started the campaign against CO2 in the mid 60s when nuclear power was the wave of the future, and FF represented an alternative. Were they on the side of nuclear power at that time? I don’t know, but why not ask them?

  6. The media are a big problem. They will not do the simple homework needed to get the whole truth out there. Not like the Hockey Stick Graph which eliminated both the Medieval Warming and the Little Ice Age supported by Al Gore and the UN’s IPCC.
    We must pay attention to the Oregon Institute’s 31,400 real scientists who told Congress that the Kyoto Protocol was pure politics, not science based.

  7. Excellent clear message and picture is to the point and suitable for communication to the public.
    A full breathing cycle of the earth takes about 3 years. When this breathing nowadays is somewhat enriched with so-called human CO2 it makes the globe a better place for living matter today and for future days in a way that will not interfere with the ever changing climate.

  8. All we see is that “saving planet” in the elite’s and corportations language means: cutting forests, chemicals, poisons in waters, soil, air, humans, plants, animals and food, wars, more wars, killing people and their rights, killing the economy, the education, destroying the society, nuclear programs, all sorts of experiments, more and more money for propaganda and crazy rules for some not for all etc. “Saving the planet” is a program and a huge fight of evil humans to destroy the humanity, to hack the life and everything around. Now, this is the time when is more clear than ever, the lies and intentions are in the plan sight, still a lot of people prefere to live in the dark and chosed not to use that little brain that God gave them.
    All the best and blessings!

  9. Excellent summery!
    Only one objection: your pushing for nuclear energy. If you kill the climate change dogmas, there is no need to interfere with free markets. And they are unlikely to favour nuclear alternatives, at least for now and the foreseeable future (ca 30 years). Without IPCC:s lies and the support from corrupt scientists fossil fuels will remain the rulers in the global energy kingdom.

    Forget about Al Gore, the main scoundrels are silent economic professors. In my country, Sweden, all of them – including a few selfproclamed libertarians. And in US even William Nordhaus, despite his Nobel price. He has been correct than others, but still cheating in his analys of the Swedish energy sector.

  10. “The judge had stated that, if the UK Government had not agreed to send to every secondary school in England a corrected guidance note, he would have made a finding that the Government’s distribution of the film to all English secondary schools had been an unlawful contravention of an Act of Parliament prohibiting the political indoctrination of children.” This sounds far different from the current liberal philosophy that is prevalent in the U.S. educations system that seems to imply that the truth matters not when it comes to issues regarding the environment and anthropogenic global warming, among other things.

    For a more detailed and expanded appraisal of this fictitious film, one can open this site that contains 16 pages that are worth reading that contain 26 more examples of how Albert Gore distorts the truth in his self-serving film that is intended to make him much money from this hoax: (The above quote comes from this site)
    “35 Inconvenient Truths
    THE ERRORS IN AL GORE’S MOVIE by Christopher Monckton”

  11. Another great article. No mention of the invisible water vapour keeping us all safe from the freezing void of space. People are coerced to be selective in their belief of invisible CO2 and invisible H2O. Lots of sound simple points to counter the corruption which distracts people from real pollution, allows control through fear.
    How much richer would life be if we got these parasites off our backs.

  12. Thank you for telling the truth from Spain.
    With God’s help we will hold all of these criminals accountable for their crimes against the poor and middle classes of the developed countries.

  13. A couple of puzzles here, the IPCC et al claim is that the world is getting warmer and warmer and closer to the magical 1.5 deg c ‘tipping point’ when all of the data, satellite, balloon, SST etc show that there has been NO significant increase in Global temperatures other than El Nino.
    All the claims for hottest day, week, month ever, are during the El Nino episodes. How can they say it is getting warmer?
    Yet CO2 rises and rises even though emissions fall due to Covid/WuFlu

  14. Whatever happened to the Oregon petition people? Were they intimidated into disappearing? I’ve tried to contact the organisers but got nowhere?

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