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  1. I have not tried to research the subject for a few years. At that time, I could not find any information concerning how much surface area the oceans would gain with each inch or foot or meter,that the the sea levels rise. There is plenty of published research showing how much carbon each acre of surface area is able to sequester. The increased surface area may well be able to remove carbon as fast as we can add it. It is almost like the proponents of global warming have scrubbed any charts or tables that indicate the increase in surface area compared to an increase in sea level.

    Also, the ice core samples that were used to build the climate change models around,were cherry picked, using only a few samples out of thousands.

    Finally, regarding the receding ice cap worries, no mention is ever made in the mainstream media about the multiple active volcanoes in the arctic ocean, only dire warnings about rising ocean temperatures in the north atlantic.

    I am just a layman so my arguments may not be very sophisticated. Thank you for reading.

    David Motry

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