1. CO2+H2O+heat = plants
    plants = O2+ food = life
    Therefore what’s the problem with a little more CO2 and heat.

  2. All the biggest scam known to mankind. It will fail in the end but it is so well planned, it may take longer to fail than most people think.

  3. About a month ago the Billings Gazette published an editorial from some environmentalist opposing the PSC’s position on coal. The editorial contained outright untruths, including claims that crops are failing and people are dying from “climate change.”

    I sent off a quick letter pointing out these obvious untruths. An editor from the Billings Gazette called me up and asked if I was the true author. This formality is typical, in my experience, and led me to believe my rebuttal would be printed in the Billings Gazette.

    I’ve been waiting for weeks. They never ran my rebuttal, which means the largest newspaper in Montana is knowingly publishing false information and not publishing corrections.

  4. Elwood & Korechoff claim that Dr Berry has made some fundamental mistakes in mathematics and physics. They make this claim but provide no evidence of these mistakes. Unless they can actually show where these mistakes are then we can safely ignore their objections as more Climate Alarmists clinging to their ideology despite the overwhelming evidence they are wrong. Dr Berry analysis of CO2 in the atmosphere is concise and I can find no flaw in his reasoning and calculations other than it contradicts the IPCC version. He also sets out quite convincingly why the IPCC Bern model should be disregarded. Again I find no flaw or contradiction in his reasoning. His conclusions are supported by other scientists who have independently arrived at similar conclusions. (For those that believe Consensus is important in science).

  5. Were Elwood and Korechoff’s comment referring to using the C14 data to determine C14 e time? Not really sure to what they were referring. Why didn’t they post some actual numbers? This seems like a gross conceptual error.

  6. Appreciate your comment here dr. Ed – showing that politics and money
    so far has overruled science when it comes to climate knowledge being distributed via media these days – also here in Norway.
    The basic flaw in the UN – IPPC Bern Model lies in its view and treatment of CO2 – especially the ca. 4,3 % “CO2 brand ” that arrives the atmosphere via fossil fuels.
    Probably the reason for this flaw lies in the lack of knowledge pertaining to the role of CO2 in the photosynthesis process of plants.
    Reading the 1992 published paper from Siegenthaler und Joos – University of Bern Switzerland, clearly demonstrates this lack of knowledge and state of mind. When fossil ( anthropogenic) CO2 is named a “pertubation” and beeing subject to “imprisonment” in the atmosphere over hundreds of years – some even for life.

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