1. Yes Ed that was a well thought out and well written piece o' work, would there were tons of Georges around these days, there are a few and Jesus lives inside those who've been lead and have said yes to Him. Thanks, we'll read this at our Christmas Eve gathering.


  2. When Jesus walked among his creation he showed the compassion and mercy of God. All we can do in response is believe that he is the way the truth and the life. Then go and tell others all the Lord has done for us. Merry Christmas

  3. Dear Ed,

    I will encourage my son and daughter to read your Christmas Story to their children. It is the real spirit of this holiday, told in an excellent way. Will also use this story along with your quote by Native American named Ishi and your selection of music as introduction to you and your website. This will be put on my website and in our newsletter that goes to people in 121 countries.

    Thanks for your support since 2010 and for your excellent website: edberry.com

    John Shanahan
    Civil Engineer
    Editor: allaboutenergy.net
    Denver, Colorado, USA

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